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  1. Ene frowned and thought about trying to stop him, but that would have taken effort.
  2. Ayo, hate to welcome you back with some moderation, but I gotta let you know that we discourage *wins* spam and stuff like that now - it was getting to be a bit much. There's a note in the OP of the thread. But welcome back, and congrats on your Spiritual Realm two-year win!
  3. Has it been two years?! Man. Hey, dude, welcome back! Have you read ROW yet? 

  4. They have had an aggressive encounter at a point that was not the ground or a floor. None of the above, apologies for the delay. Clue three, this character writes creatively.
  5. They did this every year, but some Narrators were unused to it.
  6. See, I agree with this completely - but I am *very* concerned that Brandon's trying to write love here. His romances are often lacking some subtleties, and I think he might actually believe he's writing a romance here, where in reality their relationship is something more complicated. It definitely doesn't read to me like a hetero ace interest - it reads like an allo person's idea of an ace person in a romantic relationship. (I would love for Brandon to prove me wrong here, though.)
  7. None of the above. Clue two: this character has fought up off the ground.
  8. The assassins, as it turned out, were also trained as consultants, so Using hired them all as well.
  9. Oh cool, I expected that to be a fakeout. Clue number one: This character doesn't think much of Hoid.
  10. Okay, I'll go for the obvious: Tien
  11. Which was not unusual, Narrator Ene noted scornfully, for Using to be.
  12. Tuaka'li'na'calmi'nor (Song)
  13. Used was pretty content with this setup.
  14. @Wyndlerunner gave me Renarin art and it's the best, guys, I love it, you should let him know how awesome he is! 


  15. They were sick and tired of ur mom jokes. They resolved to ban them from use.