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  1. Am I sure about what?
  2. Are you sure about that?
  3. Cassie looked uneasily at Shana. “No.”
  4. Wait a second. When did I...what...I didn’t even... 

    *five minutes later, Ene is drunkenly sobbing into a pillow with an empty glass of lemonade next to her and TKND pulled up on the screen* 

    Cassie’s anxiety was my 4,000th post wooooo 


    I’m never going to remember, am I 


  5. Deteca accepted the paper with a tentative smile. It wasn’t often that a Ghostblood who knew who she was gave her their number, and less often that she felt tempted to actually contact them with it. But Zokora was...nice. So she took the paper and slipped it into a secure pocket, nudging Zokora’s arm back in a friendly way - before realizing that she’d only touched her to Elsecall her and dying a little of embarrassment. No matter how old you get, a faux pas is a faux pas. Acting like it had been totally normal, she said lightly, “Thanks. And that’s a good idea.” Then she closed her eyes to the Light of the teleportation and readied herself for what was to come. For all the many, many things to come.
  6. Cass stopped as Shana stepped in front of her, touching her arm. “Oh...okay?” Shana looked so serious; Cassie racked her mind. Had she done something wrong? Been rude? Messed up in any way? She hadn’t said anything out loud to Shana about testing her Plate; had that been the wrong thing to do? Had Leona only meant for the others to come out with her, and she’d missed some social cue about being too old or too bad at fighting to join in?
  7. ...shush, you.
  8. Here it is: And here are the exact quotes:
  9. this - take it to the HS PM or the A-J, please, if your interactions start heading in that direction. Cassie watched and waited, wondering what Leona's Shardblade would look like. Her spren was named Onyx; would it be black? But her small spike of excitement began to die as nothing happened...and was abruptly extinguished when Leona, Shana, and Flid all started minorly freaking out over a Blade that Cassie couldn't see. Her eyes squinched for a second before she smoothed her face out and said, "I can't see it, but congrats, Leona. Sounds like it must be pretty awesome." Why can I only see my Joyblade and not any other? Because I have to fight with mine, and the Nightwatcher was being nice? Just some quirk? Something to do with her being bonded to my soul, and other spren not? She followed Leona outside with a shrug. Maybe I should do what Shana suggested and try to summon my Shardplate. @Sorana @BookishOcelot @Lord Furret @Sherlock Holmes @ShadowLord_Lith
  10. I don't remember, it was just in my saved images One of the election threads, I think.
  11. Deteca nodded in agreement, but didn't move either. Moving would mean going back to the again-decimated city, having to be a leader, having to know what to do. And continuing to sit here just meant enjoying the view of water and ships and the occasional bit of conversation. After a few minutes, she sighed and looked up. As much as she didn't want to, she had to face the press of issues sometime, for her guild and the innocent citizens of the Alleyverse if not for herself. She felt guiltier every second she sat here doing nothing except composing herself for the inevitability. "I'm sorry to ask this of you, but could you Elsecall me back to TUBA's main base in the Alleycity?"
  12. @Kidpen @The Forgetful Archivist
  13. (Is this twenty questions for each of us, or for all of us?)
  14. When you get bored in math class and your reaction is to fill a whiteboard with Sanderson quotes and terms over the course of a few days. (I had to start bringing reference materials because I'd run out of things I had memorized. I did some after school once [surprising the robotics club], had a special corner with all the AV guilds I could think of, and had to stand on a lot of chairs and desks. Some people actually added a little - there was some random not-Sanderson stuff, but someone added The King's Wit to my list of Hoid names [can't believe I forgot it] and complimented me. Someone else asked if I had a coppermind [to which I said that I didn't, but I did have unsealed goldminds if they needed health].) I'll try to get pictures, but I can't do it in one unless I'm standing across the room and then you can't read it