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  1. Because everyone loves to post songs lyric by lyric! ONCE I WAS SEVEN YEARS OLD
  2. This is exactly like Guess That Cosmere Character. But with places. Try not to go as big as a Shardworld or "all of Dayside!" for your place, though you can use hints like "it's on Threnody". Countries, cities, warcamps, towns, forests, mountains, anything like that is what you want to use. Clue number one: We have currently never seen this place firsthand in a book.
  3. Quote
    • that hat that jaidenanimations wore in her aroace video (i want it)

    I just rewatched the video and I can't find the hat am I blind ajakdhahdlhl 

    (Hello, nice to meet you :P

  4. I don't always check but pffffft glad I did this time Yeah I do own and have tried to read the first book as well, but it was a lot harder to get into. I'll probably read them eventually, but the show caught my attention faster, whereas I'd been trying to read EotW for years and gotten maybe halfway in?
  5. These are apparently a thing, and I need to explore this website more. So...GO!
  6. I don't. Still nope. The second, and it was only a guess - that's a WoT thing, right? I watched some of the first season back when it was coming out, but only vaguely remember them.
  7. Hamilton, (get your right hand man back) Hamilton!
  8. Welcome Deian! I hope you enjoy AoL! Be careful around the book forums so you don't get spoiled
  9. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the rest of the books! Which episode of the podcast is your favorite? (I won't be offended if I'm not in it )
  10. Hi, Haly, welcome! I'd recommend steering clear of the forums with spoilers for things you haven't read. I hope you have a good time in the community!
  11. Hello and welcome! *whacks the Collector with a Shardbanhammer* Sorry about that, promise this place is safe for grubs. Glad to have you here! A friend actually just mentioned "slug in tub" to me the other day and then didn't explain what it was to me XD so I did a double take seeing your name!
  12. Which one of them is pan? Both? muahahaha yes we shall claim everyone in time
  13. Ene blinked. "Sorry, Darkstalker the NightWing? Dang, I didn't know he was around these parts. Glad to hear you're not murdery. Also, congrats on your new pronouns? And...species change?" He shook her paw.
  14. Hamilton! Sir, you're gonna have to use him eventually, what's he gonna do on the bench, I mean
  15. "it's complicated" "definitely something queer" okay yes passingly it is a bit more difficult, but there are ways! "friend/colleague/kissmate" idk I just work ship here
  16. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes only those things, there's nothing else to their relationship at all
  17. It's the boy!! I'm curious, did you use an AI to make this?
  18. Welcome to the Shard! We are very happy to have you and I hope you enjoy your time here
  19. I've had a sudden realization 


  20. Yeah, I can taste just about everything except some of it might be dulled? I have no comparison, but everything has a taste to it. I can't always distinguish between spices or certain candy flavors (me realizing that most fruit candies are supposed to taste different from each other and people going 'ah yes this has [specific distinct spice or herb that isn't like, salt or pepper or maybe garlic] in it' is a real thing people do outside of stories: what. hey what) but I think my sense of taste is more unaffected that many people assume after hearing that it and smell are connected. People are always like "your opinions on food are invalid because you can't taste it" and I'm like "DO YOU WANT TO THROW DOWN"
  21. Ene, some amount of time later, appeared beside Lightseeker again and shrugged. "A Narrator who hasn't been here in a while. I'm...not sure why?" He held out a hand to shake, then facepalmed for a second with her other one. "Uh, my name is Ene. Narrator AonEne. Should probably mention that, shouldn't I."
  22. We can end this war at Yorktown, cut them off at sea
  23. !!!!! Got a great book yesterday for a great price due to it being secondhand and me working at the bookstore, and it's SO COOL and I thought I have to show youuuu! 





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      That is so cool! I haven't seen this edition before, and it's beautiful! I especially love the back cover, and the little dolphins  ^ _ ^

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      Yeah, I love how tech-y the back cover looks :D 

  24. I go to France for more funds (Lafayette)