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  1. So far Brandon has generally avoided answering deep lore questions on his YouTube AMAs. If he and Tor decide not to go on tour due to the pandemic, I wonder if he will host some spoiler-laden AMAs for Rhythm of War, spread out over various time zones, and allow the fan base to bombard him.
  2. There may be a shard called Caution or Uncertainty. Alternatively, there could be a shard called Ego or Arrogance. Any of these would make sense for a theoretically omnipotent being that was able to be killed.
  3. I agree with many of your points. We'll have to wait and see if Brandon chooses to proceed with this change, or if he decides that it's too disruptive and too difficult to reconcile into a coherent narrative that can be filmed or shot and make sense to a non-book Cosmere fan. We have a few WoBs which imply that Harmony expended some of his Ruinous Investiture to make the changes to the koloss, and it's plausible that he could do it again to make changes to the kandra, for example. Brandon has been very vague about exactly how Harmony balances his two Shards.
  4. I think this is Autonomy's eventual goal, the ultimate interpretation of their Intent: divide and diffuse their Investiture, and the Investiture of the Shards, widely throughout the Cosmere, and give everyone the same level of power and control and influence over the Realms and over themselves.
  5. I agree with the prior comments about the changes to atium use. It would be a massive change to the entire setting and to the magic system, and would have significant implications for how the non-book Cosmere fandom would have the magic system revealed to them using Sanderson's Laws. I will be very interested to see how Brandon and the rest of the show's writing staff implement these changes to the setting. That being said, Brandon may choose to follow the lead of the films and TV series and have Harmony alter Allomancy at the end of Era 2, to provide a means for Scadrians to expend the investiture of the Ruin shard and make it easier for Harmony to control and for him to act. If he can figure out how to make it work in the films and TV series' version of the Cosmere, he could always backport it to the books and explain it as a deliberate choice by Harmony to give himself more freedom of action to contest the mysterious Shard that is assailing the Scadrian system.
  6. This is the one, in my opinion. I’m expecting a lot of things to be revealed about the prior Radiants in the next two books and this title would fit very well IMO.
  7. We have a WoB that Brandon intended to write an essay from Khriss about Nalthis. Did this essay ever get written and made available to the fans or has Brandon decided not to write it?
  8. Ati and Leras practiced their joint acts of creation on another Shardworld prior to their arrival in the Scadrian system. This joint creation was the Aethers. Allomancers can’t see the Cognitive Realm at all, and need another form of magic to do so. Maya will be the first spren to swear an Oath, and form a Nahel Bond with Adolin, using his Investiture to heal herself and become aware again. Ishar is xenophobic, and because of this, his changes to the Nahel Bond made it one-way, preventing the spren from swearing Oaths. At the time of their Investiture, all sixteen Shards were equally capable of becoming incarnate in the Physical Realm.
  9. My personal belief is that Maya will be the first spren to speak an Oath, and that this will happen because of Honor’s death and the lack of regulation of the Nahel Bond. She will speak the Oath and pull some of Adolin’s innate Investiture into herself, and thus create something new that has never existed on Roshar before.
  10. I think that before the arrival of Honor and the codification of the Nahel Bond by Ishar, there was no limit on the number of paths that could be sworn, and subsequently no limit on the merger of the Cognitive aspects of the Radiant and the spren, and therefore no limit on the volume of Investiture that the combined being could wield. The destruction of Ashyn could have been caused by unregulated use of Investiture, after all...
  11. My result was Truthwatcher, followed closely by Elsecaller. It feels right to me to get these results, based on the descriptions provided.
  12. Thank you for finding those! I’m not yet as good as others with the new search engine in the Arcanum. These WoBs are a big help.
  13. I don’t understand the WoB about the Well of Ascension. My guess is that Harmony has suppressed his perpendicularities for some reason, or that he has combined them and allowed them to manifest somewhere else. Are there any more WoBs on perpendicularities that could be relevant?
  14. Does anyone know when White Sand Volume 2 will be made available for purchase from iTunes? Volume 1 was available immediately after publication but Volume 2 hasn’t been made available yet.
  15. Until it actually gets revealed, I'm just assuming that every secret project is a novella set in the Magic: The Gathering universe.