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  1. Of oxygen!
  2. *wins a ton*
  3. And I have mine, or my boyfriend! (Clarification?) Yep! (*is ninjaed* You also said yep! Great minds think alike) We're conversion buddies!
  4. Holy crap that's long. It creates another version of the Shard?
  5. Oh, you mean that. Yeah, I probably would.
  6. It's such an easy solution, I'm annoyed at RP-me for not realizing it sooner.
  7. I thought this was a roleplay-type game? And I am doing this.
  8. AHHHHH, WHAT? WHAT DO WE DO? IT'S NOT LIKE WE CAN JUST DISCONNECT THE KEYBOARD OR ANYTHI - ... Never mind, the keyboard's in my trash can outside, a new one's hooked up, we're good.
  9. Perhaps. ... THAT'S BAD. ... *Luna's screen flickers* You could revive it, or you could do a big RP post, or you could completely forget about it like I keep doing.
  10. Status updates don't compound, human! ... *Ene's screen suddenly goes black* Luna? My screen stopped working! Luna?
  11. Unstoppable keyboard spam

  12. That's bad. Just a shimmer? ... Or will they? ( Hi Dalinar!) The keyboard hissed. Somehow.
  13. Human, writing, farsight, cooking, thrown, blunt weapons.