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Roleplay Characters:


Volume One: The Beginning:


Safire ~


Name: Safire Dretve or Saph

Age/gender/species: 19 (will be 20 at the beginning of V2), female, falcon Faunus

Appearance: Short, light blue hair, dark blue eyes, usually wears blue jeans and a T-shirt; average height and weight, Caucasian. She has the wings of a sooty falcon; the feathers are mostly gray but with the occasional stud of black peppering them. Her Aura is blue. (drawing done by Unodus) 



Weaponry: She uses daggers, no Dust modding. They can transform into throwing knives with the press of an engraving. She is adept at using both. They have Atlesian tech where you can key them to your Aura and summon them back to you from a distance. They're called Við, which means omniscience in Icelandic.

Semblance: Telepathy. She hears what others think uncontrollably and sometimes gets flashes when it comes to dreams, images, or emotions. When she dreams, it's a weird half-awake state where she still gets input from others. Lately she's started to randomly broadcast her own thoughts, something she cannot control but will eventually learn to. Her semblance doesn't work at all with Grimm and animals.

Family: Safire's parents are dead, but her father was named Verdant and her mother was Celeste (shade of blue). He had turquoise hair and wings like Saph; his Aura was pale green. His semblance was creating colors (complicated, there'll be a better description in the RP eventually). She had blue hair and blue Aura; she was a human and her semblance was wind manipulation.

Place of Origin: Menagerie (Quilt)

Backstory: Safire was born on the island just off the west coast of Menagerie, where she lived for 17 years. Her boyfriend Cal got her to submit an application to go to Beacon, where she was teamless. She was on break her third year there, visiting her parents, when they were murdered by the White Fang. Believing Cal was gone as well, she chose to hide her wings and attempted to force herself to forget them in case anyone with a semblance like hers found her. She was at Beacon again when V1 began at the Vytal Tournament.

Personality: Safire is a secretive person by nature, preferring to remain silent about not only her Faunus trait but what her semblance is. If asked, she tends to say it's enhanced perception, intuition, or something of the like. She's easy to joke with and open with the friends she does make, once they know her, and unashamed about her semblance if they accept her for it. She was raised loosely to believe in the Two Brothers, but her family didn't practice much and Safire especially didn't. Biromantic ace.

Fighting Style: Saph can read minds, which is easily her biggest strength. Since most people think about what they're going to do before they do it, she has a good advantage when fighting humans or Faunus. (Grimm don't have thoughts in the traditional sense, accounting for why she's awful at fighting them.) Unless someone goes entirely on instinct - and even then, she might get an idea - she'll know what they're doing and prepare for that. She also has her wings, but those are more of a weakness currently. Back when she wasn't hiding them from herself and being all my-backstory-prevents-me, they were extremely helpful for obvious reasons. Now, they're instead a hindrance - those bones are lighter than most to give her better lift, and break easier once her Aura is gone. 

Theme Songs: Walking the Wire by Imagine Dragons, Iridescent by Linkin Park, Icarus by Bastille (I may make a playlist for her soon and link to that)

Emblem: It's upside down, but it was done by an IRL friend :D



Character Basis: Icarus from Greek mythology 

Cal ~


Name: Calil Redneval or Cal

Age/gender/species: 19, male, Faunus

Appearance: Light lilac hair that hangs to his shoulders, deep purple eyes, slightly taller than average with average weight, tan skin. He has the claws of a cat; they can retract. His Aura is a light purple.

Weaponry: He just uses his claws and hand-to-hand

Semblance: Cal can know what anyone's semblance is, plus if they're using it or not. He can choose whether to use his semblance or not, and has good control over it.

Family: Cal's mother is named Byza (name taken from byzantium); her Aura is a very dark purple and she has a black cat tail, with hair the same color as Cal's. His father is named Min (eminence); his Aura is purple and he has patches of sandy tan scales, the same color as his skin; his hair is red. Cal has two brothers and two sisters; Violet is seventeen, with auburn hair like her father and red-furred fox ears. Heli (heliotrope) and Eva (mauvine) are fourteen-year-old fraternal twins, with long hair matching their mother's. Heli has a gray squirrel tail and Eva has gills on her throat. Elru (purple) has black cat fur covering his body and is four years old. They all have varying shades of purple for their Auras, excepting Heli, whose is a mix of lavender and gray.

Place of Origin: Menagerie

Backstory: Again, I have to mostly redact his backstory, but he attended Beacon with Thistle Gallantii, Pearl Yheather, and Afei Keltainen (yellow in Finnish) to form Team GRAY. After undergoing the same tragedy as Safire but taking a different choice and therefore route in the matter, he joined the White Fang, later abandoning it. Now he's basically stalking Saph, because yes, that is totally a healthy relationship tactic...

Personality: Once happy, easily amused, and always trying to make Saph look on the bright side, he's now not-quite-brooding, easily amused, and not often looking on the bright side himself. Agnostic and straight.

