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  1. AV prequel thread ideas: There was a little more, but this is all the discussion. Enough people seem to be interested for it to be a legit plot. ^ what I copy-pasted onto the Chat Thread Oof, the formatting is messed up, I’ll try to fix it later. For now, my two cents are: we use the canon timeline. We change the power level to some extent just for this plot. Oh, and it’s been confirmed that any character used in this plot would not count as one of your character slots, like how it is with the alternate universes. What do you guys think? Days before all the guilds but the DA? During the time when some of those earlier guilds existed, and with characters possibly being members of them? Et cetera, et cetera.
  2. I would disagree, but if you want to stop talking about it that’s cool too What does?
  3. It’s called AVEN. I haven’t done anything on it other than post the intro thread, though, because my reason for wanting an account went away on its own.
  4. Inspiration The Knights Next Prequel If both sets of orders are filled and you still want to join, don't worry! You can still roleplay with a character who isn't a Knight Radiant. We'd love to write with you. (Depending on how many roleplayers join us next season, a third set of Radiants may be opened up.) FIRST SET OF ORDERS: Elsecaller is free! Windrunner ~ Aragorn Skybreaker ~ Ark1002 Dustbringer ~ Sorana Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor Lightweaver ~ ShadowLord_Lith Elsecaller ~ Willshaper ~ AonEne Stoneward ~ I think I am here. Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper SECOND SET OF ORDERS: Truthwatcher and Lightweaver are free! Windrunner ~ xinoehp512 Skybreaker ~ Karger Dustbringer ~ Reserved for Po Edgedancer ~ Taradiddle Truthwatcher ~ Lightweaver ~ WannabeWorldhopper Elsecaller ~ BookishOcelot Willshaper ~ Eluvianii Stoneward ~ Emperor Stick Bondsmith ~ Wyndlerunner Non-Radiant Characters: xinoehp512; Sha-thoexis, Unmade Dr. Dapper; Jamie, Twinborn xinoehp512; Thade, Enlightened Hope Spren; Evelyn, Elantrian Blessing of Potency; Ashlyn, unInvested human From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed. Ideal System: (subject to change and interpretation) Setting: Give your character a name from Earth! This still gives you plenty of freedom, but try not to be obviously weird. If the name would make people look at your character funny after they introduce themselves, think of a new one. Out characters will be living in normal houses and attending a normal school. No boarding schools or homeschooling, though those circumstances can apply to their pasts. We all go to the same school. Radiants will naturally generate Stormlight. We live in Seattle. It's late winter. The public will find out about Investiture at the end of The Knights Next Door. We will then have a timeskip of 20 years into the future to when our kids, should our characters choose to have any, are teenagers for the sequel (which will be called The Knights Next Gen or The Knights Next Generation). Immediately after this timeskip, some of us will write stuff about specific new technology that we think is reasonable and that may or may not impact us or the plot in any way. All unInvested people will now see (insert other senses here) Invested objects and people differently from how they actually are, filling in anything that can’t be explained with something that makes more sense to them. They will be able to be confused or suspicious about these things. This is because of a sentient Unmade called Sha-thoexis. See above for more details on her. The Summary of Recent Events and the Proposal as to How We Should Deal With Them, Circa July 22/Page 166:
  5. This world isn’t the slightest bit predictable, not any more than most fantasy ones, anyway. Just about anything can happen here, too, whether it’s in realistic fiction or nonfiction or fiction on Earth. A character’s personality isn’t taken away from them because they’re living on Earth - I mean, we live on Earth. Most of the time, yeah, which is why I haven’t quit writing Negation I’ll probably read you tomorrow, gotta go now. Good night, Star!
  6. Trust me, tons of people are getting pushed to their limits in TKND While I respect your opinion - realistic fiction isn’t my favorite genre either (and I hate historical fiction, usually) I don’t understand why you say it’s boring. People get pushed to their limits all the time; fantasy doesn’t hold a monopoly over that. Honestly, I find it harder to RP when my character is in a position of power that’s when it skews more toward boring for me, because if they’re powerful, what do you do next? But it can definitely still be fun - it’s hard to write Gati and Conquest, but less so for Deteca, and way less so for Aurum. You cannot escape us Well, if we’re going to get technical, nothing is ever original, there are only original takes on things. And I think most of the characters in TKND are uniquely written, because everyone writing them is different for example, in the canon we have seen a character kill their spren - Kaladin and Syl. But he sure never killed her by breaking the first oath, and by going to the Nightwatcher, and he didn’t do it for the reasons my character Cassie did. Originality!
