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  1. What is your favorite candy? Yes or no? Yes or jo? What is the farthest underground you've ever been?
  2. Suddenly, evil Librarians crashed the play.
  3. "I claim these hills, as I now claim your life," Kaladin yelled.
  4. "Gravity is dead, but I'll see what I can view," Kaladin said, floating high above Roshar.
  5. I honestly don't have an answer for this, sorry I check their profiles for ideas, ask them about things I know are going on in their lives, stuff like that. A library, I'd feel bad stealing from the candy factory... Cute!
  6. I would never!
  7. *hands over a cookie* Personally, I think that would work fine - we really don't have set-in-stone rules for how this works, it's been left open so people can pretty much do as they like in regards to their characters, so long as it's plausible in terms of history.
  8. Narrator Ene sipped lemonade in the corner. "Ooooh, necromancers."
  9. What's your favorite candy?
  10. Welcome to the Shard! Who's your favorite character?
  11. This is true, but if it's possible to track them back or not crop the names out or anything, that'd be great. I know it's not always possible and that's fine, just a general hope.
  12. Then click on it and find out where it originated from. Don’t worry about the ones you’ve already posted, we’ve all done it, but I’d like if we sourced things in the future.
  13. Just by saying who made it/linking to where you got it from
  14. Hey guys, could we maybe start sourcing memes here from now on? Thanks!