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  1. Quote
    • that hat that jaidenanimations wore in her aroace video (i want it)

    I just rewatched the video and I can't find the hat am I blind ajakdhahdlhl 

    (Hello, nice to meet you :P

    1. mentally ill

      mentally ill

      oh yeah its at 5:31 it took me a second to find it again haha :)

  2. I've had a sudden realization 


  3. !!!!! Got a great book yesterday for a great price due to it being secondhand and me working at the bookstore, and it's SO COOL and I thought I have to show youuuu! 





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    2. Ookla the Archivist
    3. Ookla the Cloud

      Ookla the Cloud

      That is so cool! I haven't seen this edition before, and it's beautiful! I especially love the back cover, and the little dolphins  ^ _ ^

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Yeah, I love how tech-y the back cover looks :D 

  4. Can somebody tell me what the Insanity Clinic for the Moderately Brandofandonitis Afflicted actually is? At first glance it doesn't seem to be a RP; what's going on there? 

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    2. Ookla the Myopic

      Ookla the Myopic

      Come to the clinic, you probably won't be disappointed there.

    3. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Interesting, thanks for the answers. (And no worries about derailing, it's all on-topic.) 

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      It's kind of like tlt, but like way more plot and is one of the best things ever. I totally didn't have a chicken kill wizard *cough*

  5. I have a minor problem. 

    I didn't check my notifications for so long that they now exceed the seven pages available for viewing by a few months. That's what I get, I suppose. 

    If there's anything that someone wants me to respond to or thinks I may have missed that I don't get in the next flurry of posting, or that you just want me to see anyway, link it to me here. Deeply sorry to anyone who I missed completely! 

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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      OH and White Defender, I only tried the second version once but that double damage -_- 

    3. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      I can't do path of pain because my keybinds are bad for it (and bad in general but they're what I use for everything else), but I've done the rest. 

      With a lot of them you just gotta fight em a lot, unfortunately. If I were to watch you do them, I could probably tell you where to improve. Trial of the Fool is really hard no matter what you do, unfortunately, but the rest are pretty easy when you know what to do.

      My boy Grimm is probably the easiest of all of them. He only does like five moves and once you (like I have) have beaten Nightmare King Grimm a dozen times, you get these movies pretty down. There's like one response you need for each move, and you just gotta repeat those over and over and hit him as much as you can while playing safely. 

      Failed Champion's biggest challenge is the issue of double damage and the falling rocks. To tell it true, I still don't know how to dodge those things, I just don't get hit by them much anymore. You have to not be too aggressive with Failed Champion, you should stay fairly far from him and not move except when he's coming for you and use those opportunities to hit him. If you use the dream nail during his stagger and hit him after each heal, you can heal back to full and then get full soul. If you have full soul, you can stagger him again without him doing more than one move, then get full soul again to stagger him. Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

      Soul Tyrant is honestly not too hard, I think. The hardest thing about him is that the battle goes on for absolutely forever and you have to focus the whole time. The spinning balls move where he moves from one side of the arena to the other is the hardest to dodge, but you can walk to the farthest part of the arena and stand against the wall, then jump when one of the balls comes for you. Everything else is the same as the first soul guy.

      Grey Prince Zote is the worst.

      With White Defender, you should stay near him and attack whenever he's in range. Use Howling Wraiths when he hops out of the ground to spit dung everywhere. He's not much to deal with as long as you're not being too aggressive.

      I hope all of that's helpful, I can showcase other stuff if you want any more.

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Thanks for the advice, I'll try to keep it in mind! 

  6. Quote

    Thinking about hunter from the owl house.

    Mood and same 

    I like your banner! 

    1. Qarter four Penny´s

      Qarter four Penny´s

      Thanks you so I really appreciate that:D

    2. Ookla The Long 'Wyn'ded

      Ookla The Long 'Wyn'ded

      If I had a nickel for every time Zeno Robinson voice acted a bird-themed blond guy who has a gray morality and commits actions both good and evil upon the actions of a corrupt government agency/official... I'd have 2 nickels. It's not a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice!

