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  1. Ene traps him in his own spelling error to free the other threads.
  2. Ene shoves him out of the thread.
  3. You're grammar incarnate?
  4. Vargo, it's spelled grammar.
  5. Clearly we need to add you the the WTCC PM. (There's a PM for everything; don't question it.)
  6. I know, but that wasn't my first thought When you're eating hard candy and crunch it into pieces, then fuse it back together in your mouth and think Cohesion.
  7. And here I am, winning again.
  8. Inspiration One Radiant for each order until we have one of every order; then maybe we can keep going. The original point was to have one for each. Windrunner ~ Shard of Thought Skybreaker ~ beantheboy12 Dustbringer ~ BookishOcelot Edgedancer ~ Sherlock Holmes Truthwatcher ~ Lunamor Lightweaver ~ Eluvianii Elsecaller ~ Jaywalk Willshaper ~ AonEne Stoneward ~ I think I am here. Bondsmith ~ Dr. Dapper Rules still being decided. From here on out, OOC conversation or discussion goes in quotes. I'll add rules and setting as needed.
  9. 1. Deevy! 2. Okay. Is this a normal part of life - some people just are Radiants - and everyone knows, or kids-discover-cool-new-power-and-hide-it archetype? I'm more for the first, myself, but if you want to do the second... 3. Sounds good.
  10. Then for short!