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  1. Honor's Perpendicularity? (What the heck are we doing? What's the point of this guessing? Nobody will explain it to me...) My bad. Almost all of us are offend.
  2. Are you a member of the DA? It says so in your sig. Have you just not updated it since TUBA was revealed officially?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kidpen


      I was just confused. And still am a bit. Didn't you join the DA as a super secret super spy before TUBA was revealed?

    3. AonEne


      No, I believe that's Tesh and SD you're thinking about.

    4. Kidpen


      Ah, makes sense.

  3. Free
  4. ...and no one questions the fact that we all, in our hearts, are offend.
  5. Scattered
  6. But really are Wit! Woo! And I'm a stone statue. Huh.
  7. I am win.
  8. Without the Shard, it's unlikely I would have ever met (or at least, known I was meeting) people from other countries. Now I'm friends with people across the world.
  9. When you misread 'kudos' as 'koloss'. (It was on here, too, so I had good reason...) When you're drinking fizzy lemonade and think of Steris with a grin.
  10. ...and then none for the meme. This hurts. Time to change that. Also, while we're on the topic, (pun both intended and not intended) I posted three memes and got five upvotes, then posted one meme and got ten. What.
  11. You.... ship... bumblebee...


    alrighty then.

    1. AonEne


      I regret nothing.

  12. *randomly pops into the conversation, realizing that she should probably read all this and catch up* You can put drawings on their Wiki pages.
  13. Granted. You never need to, for the rest of your life; this is because you don't consume anything, so it's a short life. I wish to be a good artist. I'm working on art right now, and it's painfully hard. JUST LET ME DRAW A GOOD PATTERN!
  14. Thanks.
  15. I mean, the DA've got a Hemalurgy-free department too.