  7. You’d be surprised but it doesn’t happen often. That’s another thing I love about RP, you can always be someone who’s not you!
  8. We have different definitions of plot I remember that lol (as do we, soul-of-the-moon ) NO GO BACK IN THE CREEPY CORNER OF MY HEAD *calmly finishes wrestling the eyes back into their place* You could always have asked us. Though I should note that the plot is relatively minor in there, it’s mostly character interaction, yum. Whenever I read realistic fiction, it’s something that I can’t experience myself, like someone who tried to commit suicide or a transgender person or something. And something like this I don’t consider reality much at all, since there’s magic and stuff. But of course it’s fine if you just didn’t like the setting, happens to everyone sometimes! At least now you don’t have to go through the OOC debacle...
  9. *stops shipping* TLPW has it occasionally too
  10. Cause it was irrelevant to the meme all it is is the rest of an intro post and the date, basically. Nothing weird.
  11. Well, everyone knows I can't go a day without creating a roleplay. This one stems from random cremposting on a status update (take that, Firerust), wherein I said something vaguely mysterious, Lunamor said it sounded like a prophecy and wrote the first line, and I, er, went crazy writing a prophecy? So. Yeah. (I hope this doesn't flop, I had fun making it all ) The Augury: As you may have guessed, the tentative plan for this RP is that it will have ten parts or 'verses', each named after and corresponding to a verse in the Augury - Ten of the Void, Hate's Creation, Fight the Rise, Oblivion, Storm's Break, Time Will Out, Until You Betray, All That Shatters, Watch Them Fall, and Powers Reviled (not necessarily in that order, names subject to change). I do have plans, but there's plenty of room for improvisation...and both could have really cool implications. Anyway, rules are as normal for roleplays on here, please do ask me if you have any questions! Both roleplay and chat will take place on this thread (until a new one is started), so please put all non-RP in quote boxes. WORLDBUILDING: Preferred character profile: I'll happily give more information on almost anything worldbuilding-wise if you ask, though I can't give away much in the terms of plot. HAVE FUN! Characters:
  12. Other people have RPed it, you should be fine using Division.
  13. DND podcast that Archer, Lith, Per, and Eluvianii like? Well that’s enough of a recommendation for me. I’ll add it to the increasingly long list of things I must watch.
  14. “Oh,” Myriad said, surprised. “Sure.” She’d been behind on all the wonderful discoveries so far; one of the last to enter the mushroom cave, sitting aimlessly while the worm rampaged. If she was going to find interesting things for the Scholar’s Guild and learn about the world, she had to step up her game.
  15. “Well, I won’t be able to do that,” Cassie said with a chuckle.
  16. How much do I read into this?
  17. Please don’t strike me down for double-posting! I have a good reason! Edit for clarification - these forums gave out cake to newcomers as a tradition.
  18. Uh...Pillage, Obert Skye? Edit: No, Menagerie by Tui T. Sutherland
  19. *recreates endless cycle out of Luna breaking the previous endless cycle and throwing cookie dough at her* (Also, *eats cookie dough*)
  20. Cassie tried a sample and handed the bag back, savoring the bite of cake. “You are scarily good at this,” she said when she had swallowed, pointing at Leona. “And...” Her earlier thoughts returned to her: why do something when she knew she wouldn’t be good at it? She had tried baking once or twice as a kid and not found much pleasure in it. There was no reason to waste her time. But she’d never done it with someone else before. And she’d never tried to bake a cake. And this was later on in her life. And...wasn’t being a Willshaper about trying new things? Continuing forward into new places, even when the quest seemed doomed? “Sure, thanks. That’d be fun.”
  21. *wins by nuking Llstml as they are distracted by winning by stabbing Salad in the back while they are distracted by winning while everyone else is distracted by the competition*