    3. Qarter four Penny´s

      Qarter four Penny´s

      I know isn't Belos HOOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My brain right now is just (season 4 TMA spoilers) 


    The most important words a man can say are, “I will do better.” These are not the most important words any man can say. I am a man, and what I needed to say is Hello Jon. Apologies for the deception, but I wanted to make sure you started reading - 


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    2. ookla the gastrointestinal

      ookla the gastrointestinal

      i have since mildly checked it out

      seems very SCP-y

      which is good

      but I already listen to an SCP podcast

      so hopefully this is different enough to keep my interest

      i think it probably will

    3. Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat
    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist


      What's TMA?


      The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast focusing on a man in an organization recording statements of people who have had encounters with the supernatural, and eventually he and the cast have some encounters of their own. At first it's mostly unconnected spooky stories, then the connections start falling into place and the frame story around the statements picks up, and it's FANTASTIC. I've been obsessed with it, especially since I finished. I highly highly highly recommend it. 

      Danex, I haven't consumed a lot of SCP media, but I do think it'll be interesting enough to keep your attention. 


      NOOOOOO ;-;

      Ene you've started the apocalypse

      Statement of Dalinar Kholin, regarding his encounter with a being of the Slaughter known as Nergaoul. Blame him! :P

  8. I've always been Aon Rao and I don't know why people keep giving me weird looks... 

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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Sometimes I forget about the Philbrook incident :lol: 

      pfffft Tesh 

    3. Ookla the Mast

      Ookla the Mast

      I think I was responsible for "RWBYFan(IsThisGoodEnough?)", but I don't remember exactly

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Actually I think that was Voidus? From one of the AV general PMs. 

  9. I'm on the last episode of The Magnus Archives and I won't spoil it but I'm feeling more emotions than I was at the end of RoW 

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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Done now, don't know what to think, honestly 

    3. Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      That was my reaction too ;-;

      Here's an incredible TMA animation to sooth the pain:



      It gives me chills every time.

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Oh yeah, this is one of the good ones. Thank you! This fandom is so talented, man. S5 spoilers for those who don't know. 

  10. I've been on this wild roller coaster of a fansite for four years and I ain't about to get off anytime soon. Here until we crash and burn, baby. ...Let's not, though. 

    This time I'm going to save musings for after the Compliments Section. This is so I can put the staff right at the top, as they tend to have limited time, so certain people don't have to ask for a TL;DR anymore. :P I intentionally won't try to mention everyone, or anywhere close actually, but I love every single one of you. 

    First up: @Chaos, as intimidated as I used to be by you, I now think you're wonderful and kind and I really admire you. I enjoy talking with you even when we're both tired and really should be sleeping. Can't wait to read your book someday. 

    @Argent, your humor and measuredness make the world a better place to be in. I'm very glad I get to know you. 

    @LewsTherinTelescope, you're cool and things. Words are hard but talking with you is always Good. You know what I mean. 

    @Otto Didact, one day I am going to meet and hug you and the world will probably be at peace or something. I need to talk to you more because you're amazing and your Dad Vibes are healing. Also, you have possibly the best hair in staff chat. Don't tell Evgeni. ;) 

    @Kaymyth, speaking of parent vibes, you are really cool like so cool and also so loving and also like can I have your autograph someday?? Literally, I mean, I'm gonna be buying your books eventually :D 

    @Paleo, your wizardry is fantastic, but your creations aren't the only thing making you awesome. I appreciate you and your help very much. 

    @Voidus, you and your care and thoughtfulness have never ceased to be there, and I hope I get to talk to you, read your RP, and hear about your campaigns and kiddos being cute forever. 

    @firstRainbowRose and @little wilson, meeting you two at the last Dragonsteel Minicon was so fun and you're both so nice! I'm excited to see you both again. Mi'ch, you are incredible and don't forget it. Kendra, sometimes I just think of you and your offers to talk about stuff and it's...steadying. <3 

    Working with all of you continues to be an honor and a joy, and hanging out with you more so. On to non-staff! 

