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  1. My only problem with Gavinor or any other child, is that Gavinor wouldn't be able to loose because Dalinar or whoever wouldn't be able to kill him, but he also as far I can tell would be unable to win, so it would just create an endless contest, and Odium wouldn't gain what he wants anyway.
  2. Yeah Just today I listened to that shardcast. I think it works well.
  3. So In Way of Kings we get this death rattle, “In the storm I awaken, falling, spinning, grieving. ” In 2018 Brandon stated that we had not yet seen this death rattle on screen. I am pretty sure that this Death Rattle referred to the Scene when Kaladin jumped out of the window to save Lirin. He is falling without full use of his powers, grieving the loss of Teft, In the middle of a high storm. When he swears the forth oath he awakens to the height of his power. We also know that this is a scene that Brandon has been planning for a long time. I think it all fits, Thoughts?
  4. I want moash to realize what he has done and to feel the pains of his desisions, and truly suffer, right before he is run through with a shardblade.
  5. Another interesting Idea about this question, is the question if nightblood has what we would consider emotions. It has its intent to destroy evil, but past that it doesn't seem to have emotions past that. I suppose even if you could push on its emotions it would really have an affect.
  6. I feel like as far as an In world term goes, Rosharans arent going to have different names for all the orders of spren, because they really arent that spren aware. They are learning more, but we can assume that In World a term already exists, (even if Brandon hasnt decided what it is yet) I also doubt the would use a very Cosmere aware term. I would suggest a Manifest of spren or a muster of spren
  7. I agree with what you are saying, as far as I know we have no knowledge of Atium forming after Ruin was freed, it is possible that he started talking it back to himself slowly, which is why the stash of Atium was so important, because it was trapped in the PR. This wob below showes that the power, is in the SR before it enters the pits, but I think it is safe to assume that the second you burn it it would not be in the SR (at least not if a form that Ruin could absorb) or he would have won when the burned all the atium. Viper (paraphrased) The gemhearts/stormgems/whatever that are grown inside the beasts in Way of Kings ... is that the same as the way atium is grown inside geodes in the Pits of Hathsin? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) It's similar. The Pits are an area where there's like a leak from the Spiritual Realm into the Physical. That's what happens there. A Memory of Light Milford Signing (Feb. 16, 2013)
  8. Questioner Are there kandra hiding in any of your books, besides the Mistborn ones? Brandon Sanderson Yes there are! Yes there are. JordanCon 2014 (April 11, 2014) I believe this is the wob you are looking for
  9. Yes he burns bronze as well, but if you read the description Shallan gives as he is leaving he appears to be burning pewter, by the way he walks.
  10. If you read carefully as he leaves you can also tell he is burning pewter.
  11. The same thing happens to me with magic systems in other books, or even in real life, where I start to explain them in terms of Realmatic theory before I remember its not a Sanderson Book.
  12. Its also possible that it could be Scadrians with Rosharan technology, as there really are no limits on where the Ones Above have gone or how long they have had FTL.
  13. You could put 2 pieces of metal behind you on the ground, thus pushing yourself up and towards the wall. and using the wall to hold steady, but I really dont see any practical application that his would have over using a third piece of metal to make a tripod like balance.
  14. Thanks!
  15. We know that Roshar was grown by Adonalsium himself, ( and the patterns of the Dawncities very well can be a natural effect of the process that he used to create the landmass. It seems that the Windblades were simply part of this process. ( Humanity may have searched out these places because of the added protection that they added. They might have been transformed, or affected in some other way at a latter date. Similarly they would have added the Oathgates after ect. I assume that the patterns of the cities also has a connection to the fact that the singers were the original inhabitants of Roshar, and they can hear the songs, and rhythmic patterns.