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  1. Character approved, welcome to the Alleyverse!
  2. Yes, this! There's some great analysis on this thread. I completely agree with the above; I'd personally trust a full (normal as opposed to Nale's gang) Skybreaker over a full Windrunner (with what we currently know of their oaths).
  3. Stargyle I got, but who’s Godeke?
  4. I am thankful for all of you guys, and for Rhythm of War! Just to be clear, this is open to non-members too, right? As a general thankfulness thread?
  5. Badali the Stoneward made me grin, and there was someone else who I’m forgetting now, but who seemed to be a cameo. Then there’s Isasik of course. Who else are we finding that’s connected to a real-world person or group in this book?
  6. Huh. Thanks? You don’t believe in me? Good call on not meming about religious figures. I am not Jesus and would not like anyone to view me as Jesus.
  7. Ch21 Should landed be capitalized?
  8. A dozen actually is ten in Roshar, iirc - they don’t have the word so as not to kick readers out of the experience (though it seemed to go the other way for you ) King of Herdaz In the Stormlight books, the number ten is thematically and culturally very important. In The Way of Kings Prime, the word "tenset" is commonly used to refer to ten of something. So, when Rosharans in the published Stormlight books talk about "a dozen" of something, do they mean twelve? Or do they mean ten? Brandon Sanderson It's a great question. I've been using "tens" more often in Stormlight, because I've found that people will go with it. One of the problems I felt with Way of Kings Prime was that the worldbuilding, the learning curve was too steep. So when I wrote Way of Kings the new version, I scaled back a little on that. We mentioned weeks, but we don't talk about about the fact that on Roshar, a week is five days, right? We talk about hours, but we don't go into the length of time a day is. It gets all wibbly-wobbly, shall we say. And my explanation of this is: these are all in translation. The translator (who is me) who is interpreting it, most of the time, when they say "tens," I will write "a dozen," or something like that. But not always. Now, I am edging toward more "tens," because in-world they would use "tens." Peter is okay with this. Karen's like, "Eh, it makes continuity a little wonky." But I feel like, having gone as long as we have, people are okay dealing with more of that, so I'm leaning that direction. But understand, I am the translator presenting this to you. Pretend that, when Wit says something that's a pun in their language, I am finding a pun in English that is similar and writing it out, because he's not actually saying what the book is having him say. But this is all just something you have to put in to imagine to keep that sense of immersion for you. And whichever one works to help you. But, yeah, they would be using "tens." They'd say "tens of" this, instead of "dozens," more often. YouTube Livestream 13 (July 23, 2020)
  9. That is a singer thing, they have four genders.
  10. Ch8 Insert a comma between that and a member. “Beyond that, a member of Bridge Four”
  11. Ch6 Shouldn’t that be purposely?
  12. Reading through and Kaladin, I love you, but do you have to be such a Windrunner all the time? The Shallan/Veil/Radiant chapters (is there a name for their system? I feel like I’ve seen ‘the Three’ used before as fanon, and the Sleepless call them ‘the One Who Is Three’, but neither of those sound great to me. ‘The Shallan system’ is boring and possibly misleading or rude to the others (being singular, I don’t know if that would be considered rude - maybe naming a system after the original isn’t weird?)...maybe Lightweavers? Shallan and Radiant have the spren bond, does Veil have access to it? She can’t take Memories, but then again that’s a mental thing. Does Pattern differentiate between them? I’ll probably get some answers later on. I hope. Oh whoops this was all supposed to be a side note) are, as you can likely tell, infinitely more interesting to me than Kaladin’s fighting. I’m not that far in, though, so we’ll see.
  13. Thanks for these, Argent! Is the above quote missing a ‘see’, or did Navani not include one? Edit: I misread eyebolts as eyeballs...gah