    IT'S TIME FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT THE BENES. @The Awakened Salad @Tesh ARE YOU GUYS READY TO BE DELUGED IN LOVE? I hope so because you're my best friends and more important to me than all the world. Specific compliments elude me when everything applies, so...reread our platonic wedding vows, kiss your pet, and know that you are the beaniest FAB Squad ever and I will never, ever forget you and our conversations and hangouts. 

    You are skilled, you are loved, you are interesting, and I will always listen to you. May dragons, avi. :wub: 

    To the many people I've met in-person at various times over the past year - I absolutely loved it, for the record, and you are as awesome as sour Skittles. 

    To those I've talked with after absences, I'm overjoyed to speak to you again. Special shoutout to @Ashspren - chatting with you on Discord has been great, Ash! 

    @Robin Sedai, I don't know you super well yet but you're really kind and I hope your life is going well. I always look forward to singing Hamilton with you :P 

    @Wyndlerunner beep. *boops your nose* 

    @#1 Taln Fan, you are awesome and amazing and funny and don't you ever let yourself forget it! 

    All of you reading this deserve individual statements, but I'm too tired to do something more elaborate - totally lost track of the days and wasn't writing this one in advance. No way I could keep up the giant lists forever, anyway. You all take care of yourselves, you do deserve it - and I know it's hard sometimes, or most of the time, but it will get better, I promise. No matter what. Keep hanging on. 

    I haven't been very active on the forums this past year. I mean, I've been on, but only about ~500 posts outside the games is telling. Still, despite that, I've had a grand time both here and on the server. I've graduated, gotten a job, and become a different person in many ways this year. I'm fairly happy with who I am now, which is nice, lol. 

    I won't apologize for this not being more ornate, I'm too tired. Knowing the lot of you is an adventure, and I never want to give that up. 

    *toasts you all with a glass of eggnog* Love ya. May this next year be better than this one, and with less hardships for those we love. 

  11. Some cool things! 

    - went to the American Fork library activity that was mentioned on here some time ago, and it was great. Got to meet @Ethan_sedai and chat wild theories, ran a bridge (and shot at said bridge) badly, handily lost a game of breakneck (don't gamble, kids), and won stickers and a gift card in a drawing. Pictures of various spoils attached below. 

    - my boss decided the way to get me into playing MTG is to just give me free cards, so now I guess I gotta play :P can't really argue with that! 

    - I bought a machete at Walmart but I didn't have ID, and honestly can't blame the clerk for being skeptical that I'm 19. Mom backed me up, though, so I got to buy the cheap machete B) 



    library stuff

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    2. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.


      funny tangentially related story

      me and a couple of friends (all still in high school:P) tried to adopt one of our other friends a short while back for fun since we had all just turned 18. we found out that you have to be at least 10 years older than the child you’re adopting so we opted to just go buy fish at the store instead :P but they didn’t believe that we were old enough either :P

      I can just imagine some random secretary being really confused as a bunch of highschools walk in and try to adopt one another.:D

      That's hillarious.

    3. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.

      *Highschoolers not highschools

      That would be even more confusing.

      When your co.

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Pffft Bit that's amazing. 

      Ink, I would never :o you're a friend! 

  12. *makes vague dead 'I've-been-Splintered' noises* well heck 

    One day I'll pull myself back together and become a proper Shard! Oneee dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *trails off into the distance* :P

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      it took me a second to realize that was your rep level.

    2. Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      It's official- Ene was once a shard!

  13. Dove soap and Dove chocolates aren't the same company. :blink:

    1. ookla the gastrointestinal

      ookla the gastrointestinal

      ofc they aren't

      you can tell by the quality, the soap tastes way better. 

    2. Ookla the Syn

      Ookla the Syn

      As a qualified soap eater, I can confirm that Dannnex's statement is true.

  14. I know everyone else is freaking out for the obvious reasons right now, but I want to talk about Bruno, no, no, no Secret History still being a bop after all this time. (Also, it feeds my Leras theory...) 

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    2. Ookla The Long 'Wyn'ded

      Ookla The Long 'Wyn'ded

      Oh yeah, Secret History slaps. All around solid story, adds depth to a pre-existing story, whilst fleshing out new characters? That's the mark of a good side story- it is pretty much unnecessary to read it to enjoy MB Era 1, but if you do want to read it, it adds so much.

