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  1. If honor fueled the Heralds like gave them storm light, is odium giving his Fused void light? i can’t remember the Fused ever pulling in void light.
  2. Funny so you will give me your breath after right cause I am going first
  3. Okay but if you hit them hard enough to penatrate the skin wouldn’t that just send them flying like move their whole body away it is like hitting a ball with a bat just much more grusum.
  4. So could you have like to cities together in the cognitive realm if the are on opposite sides of the world in the physical realm?
  5. I think I am supposed to say OB here in mast desolation’s the only people with shards where the knight radiant so why would they need a hammer if their enemy has no shardplate? And in one of dalinars visions the radiant that saves his squad uses a hammer I just don’t see a point.
  6. Okay I will do that sorry
  7. I knew when you asked me If I wanted to destroy evil to day plus it is good to be here
  8. Ok so you just walk until you are in a new world? and on the topic aren’t worlds round so if you walked on and on wouldn’t you just walk in circles?
  9. When autonomy says we who does he mean?
  10. Is it easier to get to shadesmar or the spiritual realm and then how would someone travel from world to world through shadesmar if it is cognitive do they just think it or do they hike through the stars ?
  11. Yes and read but I am not a great speller
  12. In the chapter 50 heading of Oathbringer someone is told to stay away from Obrodai because it has been claimed by a group and their avatar which has a deep dislike of the person that this is written to? Is this a letter to Hoid? And where is Obrodai
  13. Then I must read !!