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  1. “YOU CANNOT HAVE MY SACRIFICE!” This was a tremendous moment for me, because it shows just now human the Radiant spren can really be, and how much of herself Maya has regained.
  2. I’ve also theorized along these lines.
  3. Has anyone come up with a theory for how the seon was removed from Sel and brought to Roshar? I was quite surprised when the seon was found inside the box and since it’s been a long time since I last read Elantris I didn’t realize what could have been in Mraize’s box.
  4. Here's my guess at Kaladin's Fifth Ideal: "I will accept that others can protect themselves."
  5. There have been some WoBs to suggest that neither Shallan's sexual orientation, nor Adolin's, is as inflexible as it may be perceived in the text. But I also feel that this theory is a bit of a stretch.
  6. I posted a prototype version of this theory elsewhere on the spoiler boards but I wanted to break it out separately: Spoilers for Bands of Mourning:
  7. I posted a theory about Ba-Ado-Mishram in the lore board: My theory agrees in part with ShalladinForever but I have some thoughts about what happened Realmatically.
  8. One of the big lore bombs from Rhythm of War came in the epigraphs in Part Four: We all assumed that Ba-Ado-Mishram was only collected to the singers and to the Voidspren that remained behind during the False Desolation. With all of the revelations about just how much of Odium’s Investiture has permeated Roshar and become part of the Cognitive and Spiritual aspects of that star system, I wonder just how significant the imprisonment of Ba-Ado-Mishram really is.
  9. I feel that this was deliberate. I believe that we are expected to perceive him this way. Brandon has shown way too much growth in his writing ability to do something this obvious without reason. I would be very curious about Brandon’s answer to someone asking a question about how Vyre was written. With that said, STORM THAT EVIL, EVIL THING!
  10. Hoid did call Odium “the most frightening and terrible of all the Shards.” Is this why? Is the Odium Shard capable of this because it represents all of Adonalsium’s emotions?
  11. It’s definitely Kelsier, and Mraize’s obsession in getting Rosharan Investiture off of that planet and to other planets suddenly makes even more sense. Imagine what Kelsier could do with a renewable supply of distilled Investiture and the knowledge of mechanical Allomancy and Feruchemy!
  12. I was thoroughly shocked when Shallan’s Fourth Truth was revealed, and I too wonder if she will revive her old Cryptic using her Innate Investiture, as Adolin has done with Maya.
  13. I agree with the others - Todd (what a hilarious name for an infinite emotion) either rewrote Hoid’s short-term memory to cover up his blunder in revealing himself as the new Vessel, or destroyed a portion of Hoid’s long-term memory by corrupting/eliminating some of his Breaths.
  14. At first I thought Lift had been altered by Cultivation to provide Lifelight to heal the Sibling. Now I suspect that Lift was altered to serve as a means of generating Lifelight anywhere on Roshar. What will Lift eventually become?