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  1. Marie curled her lips. "I don't want, but I don't suppose I have a choice?"
  2. Marie looked down her nose at Eryn, then scanned the room and scowled. "Oh, great eye of Harmony," she yelled at the kandra. "Where'd the Compounder go? The duralumin one." @Blessing of Potency
  4. Mmm, I haven't ever seen it there, I'll have to check out some more. Is it gt-only or for all their YT channels?
  5. Oh no, I hope the surgery goes well. And that's quite rude of them not to give warning that they can't come. I do as well. TPBM needs to drink more water today.
  6. It's something a spambot said once in a spiel about male enhancement not being like biceps. It was really weird. 8/10, chaos is great and so are demons!
  7. Looks like Hon has it with Rayse, then?
  8. It being mental health awareness month, I'm going to call you out on this - though I probably would've anyway. Shallan is not schizophrenic; she is part of a DID system.
  9. Can't say those do apply to me. As a side note, invisible disabilities are absolutely a thing, but not all of them are severe enough to warrant going without a mask - I see people complaining for absurd reasons considerably more than I do disabled people for legit ones, though it definitely still happens and I'm sorry it's happening to you. TPBM is sleepy.
  10. *hugs Luna* Crem, that's no good - have you seen a doctor?
  11. Yep! Unfortunately no, I've never found a link. Do you have one, by chance?
  12. Do I get to hang out in here if I'm a demigirl?
  13. Probably Salas I just typed Salad because people like Roshar. Kak Ralen Which one don't you want to win?