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  1. We can end this war at Yorktown, cut them off at sea
  2. !!!!! Got a great book yesterday for a great price due to it being secondhand and me working at the bookstore, and it's SO COOL and I thought I have to show youuuu! 





    1. Ookla the Archivist
    2. Ookla the Cloud

      Ookla the Cloud

      That is so cool! I haven't seen this edition before, and it's beautiful! I especially love the back cover, and the little dolphins  ^ _ ^

    3. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Yeah, I love how tech-y the back cover looks :D 

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  3. I go to France for more funds (Lafayette)
  4. Oh, that kind of missed XD yeah, I kinda was. On Discord every day though! And you were Doomslug the Destroyer - gotcha, I know that name. Hello again!
  5. Can somebody tell me what the Insanity Clinic for the Moderately Brandofandonitis Afflicted actually is? At first glance it doesn't seem to be a RP; what's going on there? 

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    2. Ookla the Myopic

      Ookla the Myopic

      Come to the clinic, you probably won't be disappointed there.

    3. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Interesting, thanks for the answers. (And no worries about derailing, it's all on-topic.) 

    4. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      It's kind of like tlt, but like way more plot and is one of the best things ever. I totally didn't have a chicken kill wizard *cough*

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  6. Still here!
  7. He's constantly confusing, confounding the British henchmen
  8. Yo, turns out we have a secret weapon
  9. How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire?
  10. "Dang, Nameless, I'm sorry to hear that," Ene said. "Did you get a funeral? Do we need to help you pass on or are we going for a resurrection instead?"
  11. Didn't see this at the time of posting but hey!! I'm anosmic, have been my whole life, but a while back I started to smell orange chicken which was crazy. Like, scents are *that* far back in the nose? Weiiiiiiird.
  12. Reviving this thread to say I got a haircut and it makes my gender happy
  13. Ene poked his head in tentatively. "Hey, what's going on these days?"
  14. Excited to potentially meet people haha!
  15. The vibes were just so impeccable
  16. I have a minor problem. 

    I didn't check my notifications for so long that they now exceed the seven pages available for viewing by a few months. That's what I get, I suppose. 

    If there's anything that someone wants me to respond to or thinks I may have missed that I don't get in the next flurry of posting, or that you just want me to see anyway, link it to me here. Deeply sorry to anyone who I missed completely! 

    1. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      OH and White Defender, I only tried the second version once but that double damage -_- 

    2. Sherlock Holmes

      Sherlock Holmes

      I can't do path of pain because my keybinds are bad for it (and bad in general but they're what I use for everything else), but I've done the rest. 

      With a lot of them you just gotta fight em a lot, unfortunately. If I were to watch you do them, I could probably tell you where to improve. Trial of the Fool is really hard no matter what you do, unfortunately, but the rest are pretty easy when you know what to do.

      My boy Grimm is probably the easiest of all of them. He only does like five moves and once you (like I have) have beaten Nightmare King Grimm a dozen times, you get these movies pretty down. There's like one response you need for each move, and you just gotta repeat those over and over and hit him as much as you can while playing safely. 

      Failed Champion's biggest challenge is the issue of double damage and the falling rocks. To tell it true, I still don't know how to dodge those things, I just don't get hit by them much anymore. You have to not be too aggressive with Failed Champion, you should stay fairly far from him and not move except when he's coming for you and use those opportunities to hit him. If you use the dream nail during his stagger and hit him after each heal, you can heal back to full and then get full soul. If you have full soul, you can stagger him again without him doing more than one move, then get full soul again to stagger him. Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

      Soul Tyrant is honestly not too hard, I think. The hardest thing about him is that the battle goes on for absolutely forever and you have to focus the whole time. The spinning balls move where he moves from one side of the arena to the other is the hardest to dodge, but you can walk to the farthest part of the arena and stand against the wall, then jump when one of the balls comes for you. Everything else is the same as the first soul guy.

      Grey Prince Zote is the worst.

      With White Defender, you should stay near him and attack whenever he's in range. Use Howling Wraiths when he hops out of the ground to spit dung everywhere. He's not much to deal with as long as you're not being too aggressive.

      I hope all of that's helpful, I can showcase other stuff if you want any more.

    3. Ookla the Archivist

      Ookla the Archivist

      Thanks for the advice, I'll try to keep it in mind! 

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  17. Edit: whoops forgot to put Guns and Ships How does a ragtag volunteer army in need of a shower
  18. I'm so sorry I saw this so late - if you did record it you're absolutely welcome to post it here! I'd love to hear it! Thank you everyone!
  19. I wrote this in under two hours. It's no Brandon, but it's fast for me. Thanks to Grace for the idea and inspiration! I just wrote something unexpected Not for anyone but me and you The publishers and fans don't know it but it's beautiful - and it's mine What else can I do? (Fans:) let us read, let us read (new books, let us read, let us read) What else can I do? (we're hooked, let us read, let us read) (you troll, let us read, let us read) I write lines of literature Books earn smiles by the piles I write perfect practiced proses Not much hides behind my style What could I do if I just wrote what I was feeling in the moment? (Peter: Do you know where you're going? Whoa!) What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be signed for I just needed to write; and they let me write A hurricane of words and paper Mishmash plots (not!), pages and lines (this is fine) This extra time frees up my mind, it is sublime I wrote this for you What else can I do? Can I deliver us a fourth story too? Don't worry about burnout, a little just won't do I want to move on to something new I'm not sick of the old, it's just time to be bold, so I choose It just seemed like you weren't doing okay, from that video yesterday (How long can this secret hold) All we know are the worlds that you show and it's awesome to see what's inside How much can I write - here's the proof, no more lies - let's go A hurricane of words and paper Mishmash plots (not!), pages and lines (shine!) This extra time frees up my mind, it is sublime I wrote this for you What else, what else? What can you write when you are deeply, madly, truly in the moment (Kickstarter numbers are growing) What can you write when you have nowhere else to be in the world I'm with my family today (everyone, it'll be okay) I'm coming through with a year of swag (with that big bag!) Making news, New York Times ("changing times") The way is brighter, days and nights're swell - we owe this all to you What else can I do? (Emily: show 'em what you can do) What else can I do? (Fandom: there's nothing you can't do) What else can I do!
  20. How might a person mail you a metaphorical hug?
  21. The Discord often goes faster but is easier to get into than the forums, and it's usually pretty chill! I'd highly recommend joining it The friends I've made here, for sure. Favorite moment...some of the RP I've done has been very satisfying, but it's hard to pick out something specific! Becoming a mod was pretty monumental, I'll sometimes look back at that when I'm feeling down. The first wedding that didn't happen was pretty legendary. TLT and TST had some fun moments, and same with TLPW, chatting with @The Awakened Salad it's time for your yearly Shard visit, Salad. Covert Operations back in the days of TUBA was also some serious fun. ...I think I have to answer that I don't have a specific moment, there are too many to choose from and that's not even counting Discord! No real opinion. It's fine. Tastes like crunchy chips. I think my dad used to be really into it before he found his true obsession in country music.
  22. Hi, nice to meet you! I've been gone so long there are a bunch of new Sharders asdfghjkl Ene had never considered being a samurai before, but accepted this new role with joy. He eyed her two katanas and wondered if it was possible to dual wield those, before remembering this was the kind of thread where you just Did That if you wanted, and promptly started slicing pineapples out of the sky in the hopes that Voidus might take mercy on him.
  23. I literally snorted and I don't even know why. What was the once? Seeing the pineapples, Narrator Ene ducked and covered.