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  1. Hi, welcome to the Shard!
  2. Ha, that's fair! I'm excited to learn how sentient they are too. That's a really interesting answer, I hadn't thought of that
  3. I've been on this wild roller coaster of a fansite for four years and I ain't about to get off anytime soon. Here until we crash and burn, baby. ...Let's not, though. 

    This time I'm going to save musings for after the Compliments Section. This is so I can put the staff right at the top, as they tend to have limited time, so certain people don't have to ask for a TL;DR anymore. :P I intentionally won't try to mention everyone, or anywhere close actually, but I love every single one of you. 

    First up: @Chaos, as intimidated as I used to be by you, I now think you're wonderful and kind and I really admire you. I enjoy talking with you even when we're both tired and really should be sleeping. Can't wait to read your book someday. 

    @Argent, your humor and measuredness make the world a better place to be in. I'm very glad I get to know you. 

    @LewsTherinTelescope, you're cool and things. Words are hard but talking with you is always Good. You know what I mean. 

    @Otto Didact, one day I am going to meet and hug you and the world will probably be at peace or something. I need to talk to you more because you're amazing and your Dad Vibes are healing. Also, you have possibly the best hair in staff chat. Don't tell Evgeni. ;) 

    @Kaymyth, speaking of parent vibes, you are really cool like so cool and also so loving and also like can I have your autograph someday?? Literally, I mean, I'm gonna be buying your books eventually :D 

    @Paleo, your wizardry is fantastic, but your creations aren't the only thing making you awesome. I appreciate you and your help very much. 

    @Voidus, you and your care and thoughtfulness have never ceased to be there, and I hope I get to talk to you, read your RP, and hear about your campaigns and kiddos being cute forever. 

    @firstRainbowRose and @little wilson, meeting you two at the last Dragonsteel Minicon was so fun and you're both so nice! I'm excited to see you both again. Mi'ch, you are incredible and don't forget it. Kendra, sometimes I just think of you and your offers to talk about stuff and it's...steadying. <3 

    Working with all of you continues to be an honor and a joy, and hanging out with you more so. On to non-staff! 

    IT'S TIME FOR ME TO TALK ABOUT THE BENES. @The Awakened Salad @Tesh ARE YOU GUYS READY TO BE DELUGED IN LOVE? I hope so because you're my best friends and more important to me than all the world. Specific compliments elude me when everything applies, so...reread our platonic wedding vows, kiss your pet, and know that you are the beaniest FAB Squad ever and I will never, ever forget you and our conversations and hangouts. 

    You are skilled, you are loved, you are interesting, and I will always listen to you. May dragons, avi. :wub: 

    To the many people I've met in-person at various times over the past year - I absolutely loved it, for the record, and you are as awesome as sour Skittles. 

    To those I've talked with after absences, I'm overjoyed to speak to you again. Special shoutout to @Ashspren - chatting with you on Discord has been great, Ash! 

    @Robin Sedai, I don't know you super well yet but you're really kind and I hope your life is going well. I always look forward to singing Hamilton with you :P 

    @Wyndlerunner beep. *boops your nose* 

    @#1 Taln Fan, you are awesome and amazing and funny and don't you ever let yourself forget it! 

    All of you reading this deserve individual statements, but I'm too tired to do something more elaborate - totally lost track of the days and wasn't writing this one in advance. No way I could keep up the giant lists forever, anyway. You all take care of yourselves, you do deserve it - and I know it's hard sometimes, or most of the time, but it will get better, I promise. No matter what. Keep hanging on. 

    I haven't been very active on the forums this past year. I mean, I've been on, but only about ~500 posts outside the games is telling. Still, despite that, I've had a grand time both here and on the server. I've graduated, gotten a job, and become a different person in many ways this year. I'm fairly happy with who I am now, which is nice, lol. 

    I won't apologize for this not being more ornate, I'm too tired. Knowing the lot of you is an adventure, and I never want to give that up. 

    *toasts you all with a glass of eggnog* Love ya. May this next year be better than this one, and with less hardships for those we love. 

