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  1. Thank you for finding those! I’m not yet as good as others with the new search engine in the Arcanum. These WoBs are a big help.
  2. I don’t understand the WoB about the Well of Ascension. My guess is that Harmony has suppressed his perpendicularities for some reason, or that he has combined them and allowed them to manifest somewhere else. Are there any more WoBs on perpendicularities that could be relevant?
  3. Does anyone know when White Sand Volume 2 will be made available for purchase from iTunes? Volume 1 was available immediately after publication but Volume 2 hasn’t been made available yet.
  4. Until it actually gets revealed, I'm just assuming that every secret project is a novella set in the Magic: The Gathering universe.
  5. I also think it’s either Firstborn or Perfect State.
  6. I can’t shake the mental image of Brandon and Peter reading this thread and laughing until they can’t see straight. That said, the fanfic drabble about Kaladin being named Highprince Sadeas looks exactly like something Brandon would write.
  7. I think the Nahel bond is deeper and more complex than Ishar allowed it to be, and that there are actually ten Oaths that a a Radiant can swear to bond their spren. The numerology of Honor on Roshar makes me think that there are things about Nahel bonds that were suppressed because of the higher powers they granted, and that this suppression was effected by making everyone think that there are only five Oaths. With Honor shattered now I think we will see the original Nahel bonds return, and see just how powerful a Radiant can become.
  8. I still believe that Rysn will bond the Sibling. It seems like an obvious place for her character to progress, and it would be a new type of character archetype for Brandon to explore.
  9. I have another crackpot theory: Could Bavadin be a Dysian Aimian, or a member of a similar species that distributes its consciousness across multiple organisms? I keep pondering all the WoBs on how weird Bavadin is, and all the on-screen weirdness of the Dysian Aimians, and I keep making this connection between these things. It seems obvious to me...
  10. I have a crackpot theory: Rysn will become the Urithiru Bondsmith, by bonding the Sibling and persuading it to return to Urithiru. Who better to understand the plight of a being trapped inside a physical object that is dependent on others?
  11. During the Salt Lake Comic-Con, Brandon told a forum member that all audio transcriptions have to be checked by Peter so that (a) Brandon’s personal wiki can be updated, (b) things that should not be canonized can be removed so that they are not public, and (c) things that are ambiguous and would cause problems for Brandon later can be clarified and/or reworded.
  12. I wonder if the words “UNITE THEM” are coming from a nascent mind forming from the coalescing of the gloryspren. I’m still leaning towards theory 2 though, and I wonder if any other Bondsmiths that appear on Roshar will be equally capable of this feat or if this is specific to Dalinar.
  13. I watch shows like Ghost Adventures and all I can think about is Realmatic Theory, Connection, Cognitive Shadows and the thinning of the barriers between the Physical and Cognitive Realms.
  14. I was browsing the Stormlight Archive Subreddit and found a very good theory that I want to provide a signal boost for. Link to the theory: The theory posits that the other spren that various characters have seen walking through the highstorms is the Sibling. It suggests that the Stormfather is keeping the Sibling close by within the highstorm to protect it from humans and Odium alike. I think this theory makes a lot of sense, and I’d like to add my own idea to the theory: the Sibling may be sleepwalking in the same manner as Maya, and is following the Stormfather around because of the bond they have with him, much in the same way that Maya followed Adolin around in Shadesmar.
  15. After seeing the Oathgate spren in action, I wonder if the Urithiru Oathgate(s) have their own spren or if they are instead associated with the Sibling. Someone should ask Brandon if the Urithiru Oathgate(s) have their own spren or not.