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  1. Okay, I seriously need to look into this!
  2. @Bondsmith Eregion I agree! I can’t wait for more Vasher/Vivenna adventures!
  3. Having now actually finished Warbreaker I am glad that I didn’t like Bluefingers! I knew there was something dodgy about him
  4. @Scion of the Mists but who do we think are the most likely to manage it and any theories on why? I’ve got my money on Kaladin or Szeth and think it will be tied to Nightblood...possibly...
  5. @Angsos, I agree in some respects that Shallan married Adolin for forms sake but at the same time I do think there is part of Shallan that really did believe it was time to marry him and that he is the right choice. After all, I’m sure she doesn’t want pattern shouting “No mating!” at them for all eternity . For me it just seemed a bit rushed over and I would have like to have seen some sort of heart to heart between her and Kaladin before the wedding took place although, I did find his gift of boots to her on her wedding day to be quite funny.
  6. @Landis963 I guess I’m just curious about this idea that Spren can suppress voidspren and how they might do that. In Venli’s case I thought perhaps Timbre might have taken up residence in her gemheart to aid in that as well as to help them hide from the Voidbringers/Parsh. I know that most spren are only visible to those that they choose to show themselves too but I couldn’t specifically recall a reference in the book to what happens when/after Timbre suppresses Venli’s voidspren. I am possibly over-thinking the issue .
  7. Have adjusted title of the topic just in case! Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Thanks @Moonrise! If I am recalling my (albeit very slim) knowledge of the cosmere then there are 16 known shards of Adonalsium (sp?) so i’m Guessing that we are now in an unknown 17th . As for other connections, I’ve got the Elantrian and Warbreaker connections in SA (I think) but other than that I’m hoping a massive re-read of all my Sanderson collection will provide any i’ve missed. I’ve still got to read the other Mistborn novels as I only read the original trilogy. I purchased The Alloy of Law some time ago but was out of reading it when I realised it takes place in a much later, industrialised era however, I now have new motivation to dive in and catch up! Other, non-Sanderson book series i’ve read (I’m assuming that’s what you meant although you know what they say about assuming ) that could take a while but her are a few; The Belgariad, The Mallorean, Elenium, The Tamuli, most of the Shannara books, all of Game of Thrones, The Wheel of Time and The Sword of Truth (although I gave up on that one eventually) and Discworld. Brandon’s books are my current fantasy books of choice though and am eagerly awaiting sequels for Elantris and Warbreaker as well as more Stormlight Archive!
  9. Currently reading Warbreaker

  10. I agree it might be easier to skip over a possible pregnancy but I would be very disappointed as I think it would be quite entertaining to read Shallan’s ‘other selves’ reacting to that. Veil would be horrified and find it a massive inconvenience...particularly as she is the version of Shallan that is most drawn to Kaladin. Yes! It was a ‘blink and you’ve missed it’ sort of scene. I would have liked there to be more description of the actual wedding itself as I think that would have made it seem more integral to the story. I liked the fact that her brothers arrived in time for the wedding but even that was very quickly brushed past. I think her reunion with her brothers should have had a bigger focus and would have liked to read their reactions as she told them exactly what she’s been up to since she left home.
  11. My two favourite characters from Warbreaker are Lightsong and Siri. I thought they both brought some lightness to what was a dark storyline at times. Least favourite has to be Bluefingers although I can’t really explain why
  12. Storms!!! Can I edit it out? Am using a phone and have no idea what I’m doing EDIT: fixed it!
  13. Was anybody else actually disappointed that Shallan and Adolin got married? I understand the reasons why she choose him over Kaladin but I guess I just wasn’t ready for that to no longer be a possibility. I just can’t help but feel sorry for Kaladin, he doesn’t seem to have a lot of luck in the love department!
  14. 59% Truthwatcher 58% Elsecaller 44% Bondsmith 16% Lightweaver 6% Skybreaker interesting that Truthwatcher’s and Elsecaller’s must have quite similar traits for me to get such a close result there!
  15. Can’t remember exactly how it happened in the book but as you said above, Timbre suppresses Venli’s voidspren so does that mean that Timbre now also occupies Venli’s gemheart or is Timbre still separate from her physically and somehow suppressing the voidspren externally? Also, hi! I’m new to the forum and just checking out a few of the posts to get a feel for what is discussed on here