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  1. *gleefully makes off with a crepe, finding a corner to hide in as she quietly dusts it with powdered sugar*
  2. “You may indeed, with that flattery! We’ll stop by the kitchens on our way, get you both something fresh-baked. Even in the middle of all this, someone will be baking. I suspect that’s one of the few qualities we do share with the DA - dedication to baking.” He chuckled slightly.
  3. Oh sorry, didn’t mean to embarrass you. Do you have crepes?
  4. What does that mean?
  5. “Of course, I’ll find some records for you,” Ran agreed. “If either of you have any other questions, I can answer them? Otherwise, I can lead you to your rooms.”
  6. Why the italics? (Also, you might wanna know it’s spelled Feruchemical.)
  7. I figured it was something like that! Didn’t know for sure, though.
  8. You’re all good. I prefer rats because they’re smarter, but all fluffballs have a home in my heart.
  9. In addition to that, a relationship ending badly could certainly lead Hoid to insulting Rayse in a letter to a friend. I could see it going either way. (Also, for Ati and Leras, Vessels’ personalities aren’t instantly deleted? It takes time.)
  10. “No need for thanks, we’re happy to help guild members,” he promised. “You might be surprised how many people take up our offers.”
  11. I mean, I don’t ship it now, of course, I just think it’s plausible for it to have happened in the past.
  12. “Then you decline, and I will be disappointed, but I can probably find someone else.” First studied Price, looking him up and down, in and out. “Though I would prefer not to have to.”
  13. He nodded at each of them, quietly entering their names into his tablet as they talked to one another. Neither turned up any criminal records, nor were they in any other guilds, so there wouldn’t be much checking to do. Someone else would give them a more in-depth look later, but all that background stuff wasn’t Ran’s job, and it wasn’t about to be. He had enough to do already. “All right, thank you,” he said lightly when there was a break in their conversation. “Do either of you need somewhere to stay?”
  14. Normally the mods rate the characters
  15. Well in that case I’ll keep going, I have way too many random things saved