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  1. If you really enjoy audiobooks, you might try out Graphic Audiobooks. They have a full cast and can be incredible for Stormlight Archives and Mistborn.
  2. I was gifted the first Mistborn book Leatherbound. It has not arrived yet, but I am very excited.
  3. I personally think the Alethie have listener blood. Several times in the book it talks about how the alethie are very tall. obviously that is not very good evidence but there are little things in the books.
  4. I completely agree. I understand where a lot of people are coming from hoping that adolin will be the non radiant hero of the bunch. I just dont think that will happen. I think the murder of sadeas will slowly break adolin more and more until he is ripe for a bond. then, he will revive his blade and become an edge dancer. I think
  5. I'm doing a re read of oathbringer. In the scene where renarin and adolin meet at the horse stables, Renarin tells adolin he wants to give away his dead shardblade. In the scene Adolin touches Renarin's hand and Adolins broken wrist is healed. While Adolin is being healed he says he sees the man he could be, a complete man. Is he just seeing himself healed and then being healed or is renarin giving him a glimpse into a possible future for Adolin?
  6. Was Elochar paranoid of an assassin solely because his father was assassinated? Or was it some slow approach of his spren studying him? Or something else?