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  1. "You could try to arrest me, if you like," Marie called into the church from just outside. Her copper was on; she'd wanted to watch for a while unnoticed. The tin burners would probably have a tab on her anyway, but there was no helping that. "I am perfectly happy to cause a war, though I doubt anyone would fight for me." She stepped around the corner, into the church, and smirked, eyespikes gleaming. "Half a camp of idiots is too easy. I'd like to test myself against Elendel's law enforcement." Probably still won't be much of a test, but the likelihood that he tries is low, anyway. @Kings_way @everyone in the church
  2. Moash has a heart, he just doesn't have some emotions None of the above. This character has been in relationships.
  3. "Yeah, it is pretty great," Cassie said, grinning back. "Sometimes I forget, cause I've lived here so long. But it's definitely, well, home." As much a home as the one I was born in. "Greenhouse, huh? What do you grow?"
  4. She's wonderful and fantastic and smort and pretttyyyy and I kinda just ride the wave of her being cute
  5. A link for every occasion!
  6. X X X X X X
  7. "Heyo," Cassie said with a wave.
  8. Not really a meme? More just a random fun thing people like to ask on AMAs. Sometimes there are normal questions, sometimes ones that come completely out of nowhere. Edit: And I think what Tesh meant when she said that's debatable is that people can often associate colors strongly with some letters.
  9. So they hired Steelrunners to do it for them.
  10. Welcome to the Shard, snek! Careful of spoilers for Oathbringer in the Stormlight Archive forum. I hope you enjoy the books!
  11. Would he have suspected Mike would be at the hospital?