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  1. All right! This character has important Invested artifacts.
  2. It wasn't that, but that sounds fun.
  3. Horrible
  4. Then I select that option
  5. It's called Dictionarium, I think? @Blessing of Potency
  6. I don't remember, it was a made-up one.
  7. This ^ I will make note of the fact that chicken in salads is good. I'm sorry, I know you love cooking, but can I choose neither? Kale Celery Carrots Parsnip Potatoes The first, I think Probably proteins? Dairy
  8. Hoid calls her Slammer because she slams down the gavel.
  9. Okay, so, relevant: on Friday someone happened to define a word in a party game as "an unexpectedly wet high-five" and I wrote it down so I could remember to mention it sometime. You know you're a Sharder who happens to be part of this friend group, I guess?
  10. Frightening
  11. John: *shows up in the Scholar’s Guild thread* The Alleyverse, glaring:
  12. I am wont to win.