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  1. Does anyone have an idea of where this might be in WoR? Like is it pretty obvious we're supposed to notice something special or was it a "blink and you miss it" type thing? I like the idea of Kaladin and Tarah meeting up in book 4 only to have Kaladin realize he's moved on like how he did with Laral in Oathbringer. So I kinda hope that the girl in the bar scene is Tarah.
  2. I guess I don't understand why he would be telling a Shalladin shipper that she'll eventually be pleased that SKA resolved the way it did? Does he mean that eventually there will be enough relationship building that no one will be able to resist loving Shallan and Adolin's relationship? Or is he insinuating that something has yet to happen to Adolin and several books from now Shalladin will be resurrected because of that? I am confusion.
  3. It would be amazing nice if Shallan could see the error in her ways in the next book, feel horrible about the way she's treated Kaladin, earnestly apologize and fix things with him AND then see them build a true friendship together. Because it would make me really sad if they couldn't ever be friends. I want to see friendly two-sided banter out of those two Are there a ton of people who think that there's been too much damage done to their relationship at this point for them to ever be friends? Because I'll be honest, while I definitely recognized that Shallan was a total brat to Kaladin and was so unnecessarily mean to him, I never thought of it as abusive. Although now that it's been brought up, I can totally see it.
  4. I understand that arranged marriages still happen and that they do work. I know for a fact that they're common India. But we can't pretend that SA's timeline is comparable to ours, which is why I said that. SA is not a modern day tale. Not only was the Evi/Dalinar marriage arranged, but it took place in a time that came before the modern age of even the Cosmere itself. But this is off topic. If anyone is interested, they can start a topic on Evi and Dalinar's marriage if one doesn't already exist.
  5. You all make good point, which is why its just a hope of mine (wishful thinking, more like) rather than an assumption that he would turn the arranged marriage trope on its head in SA. Just like how I hope that SKA isn't resolved, but I am inclined to think that the ending we got in Oathbringer was intended to be the resolution. I guess I need to go re-read Oathbringer to reevaluate my opinion on Dalinar and Evi's marriage? I read it very quickly and with very little sleep since I was barely one month post-partum when it was released. At the moment though, I'm still inclined to think that while it wasn't a great marriage, it wasn't a horrible marriage either. At least in terms of arranged marriages, which is how we need to look at it. I'm not an expert in arranged marriages, but I think we're definitely looking at this "good marriage/bad marriage" debate through our Westernized ideals of marriage. We can't look at their marriage with a modern perspective either, because our idea of a happy marriage now is very different from what a happy marriage looked like even a hundred years ago. Dalinar wasn't a present husband by any means, but he wasn't violent towards Evi and he did show desire to please her and I think for the most part, they got along (when he was around). Or at least we witness his remorse and guilt for not being a better man for her in the narrative. Looks like I'm going to pull the book out and take another look! My opinion may or may not change upon further evaluation I agree, it would be really neat to see Brandon portray a realistic marriage. With all of the problems Shallan has at the moment, we're definitely going to get conflict in the next book. With that being said, I think its safe to assume that Shallan and Adolin's marriage won't be static like the Vin/Elend pairing. At least not initially?
  6. I don't necessarily agree with that. Dalinar and Evi's marriage never disintegrated into resentment or dislike, which is why I wouldn't call it an unhappy one. I interpreted it as more of a classic arranged marriage situation where the two parties respect and care about one another, but never are truly in love with each other. Evi is shown to have really cared for Dalinar and we see that while Dalinar never falls in love with Evi, he did care for her in his own way.
  7. This is one of the reasons why I hope and have the tendency to believe that SKA isn't resolved yet. If SA is going to be Brandon's magnum opus, I would hope that this is the series where he tosses some of his own tropes out, like the "arranged marriage always ending with a happy couple" deal. If any of his series were to do that, I think SA is the most likely of the bunch to do so. Especially since Adolin and Shallan married in book three out of ten. Basically the fact that Brandon likes to throw in twists into his narratives and the tendency for his arranged marriage story lines to work out is why I think that the SKA triangle isn;t resolved. Aside from all of the issues discussed previously, like Shallan not being in the right state of mind to make a decision (which I agree with whole-heart with. Girl is 10 levels of messed up).
  8. I'm not super familiar with it either, just the bare minimum. Mostly just from the Thai restaurants my husband and I love visiting. And our few forays into Indian restaurants... You bring up an interesting point with the sweetness of women's food. Is it dessert sweet or is it savory sweet food? Until recently, I was imagining their food more like dessert sweet stuff, especially since everything seems to have fruit in it. But if that were the case, there would definitely be some presence of obesity in their world. Unless they all have amazing metabolism or their bodies process food differently from other humans. Since I've starting thinking more about the similarities Alethi food might share with Eastern cuisine, I'm starting to think maybe its more savory sweet like Panaang curry and the like. I hope that Brandon goes into their cuisine more, but I doubt it. I would ask him at a signing, but he doesn't come to Tennessee. Hopefully someone who can ask will ask more about Alethi cuisine!