    3. overlord stick

      overlord stick

      I love that one! Fries my brain, but still a great story

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Everyone out here talking about Kelsier and Hoid, give me some more Kell and Nazh lol 

      I'm still figuring out how exactly to phrase the theory. 

  15. I just realized I told Discord but I didn't tell the Shard yet - I GOT A JOB! My first! It's at a bookstore/gifts place, and so far I really like it. It's still work, but the other employees are cool and the store itself is really awesome, exactly my kind of place. My newly earned income is going to hate me, though, because I want to buy so much there :P 

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    2. ookla the gastrointestinal
    3. Borio Singaldi

      Borio Singaldi

      And here I am working at a deli. Jealous!

      Congrats though, that's awesome! :)

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Hey, at least at delis you have easy access to food! :P 

      Thanks everyone! 

  16. ENCANTO IS GOOD. Not flawless, but very good. And the songs are also very fun. I've been singing some - okay, namely We Don't Talk About Bruno - all night and morning and today. 

    (My reaction to which was "oh man, now I have to write We Don't Talk About Jasnah, don't I". The same day as I put out Welcome to the Cosmere. That's song parodies for you; they never leave you alone.) 

    I've also got to get through my Shard notifs, I know, and I'm sorry if I've been inadvertently putting answering anyone off. I'm a bit exhausted from Things (which you will see eventually) today, but I'll try to get that done sometime this week. 

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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood


      She told me my religion was fake

      the next day DALINAR

    3. #1 Taln Fan

      #1 Taln Fan

      Rhythm of War spoilers…


      Late to the party since I just watched Ecanto… But “We don’t talk about Formless.” 


    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Also a good idea! Adolin'd be filling in for Mirabel there, I imagine. 

  17. My phone's charging so I'll say it here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EAT SOME CAKE 

    1. Boomerang Guy

      Boomerang Guy


  18. Happy birthday again! 

    1. Ookla the Cloud

      Ookla the Cloud

      Happy birthday!

    2. Ed Venture

      Ed Venture

      It's been a year, happy birthday to you!


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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      N'awwwwwww (and you LUCKY DUCKS meeting each other all the time! though I did get to meet Wyn at the minicon and that was awesome). 

      I forgive you ;) 

      This is true. I didn't subscribe to anyone for a long time for reasons, and then when I did start doing it I remembered you and went back. 

    3. S4S


      Firerust posting in the old KotC PM's brought back some memories, haha! Welcome back good sir!

    4. Borio Singaldi

      Borio Singaldi

      Dude, so did you when you came back 2+ years ago.

  20. Well of Ascension, eat your heart out 

    Screenshot 2021-12-28 5.18.56 AM.png

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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      It's the number of views on my blog lol (or was a minute ago when I took this) 

    3. Chinkoln


      You have a blog?!?

    4. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Yes XD that's what's in the blogs tab 

  21. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 

  22. Happy birthday/Happy Koloss Head-Munching Day, and I hope you're having a great day :D 

  23. I almost don't want to go from Dragon to Splinter, because dragons are just...dragons. But considering we know Shards can be dragons, and that's upcoming, I think I'll survive. :ph34r: 

    Spren are Splinters, so in a way I'm about to go back to the beginning. :P There are other types of Splinters, too, though... 

    I usually try to say something at least mildly funny in these lately, but I'm blanking. Thanks for the rep :P 

    Life update: the dogs are cute  

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    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Okay, the Shard is having troubles with the sheer fuzziness, apparently; let's try this again 






    3. Ookla the Cloud

      Ookla the Cloud

      They're soo cute!

    4. theTruthshaper
  24. 97 here. Think I'll keep a count of how many I get today - I haven't for the last year, which I mildly regret just cause it'd be funny to have a count, but w/e 

    1. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Plus two (one active spammer and one about me spammer) because I didn't do what I said I was thinking of doing lol 

    2. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      ~200 altogether (Jan 1st was a beast and I may leave the rest of the calendar for a later date)