Fighting Style: Hand-to-hand combat

Theme Song: Who We Are and Monster by Imagine Dragons




Deteca ~


Name: Deteca Nutvry

Appearance: Female. Thirty-eight. Very short hair, Iriali gold; could probably be mistaken for male if haircut alone was looked at. Tan skin, light blue eyes. Not especially strong muscles; very slim; slightly shorter than the average height for her age. Has a spike in the middle of her upper chest, just beneath her collarbone. 

Magic: Voidmaking; trained by Xanas, practices often. (I’m placing her ability at about 100, a seven on the scale of one to ten.) Spike granting the Epic ability to sense the potential of an idea. 

Skills: Intelligence - Intelligent: 30; Projectile Weapon Combat Training - Amateur: 30; Scholarship - Skilled: 30 

Equipment: Pistol, Alleycant pen 

Weaknesses: Her parents are a liability, and she would do a lot to keep them safe. If she is reminded of Akied, she can have a difficult time staying in the moment and will sometimes stop what she’s doing. Pagophobia. She has a mild fear of leaving the Alleycity, closer to “I’d like to not do that” than “Absolutely not”. 

Family: Deteca’s parents are, shockingly, both alive. Her mother was from Iri, but worldhopped out of Roshar the first chance she got and found her way to Alleycity. Her father had lived there most of his life, but is ethnically Elisian. She had a younger brother named Akied, who is deceased.

Home Planet: The Alleyverse. She was born and raised in the Alleycity, and hasn’t ever left. 

Backstory: Deteca was born and raised in the Alleycity, where her parents live. Akied was born seven years after her, but choked to death on an ice cube when he was six. His death caused Deteca to turn to the Dark Alley later in life in her grief; becoming a member gave her something to throw herself into, something to work toward, and she steadily grew to love the quiet guild’s studying and learning. She came to realize she was a Voidmaker and was mentored with Mac by Xanas on what they could figure out from testing and legends. At the same time as the Seven Day War, she gave herself the Epic power through a spike. 

Guild: The Dark Alley (Research and Development Department) 

Personality: Friendly, competitive, likes to make others laugh, loves to help explore and develop new ideas, loves most forms of sugar, extremely supportive of her guild after what they’ve done for her, occasionally finds the secretive ways of the DA annoying because she wants to go out and share all the awesome things they’re doing, feels lost without something to be working on. 

Fighting Style: Intimidate someone to get them to back off; if that doesn’t work, try not to kill them with Voidmaking. 

Theme Song: Hero by Tommee Profitt and Mike Mains 

Myriad ~


Name: Was named Marian Summers when alive. Has used many names, switches every so often, usually goes by something that starts with an M. Currently going by Myriad.

Appearance: Changes completely depending on what body she's wearing. Gravitates toward females when she has a choice. Prefers older teenagers or young adults; is mentally eighteen, though she has lived through twenty-five years.

Magic: She is a poltergeist, which is essentially a ghost that has to possess people to think. When not possessing people they’re invisible to anyone who's not another poltergeist. When possessing people they're just like that person, though personal quirks could be their own and they have their own minds. They can sometimes use skills that that person has. They are able to leave a body and stop possessing anytime they want; they’re also forcefully ejected when their host body dies. While they're there, it's like the body's original owner is sleeping. It is theoretically possible that a poltergeist and the other person could coexist if it was impossible for them to be 'put to sleep' by their nature, due to Investiture or simply a strong will. However, getting into the body in the first place can be a minor struggle as they fight the intrusion subconsciously. 

Skills: Intelligent - 30, Scholarship - Amateur 

Equipment: Scholar’s Guild notebook spanreed 

Weaknesses: (OOC, will never possess PCs unless I control them or I am given permission by that character's writer.) Tends to underestimate other people, especially if they aren't intellectuals. Has an extreme fear of roads and crossing them, never jaywalks. Sometimes has flashbacks of her death when crossing and will freak out, running away or Bolting in a chain until she calms down. Never learned to drive a car or any other vehicle, will consent to be a passenger in one but only after trying to find an alternative and feels slight anxiety within. Is not sapient when not inhabiting a person, primally seeking the warmth and life of a body no matter what. Bothers to get medical treatment only sometimes, often merely leaving her former host hurt - even mortally so (or dead) - and will therefore be slowed down by injuries in a fight, ranging from a cut gushing blood to a missing arm. Refuses to use an animal body out of pride. Is still learning about the Alleyverse, cosmere, and the magic systems of most Earths. 

Family: Does not remember any details about her family

Home Planet: The Earth Brandon's short story Dreamer is set in. Utah, the United States of America. 

Backstory: Marian can only recall the most basic details about her life before she died; she loved school and wanted to be a teacher. That dream was stolen from her when she was eighteen and ran across the street without looking, getting hit by a car and dying. However, she became a poltergeist. Marian tried to make contact with her family, but was unable to convince them of the truth and eventually abandoned them. She wandered the continent of North America for seven years, having the rare encounter with another who could do what she could and learning what little she could before moving on. She slowly became more jaded as she witnessed people commit crimes and die, but retained a small amount of hope that there was more to humanity than that. Her wandering eventually led her to the Alleyverse, where she has been for the last several months. 

