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  1. They scrapped the idea of making a part 2... i believe they said that it would just spoil the first movie. They would just have an avengers 4.
  2. For Gamers i watch: Vikkstar123(Sidemen) Miniminter(Sidemen) Smosh Games For Comedy i watch: The Gabbie Show(Gabbie Hanna) Smosh Great youtubers with quality content!!!!
  3. I loved infinity war but im still a little pissed about the amount of people who died in the movie. (loki's death was total trash) (and also sad) And how most of the Guardians of the Galaxy members died.
  4. I loved Calamity... though i felt a few points in the story were a little bit too weird and un-sanderson. It had a pretty good plot and a couple of nice enemies. (Though firefight will still hold #1 for this series for me)
  5. Hey... I get how you feel about not knowing you've read his books before. I read the Reckoners series, and a couple years later started reading TWOK and i didn't know that they were the same author.
  6. I loved reading the Steelheart series. It was the first of brandon's work that i had ever read. You should definitely continue reading that. After i had read that i jumped to his stormlight archive series. Even though the length is somewhat questioning i got sucked into the beauty of the story. The stormlight archive is one of the best series that i have read to date. So if you have some spare time you should definitely read those books.
  7. Yes could you post that paper when its finished? I would really like to read it.
  8. This is amazing work! Have you ever tried drawing a shardbearer with plate. I feel like if you could find a great starting point that would be one AMAZING drawing!
  9. I really liked the name Xerxes since i saw it in a Bartimaeus trilogy book. I went on a couple of gaming sites and tried it as my username but someone had always had it before me!. So i was like, "What can i do that nobody else has done before?" So i just put an "e" in front of it and Exerxes was born. I have had this name for several years and i haven't seen any others.
  10. okay... thanks for the help!! Ill be keeping a closer eye on the interesting sharp faced people in the stories to find him!
  11. I've been reading a lot of the cosmere related stories and i have been trying to find times whenever Hoid appears in them. I know that he was Wit in the Stormlight Archive but i have a little trouble in some of the other books finding him. Does he have any defining characteristics that i can look for that really point him out?
  12. eh... im more of the loner type. But thanks for trying!
  13. Thanks @Archer for the tips on how to avoid the DA! Hopefully i can survive the forum without growing hungry and eating the cookies or giving someone my breath. Wish me luck!
  14. I would take some cookies but I have already consumed some delicious Oreos and i feel like my stomach would not take kindly to the hemalurgic spikes being there! XD
  15. Alas! I would but becoming a drab would be a terrible thing for me to be doing!