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  1. I actually made my family take one of the many quizzes for the KR Order, and it was surprisingly pretty accurate to how they act. I got Skybreaker, Dad: Bondsmith, Mom: Stoneward, Younger Brother: Willshaper.
  2. I don't really want to get too deep into this discussion so I'm just gonna be brief, but Dalinar's is different because of what he has done, not what has been done to him. Shallan being a victim of abuse affects her in a different way than what Dalinar's experience has. I honestly don't think it was. It showed a lot of growth for her try and reconcile with the fact that Pattern was/is an important part of who she is, along with Kaladin realizing that not every lighteyes is a horrible person and that they feel pain too.
  3. Marsh in WoA and HoA, I mean it technically might count as Ruin, but still a single-minded killing machine with spikes through his eyes is pretty scary. Dalinar at Rathalas. He lost all control there and he still even strangled the leader before he went to go find Evi. And also Rashek, because he is just so vile and cruel.
  4. Ah, thanks for clarifying. Makes sense now.
  5. Wait, I though Szeth was now Dalinar's new bodyguard? I may have missed something on my reread though.
  6. I have no idea why, but her giving Lopen the "Gancho" title is the most Lopen thing to do.
  7. The Syl theme is great, but I feel that having a faster flute portion would make it sound more bounding and energetic like she is. For Kaladin's theme maybe a bit more bass because he has a really heavy backstory. Pretty good overall though!
  8. It's entirely possible that they did this the same way Straff did in Era 1, and if they did manage to keep a line "pure" enough it would be the best chances of getting a Mistborn as said before. Having an untraceable Mistborn would be a huge deal for the Set and they would probably keep them for something big so they could avoid rumors of their existence.
  9. Ykyasfw you can tell which books have been in your backpack because of the creasemarks when you do your SA reread to early and have to reread everything else to make up the time until RoW when you start explaining to the intricacies of the Cosmere to your dog who just wants to play fetch, and then you concede by explaining it to him while you play fetch
  10. If we want the best possible version of the film, which we do, that would probably be one of the only ways that it could happen. Right now it just doesn't have the recognition to take off like other popular movies, even though we know it could be great. I'm, personally, willing to wait a while for a well-budgeted movie because the last thing that I would want is a low-budgeted one that doesn't fulfill the image we have. I would love to see an animation, but I really would like to see what a live action movie would be like. Part of me is just curious to see who they cast for the characters, like for Vin or Kelsier.
  11. @FeatherWriter That's awesome dude, I haven't played D2 in a while but I always liked the way certain armor looks. And yeah I always imagined Ghosts and Spren to be sorta similar, but I'm a bit impartial to spren.
  12. I got Skybreaker, I've taken a few of these tests and gotten the same. Not upset at all actually, it makes sense to me.
  13. 61% Skybreaker 42% Windrunner 29% Elsecaller 28% Dustbringer 28% Stoneward 24% Edgedancer 24% Lightweaver 12% Bondsmith 11% Willshaper 5% Truthwatcher
  14. I always pictured Shardblades like large blades, that had some ornate designs or effects to them. Some were described as quite thick, so I always imagined them as bulky at times. For Shardplates I thought of them as uniquely designed pieces of armor something similar to the Crest of Alpha Lupi from Destiny 2 (a little less ornate though):