Guild: The Scholar's Guild and the Dark Alley (Acquisitions Department) 

Personality: Though she has mostly given up on people, she has kept some semblance of a moral code, convincing herself that using other bodies is okay because it's the only way she can stay alive, and at least with her there they won't do anything awful. She usually feels guilty when she gets her body killed, though not as much as a normal person would, and feels only slight guilt if they're hurt. She tries to mix it up to be nice, not using one body for more than a few days in general. Only volunteers the information that she's a poltergeist to people she interacts with for a decent amount of time. Friendly, joking, interested in things she doesn't know, fairly stubborn - both when it's useful and when it's detrimental. Deals with PTSD. 

Fighting Style: Uses whatever weapon she has on hand, but sixty percent of the time doesn't know how to use them and therefore does a bad job of harming any trained fighters. Sucks at protecting herself and has zero training in any weapons.

Theme Song: Ghost by Jacob Lee


The Knights Next Door:


Cassie ~ Joy ~


Name: Cassandra Deoven (goes by Cassie or Cass)

Age/gender/species: 19, female, human

Appearance: Long black hair, usually in ponytail; olive skin; green eyes; five feet tall; around 100 pounds; wears T-shirts and jeans 90% of the time (art done by my awesome grandmother)


Screenshot_2020-07-04 Cassie and Joy.png

Radiant Status: Willshaper. Very recently swore the First Ideal - didn't know she had Radiant potential until then. Practices Cohesion sometimes. Cannot use Transportation.

Family: Parents are deceased; no siblings 

Place of Origin: Utah 

Backstory: Cassie used to live with her adoptive mothers and their golden retriever Caramel when one of her moms died in an alleyway mugging. The other became an alcoholic out of grief, DUIed into a tree while taking Caramel to the vet a few months later, and left Cassie to gain a phobia of dark alleys and a hatred of alcohol and go into the foster care system at thirteen. She had good and bad experiences there, but her high point was when Doc found and adopted her. They consider each other in a niece-uncle relationship and get along fairly well. Cass graduated from high school last year with mostly B's.

Personality: Outwardly sarcastic but compassionate, and always there for people - takes on more jobs than she can handle, but pretends she's fine. Inwardly struggles with depression and anxiety, feeling that she's a burden and can never do enough to repay Doc (who she calls Uncle James or just James, refusing the title) for adopting her. Unable to decide on what she wants as a career, scared she won't make it out in the world but hides it, looking at colleges but hasn't applied yet. Fine with confrontation and arguments - enjoys debate - but doesn't seek them out. Likes exploring new books, websites, and cities.

Theme Song: Rise Up by Imagine Dragons

Spren ~

Name: Joy 

Gender/type of spren: Female, Reacher 

Appearance: Small glowing ball of white light in the Physical Realm, living bronze statue figure in the Cognitive Realm.

Backstory: Bonded to Cassie when she old? Note to self, go back and find that 

Personality: Playful, teases Cassie, repeatedly annoys Cassie on purpose when she's sad to shove her out of it, enjoys reading


Forged Iron:


Marie ~


Name: Marie Lekal

Appearance: Standard bald Inquisitor, curly tattoos, pale skin, approx. 20yo, wears a mockery of a mistcloak with all the tassels sewn together; metal plate over her linchpin (art done by the wonderful @Shard of Thought :wub:)



Investiture: Allomantic (coppercloud-piercing) bronze, iron, steel, pewter, chromium, nicrosil, aluminum, duralumin, atium; Feruchemical atium, zinc, bendalloy, brass, copper, bronze, and gold

Backstory: She was a Seeker noblewoman whose father sent her to join the Ministry out of religious devotion and lack of anything else to do with her, having married off her siblings already. After being turned into an Inquisitor, she spent most of her time under the Lord Ruler watching the outskirts of the empire. After Rashek died, she hid in various smaller villages, then was used by Ruin to keep an eye on things. After scouting for those two, she was a natural choice of scout for Sazed, who was pained to find that she wasn't as amenable to the switch in leaders as the other few Inquisitors he'd found...

Personality: Pretty much constantly pissed off all the time; wants to spread Ruin, and enjoys destroying things in many varied ways. Deep inside she's tired - so exhausted by constant control, spiking, Ruin and the girl she was before her life was claimed by TLR warring with her desires. She just wants to go do her own thing and murder some peeps.

Theme Song: Black Sky by Arrows to Athens and End of Me by Ashes Remain

Content Warning: She will definitely push the bounds of our rating warnings for violence and will probably use more language than the none my characters have used in the past :P so if you're easily triggered by violent concepts, you may wish to skim her internal thoughts. It'll be within the bounds of the Shard, really only as bad as what we get in the first trilogy, buuut yeah, be warned.


Character profiles may not be fully complete, as their contents would be a spoiler for the character arcs or plot to come. In addition, only characters I am actively writing are listed here, so any inactive characters will not be here. If you have any questions, I’m happy to talk about my babies, so go ahead and contact me. :P 

I would love it if you joined any of these roleplays! If you would like details, I am happy to provide them. 

I hope you have a good day!