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  1. I just think that it is perspective. Same reason some people call cars a boy or a girl.
  2. Not sure about your world but mana could be poured directly into a geometric drawing, Take a pentagram for example. It would have 5 charges, one for each line. Each charge used would delete or erase a line of the drawing. Once gone the magic is gone. The higher the power, the more complicated the sigil. but the higher the number the harder it is to use. -shrug-
  3. Kaladin would be too mopey for Vin.
  4. Steris and Khriss. They both came across as annoying characters at the start but yay character development. Spook. Just didn't find him appealing at first.
  5. Just what we need, compounding Dustbringers
  6. Yes please. I would have went to Supanova last week if he was there.
  7. Honestly. I'd like a high quality animated series on NETFLIX or somewhere that can front a budget. Maybe even a high quality CGI series. I want every character design authorised by Brandon xD
  8. I like it tbh. In my eyes it comes across as no different than someone using incense when they meditate. Are there any other side effects? Do they have withdrawals or symptoms? Can they get addicted? I feel if its just the one effect (slipping into the next layer) you should be fine. However, someone is always going to relate it to drugs at some point. Just comes down to how its written.
  9. Its not hard to shave yourself without looking tbh. Especially if you have been doing it for a long time.
  10. He's a tad skinny ;] but a gorgeous image
  11. It can also open the way for our other radiants to venture off world. As im guessing Hoid doesn't want to be bound to Roshar and will figure out a way to get himself and his spren outttta there.
  12. I'd say not, I can't find the WoB but gemhearts as it is are formed due to leaking investiture from the Cognitive realm. I imagine a giant gemheart core would be more akin to a perpendicular. But then again, I wouldn't be surprised either.
  13. I found it pretty heart shattering tbh. -escorts myself out-
  14. Doom VR, go go go ! RIP AND TEAR!
  15. I started the Arcane Ascension and The War of Broken Mirrors series by Andrew Rowe. I have loved both but now also waiting for new books! Both series take place in the same world, each region of the world has its own variant of magic which is quite interesting to see how they balance and interact with each other. It is almmmmooost LitRPG, but doesnt take place in a game world and no HIT POINTS which is good. So hits a nice balanced mix.
  16. The Sydney gig was packed D:
  17. Not sure if we're allowed to ask for links, but do you have an instagram or facebook for your art?
  18. I liked it because it showed a different side of the universe, it was why i was looking forward to the "1313" game so much until they canned it. It was a great Heist film.
  19. Bards tale and VALHALLAAAAAA It was amazing live. Play at my funeral kthx.
  20. If the series ever loses its illustrator, I hope you get a message XD
  21. Even though Shallan is not one of my favourites. This fan art is.
  22. I've checked through the forums and through some WOB BUT I can't seem to find any mention how "Bonding" works with an Honourblade. I'm aware that there is no true bond as with a shardblade but they can be summoned and dismissed. Do they also have a gemstone on the hilt? is it mentioned somewhere the difference? Where do Honourblades go when dismissed? There is no spren to go to the cognitive realm.
  23. Guess I will hang tight and hope we get more details in future books (I assume we will) I just love to know EVERYTHING.
  24. Obsidian knives made with napping are ridiculously sharp. Other non metallic materials could work but are harder to create to the same sharpness. (Though I could see properly sharpened ceramic knives being used in era 3) If you really wanted to do damage you could stab them as well, snap the handle off or shatter the blade in the wound. Not fun for anyway.