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  1. You.... ship... bumblebee...


    alrighty then.

    1. AonEne


      I regret nothing.

  2. *randomly pops into the conversation, realizing that she should probably read all this and catch up* You can put drawings on their Wiki pages.
  3. Granted. You never need to, for the rest of your life; this is because you don't consume anything, so it's a short life. I wish to be a good artist. I'm working on art right now, and it's painfully hard. JUST LET ME DRAW A GOOD PATTERN!
  4. Thanks.
  5. I mean, the DA've got a Hemalurgy-free department too.
  6. Are you from TUBA? *eyes you*
  7. Welcome to the Shard! If you DO like Dreamer, who was your favorite poltergeist? If not - or either way - what's your favorite Shardworld? And Archer might have Hemalurgy-free cookies, but we have SUPERPOWERS. Who doesn't want to eat large chunks of metal that definitely won't* put you under anyone's control and get cool powers, as opposed to NOT any of those things? *DA Disclaimer applies.
  8. Proof: There are supposedly ten pancakes, but really there are only nine. Nine is of Odium. Honor's way of fighting back is to get the next Bondsmith to eradicate all nines from Roshar...and he just likes Lift. Who doesn't? Theory: We're all just Brandon's aspects.
  9. Granted, but you hear voices in your head. One sounds vaguely familiar...Ilia? The other you don't recognize (unless you've watched his YT channel), but from the cadence of the words you can somehow tell it's Potency. You now have their abilities, but you also have to listen to their thoughts for the rest of your life, no matter what. I wish I had the wings of a sooty falcon. (Feel free to throw that back at me, I'd love to speak to Safire.) Why did I just read your signature? Gah, Ink, why would you do this to me?
  10. @Ashspren @Blessing of Potency So we have a(n ice) queen who hates white roses coming after me. Good, I don't like WhiteRose either. However, I also have something prickly with 'white' in its name coming to destroy my ChristmasTree. I have very mixed feelings about this.
  11. *hugs*
  12. Goldens are the best breed (let's start all-out war, shall we?), and that's a great name. Segue to: Have you heard of a show called RWBY? ...and like the slontze I am, I nearly forgot to say hi. Welcome to the Shard! We're happy to have you!
  13. Let's throw in the Twilight movies while we're at it.
  14. When you almost say "DA Disclaimer applies" but then realize what you're doing.
  15. To reply to your rank: I think it’s because we tend to be on throught the day in small bursts and you tend to only get on once a day, in the evening. But i see how that sucks...