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  1. If we have Words of Brandon about Vivenna 's presence in Oathbringer / on Roshar, yeah Azure is the best candidate. But I was basing myself only on informations from the book itself. And using only those informations, it is hardly certain that Azure is Vivenna and not another awakener from Nalthis.
  2. I will have to re-read that passage, but if I remember correctly she says that she fulfilled her duty by passing it to someone more fit to that duty, which later inspired Adolin to give up the crown. But that is at most an a-posteriori justification of what Vivenna did. On the other hand : Yeah, if Vivenna is in the book, she is 100% Azure.
  3. Hello everyone. I still have not fineshed the book, I am at 90% according to my eReader, but I have a little question for the community. It seems that everyone here is sure that Azure is actually Vivenna, but I am unconvinced. I am not certain that she is not, and she is obviously from Nalthis, but could she not be a simple awakener? Maybe a descendent of Siri and Susebron? I admit I am not clear about the time difference between the books. Also, after reading Words of Radiance I was unconvinced about Zahel being Vasher, so maybe I just have a blind spot towards Nalthis characters
  4. I may be the only Italian guy that frequents this forum, but I'm definitely going, I don't think I will get a better opportunity to meet Sanderson. The only problem is that most of my books are my kindle, so they are not very signature friendly.
  5. Keep in mind that thermal energy(or heat) and temperature are two different things. To someone who has a bit of background in physics it's very cringe-worthy to hear them confused. That said, I think that brass stores thermal energy, measured in Joules. So while storing, there is an heat flow from your body to the metalmind, and vice-versa a flow form the metalmind to your body when you tap, up to the total thermal energy that was stored. By compounding you could store 100J of energy and tap 200J, which is probably not very useful unless you are in the middle of a trip through Antarctica or something similar. As for the explosion, I think it would be pretty hard to do. I'm not an expert of explosive, but I'm fairly sure that in order to get an explosion, you need a container that makes the pressure build up. If you just tapped a lot of heat in the middle of an empty field you just heat yourself to a very high temperature and then pass that heat to the air touching you. You would end up with a strong upward current but no explosion. And if we want to talk about surviving, form the iron feruchemy we know that tapping a certain attribute also gives you secondary power necessary to survive it, so it is reasonable to assume that while tapping brass your body would be able to handle higher temperatures, but I doubt it would be enough to survive being the origin of an explosion.
  6. I like this idea, but I think it could be a bit improved. I think that it would make sense for Lerasium to have an effect that is sort of opposite to Atium's. But if it was just that storing make you age faster and tapping age slower it would be boring. So I propose that Lerasium doesn't store durability, but changeability. If we look at the creation of life on Scadrial we see that Preservation surely couldn't destroy anything, but neither it could create. He rejected any change, whether it was positive or negative. So storing with Lerasium would make both your body and your mind more malleable: you train more easily, but also lose muscle more quickly if you don't; similarly, it's easier to learn new stuff, but it's also easier to forget the old, everything changes more easily and quickly. On the other end when you tap you became more difficult to change, you are set in your ways, don't change opinions about anithing, and your body persists in the state it was when you started tapping. I hope what I wrote makes sense, the idea seems like it could have many interesting developments.
  7. The idea of using lines of forbiddance for climbing and stuff is nice, but the rithmatich billiard is an AWESOME idea!
  8. I think we need a hint, it seems no one can even guees this.
  9. If we are talking about word overuse, can we say something about "shard"? I mean, was it really necessary to use terms to call the armor and weapons used on Roshar in the same way of the pieces of Adonalsium?
  10. I'm pretty busy these days, I have to discuss my master thesis next week, so if someone wants to write the next boast in my place do so. Right now I don't think I have the brainpower to do it.
  11. Misel, Nanrovah's daughter? Sooner or later we will exhaust the characters.
  12. Bluefingers?
  13. Susebron?
  14. Wow, kudos (and upvotes) both to Dankworth for boast an to CognitivePulsePattern for guessing it!
  15. Yes, but it takes many shots in the same place to break through. There is a good description when Joel suggests a new defence to Melody.