  4. three fundamental truths at the exact same time
  5. canon And her eeeeeeeyes are just (helpless)
  6. skyward 4

    Meanwhile I watch the 17S Discord automatic feed XD love how we all have different ways.
  7. Hey, welcome to the Shard! Bit of a late welcome, technically, but still haha. I hope you've been liking your time here so far.
  8. I have hidden a few posts here. Please do not derail intro threads with unrelated discussion, even inactive ones.
  9. Hey folks, just stepping in as a mod to say that this behavior of taking over and derailing new members' threads with "eat this cookie!" or "no, don't trust the cookies!" (especially before one was even offered) is not allowed. Offering a cookie would be fine on its own, but when it leads to this and makes new Sharders uncomfortable or confused, and potentially chases them off the forums, that is obviously not desirable. We want everyone to feel happy to be here and to enjoy talking here, not to feel creeped out and uncomfortable in what should be their own space, right? For clarification on what is and isn't okay, please message me or create a thread in 17th Shard Discussion so we don't derail this thread any further. Welcome to the forums, Amira! My apologies if you were weirded out. I'm excited for Alcatraz 6 too, even more than some of this new cosmere, I'll admit! Do you have a favorite character in that series? And I hope you enjoy Stormlight too - it won't explain the spikes (nor the cookies, that's a forum in-joke), but it's a very good series. Even if it's more serious than Alcatraz!
  10. +1 to Voidus, well put. In addition I'd like to add that the offering of a cookie should not turn to a recommendation to join the RP or links unless the new members asks for them. Offering cookies is fine as long as you're not getting into arguments over newbies and taking over their threads, but do not attempt to solicit for any guild (including this one) in your posts unless they ask for suggestions of forum threads/activities etc. I very much appreciate the wanting to inform and help out new members of the forums! Please feel free to report if you think someone is going overboard, and mods will decide whether they are or not.
  11. I am ambivalent, think it's fine if we do this.
  12. (LOVE this song, it's what really got me into Hamilton) To the bride (to the bride, to the briiiiide, briiiide)
  13. Make it the one who always gets the tea wrong. Not enough revenge, too much cinnamon. :/
  14. Why does it always print in red "ink"? Man idk but don't get too close to it, the ink is starting to run dry and it gets testy when that happens
  15. Helpless (I do I do, I dooo) (Eliza)
  16. But I'll never forget my mother's face, that was real
  17. I've been livin' without a family since I was a child
  18. No stress, my love for you is never in doubt ()
  19. Peggy confides in me
  20. Welcome to the Shard! I'm excited to see some of your work someday, if you've done any Sanderson stuff
  21. Some cool things! 

    - went to the American Fork library activity that was mentioned on here some time ago, and it was great. Got to meet @Ethan_sedai and chat wild theories, ran a bridge (and shot at said bridge) badly, handily lost a game of breakneck (don't gamble, kids), and won stickers and a gift card in a drawing. Pictures of various spoils attached below. 

    - my boss decided the way to get me into playing MTG is to just give me free cards, so now I guess I gotta play :P can't really argue with that! 

    - I bought a machete at Walmart but I didn't have ID, and honestly can't blame the clerk for being skeptical that I'm 19. Mom backed me up, though, so I got to buy the cheap machete B) 



    library stuff

    1. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.


      funny tangentially related story

      me and a couple of friends (all still in high school:P) tried to adopt one of our other friends a short while back for fun since we had all just turned 18. we found out that you have to be at least 10 years older than the child you’re adopting so we opted to just go buy fish at the store instead :P but they didn’t believe that we were old enough either :P

      I can just imagine some random secretary being really confused as a bunch of highschools walk in and try to adopt one another.:D

      That's hillarious.

    2. Ookla the Frustrated.

      Ookla the Frustrated.

      *Highschoolers not highschools

      That would be even more confusing.

      When your co.

    3. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Pffft Bit that's amazing. 

      Ink, I would never :o you're a friend! 

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  22. A couple of college credits and my top-notch brain
  23. An acre of land, a troop to command, a dollop of fame
  24. Helpless, helpless, down for the count and I'm drowning in 'em