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  1. If you do mean a forums poll, you are able to turn that setting off and on, so either everyone will be able to see who voted for what, or no one will.
  2. Every day you fight like it's going out of style
  3. The Way of Kings - 7 Oathbringer - 10 Hero of Ages - 8 Bands of Mourning - 2 Secret History - 10 Warbreaker - 10 The Emperor's Soul - 9 Hurt TWOK, heal SH Thoughts on moving to two damage?
  4. Talks for six hours, the convention is listless
  5. He goes and proposes his own form of government (what?)
  6. Hamilton, at the Constitutional Convention:
  7. 4 minutes ago, CalanoCorvus said:

    you're like, archangel. powerful servant of God.

    I'll take that :D (being a good mod and moving from the intro thread) 

    1. CalanoCorvus



      yes bro is powerful :D

  8. (This colony's economy's increasingly stalling and honestly, that's why public service seems to be calling me) (he's just nonstop) If not, then I'll be Socrates
  9. Oooo, do I get to be god too? Welcome to the Shard, Kayk!
  10. I finished up my studies and I practiced law