  9. Okay, so I've been digging around a bit and I haven't found any recent posts about Rosharan food. If there is a post about it, apologies! I've always been interested in food and reading SA has made me curious about what everyone else imagines Alethi food is as they read about it. I know Brandon says that if he had to compare the Alethi to humans on earth, they would be a mix of the Polynesian and Middle Eastern/Asian races, so I've kind of always imagined Alethi food to be similar to Thai, Indian and Middle Eastern foods. Maybe even some Szechuan dishes to up the spice factor that is so present in the men's food? My focus is going to be Thai curry because I'm more familiar with Thai food than I am with the other too aside from Indian butter chicken and chicken korma... Just in case you aren't familiar with Thai curry: Green Curry: coconut milk and fresh green chillies, not necessarily sweeter than other Thai curries, it tends to be more pungent. Spiciest of the curries. Red Curry: made with dried red chilies. On the spicier end of the Thai curry spectrum. More savory than green curry Panang curry: a variant of red curry. Tends to be sweeter and more mild, nutty and thicker Massaman curry: influenced by Indian and Malasian cooking, most mild of all curries and tends to be on the sweeter side as well I didn't include all the varieties because there are soo many, but I think that's a decent sample size. Back to the food comparisons! Here are some excerpts from the books that describe Alethi "men's food": We see that men's food is typically meat kabobs, stews and curries and that they are spicy and full of peppers. I imagine that the men's food would include dishes akin to Thai green curry, Gaeng Pah Muu (jungle curry) and red curry, Indian Vindaloo, Phaal curry etc,. We also see a lot of flat bread type things that they use as vehicles to bring meat and vegetables to their mouths, similar to naan. As I mentioned earlier, I'm more familiar with Thai food than Indian and Middle Eastern food, so I'm sure I'm missing out on a whole bunch of dishes that could be compared/associated with men's food in the books. Now onto Alethi women's food: and this, So the women's food is little less Earth-like, but I imagine their food being more similar to Thai Panang (my personal favorite) and Massaman curries. They're both sweeter and typically more mild than other Thai curries are. Anyway, thoughts? Is it just me that thinks this obsessively about Alethi food and their Earth counterparts, or have others thought about this as well?
  10. That's very interesting. When I read that scene, I definitely didn't interpret it like that, but I can definitely see Adolin backing out not only for Shallan but for himself as well. If I'm remembering correctly, Adolin hadn't really tried to sabotage his relationship with Shallan in WoR. Like maybe he did a little when he found out that Shallan was a surgebinder, but I don't have my book out, so correct me if I'm wrong. And Adolin definitely has that tendency to kill his relationships as its been discussed in previous topics (I used to be a lurker..). So if his attempt to back out wasn't entirely selfless, is this instance the first occurence of him self-sabotaging of more attempts? And is it intentional or not? I don't know if I believe it's intentional. It's not like he went around dating Alethi noblewomen and thinks to himself, oh so and so looks like she's putting on weight, I can't date that and dumps her. No, he's just straight up inept when it comes to relationships and overthinks and typically messes up some way or another. I think that his string of failed relationships stems from the insecure adolescence he experienced with somewhat absentee, drunkard Dalinar and from Evi and Dalinar's relationship, which wasn't exactly happy. Adolin didn't always get the feeling that Dalinar loved him as he was growing up, even though Dalinar absolutely did/does love him and that impacted Adolin's self confidence and his perception of his self-worth, which then impacts the way he perceives himself in relationships. To me, it seems that he doesn't think he's good enough for his partners and that's why all relationships prior to Shallan failed and that's why I think the relationship is going to experience some major trouble on his end in addition to Shallan's issues. Because even though Shallan told Adolin that she wanted him and that Kaladin was just some pretty object for her artist's mind to look at, that insecurity Adolin has will eat away at him. He's probably going to wonder if Shallan is happy with him, if she thinks he's worthy of her etc,. And because of Shallan's well documented attraction to Kaladin, he's probably going to delude himself into thinking Shallan only "chose" him out of obligation rather than out of love like she says. (Emphasis on says, because I'm holding out for Shalladin in the future). He already thinks that Kaladin is amazing, so how can he not think that Kaladin is better for Shallan than he is himself? I smell major marital conflict on Adolin's side in book four. I'm definitely in the Unresolved camp. Brandon is just too experienced a writer to end things like that. I'm hoping the marriage resolution is a red herring and that we'll get more final resolution in the future, whether its Shadolin or Shalladin. But who knows for sure.
  11. Oh favorite character? That's a hard question. It changes, but I would have to say Kaladin is probably my favorite most frequently. Shallan has her moments, and Pattern is always fire. And I really like Vasher too. As for my favorite book in SA, its definitely WoR. I think I'll pass on giving my only breath away And the cookies seem like a trap... Thanks for the warm welcome!
  12. Hi everyone! Well, I went a step further than my husband, who is the original Sanderson fan in our little family and joined 17th Shard. I always end up more obsessed with book series than he does... He's the one who introduced me to the Cosmere so I guess thanks go to him? He got me to read Mistborn while we were still in college and I loved the books, but didn't want to commit to the fandom because I had always viewed fantasy books as the epitome of geekdom (even though I am an avid LOTR fan). So I resisted his pushes to get me to read more Cosmere books until our 23 hour move from Arizona to Tennessee where he decided he wanted to listen to TWoK and since I couldn't escape, I listened with him and was hooked. Ever since then I've been reading the rest of the Cosmere books and eagerly await each addition. My favorite series by far is the Stormlight Archives but I also loved Warbreaker and the second era Mistborn books. I'll probably post most often in the Stormlight sections. I don't know what else I should say, so I'll just end here I guess.