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  1. You could put 2 pieces of metal behind you on the ground, thus pushing yourself up and towards the wall. and using the wall to hold steady, but I really dont see any practical application that his would have over using a third piece of metal to make a tripod like balance.
  2. Thanks!
  3. We know that Roshar was grown by Adonalsium himself, ( and the patterns of the Dawncities very well can be a natural effect of the process that he used to create the landmass. It seems that the Windblades were simply part of this process. ( Humanity may have searched out these places because of the added protection that they added. They might have been transformed, or affected in some other way at a latter date. Similarly they would have added the Oathgates after ect. I assume that the patterns of the cities also has a connection to the fact that the singers were the original inhabitants of Roshar, and they can hear the songs, and rhythmic patterns.
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  5. Thanks, I tried that and It takes me to a page that says that I don't have permission to create that page, what should I do now?
  6. Ive been adding citations to the Oathbringer page, and It says that The links I added are unimported wobs, What am I doing wrong, or how can I fix this?
  7. In the fifth paragraph from the bottom it talks about that timeline issue you listed in number 3.
  8. Thanks for the good times!
  9. Another great podcast, thanks guys. In regard to the deadeyes mostly disappearing from Shadesmar when summoned, I think the screaming the Radients can hear is caused by the deadeyes being stretched from the Cognitive to the Physical.
  10. This discusses what your talking about.
  11. The Hoed that Raoden placed in the pool.
  12. The Secret Story
  13. You would have to place one out in the highstorm, or be a Knight Radiant. I don't know if it would go through though. Now that I'm thinking about it, do they put the whole spanreed out in a storm, just the gem or something? It would be unfortunate to get all your spanreed gems mixed up.