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  1. Well I know who Blightsong is now, one of like 7 people at the con younger than me, the con was full of people in their 60s. over all it was great, got to play magic with Brandon and loose by a large margin, my brother did better got him down to 9(mostly by Brandon's doing) and then Brandon nuked him for 15. Brandon read the first couple of pages of my brothers book draft. and then there was connecting with some new people and great book conversations. signing line: if a person where tapping connection would their language for awakening change? not exact quote but the meaning was not ambiguous: if the connection is strong enough then yes, otherwise no. Draft tid bit i remember but isn't in the reports again not a direct quote it boils down to Kel could bond someone.
  2. All this talk of curvature got me thinking of something called a super ellipse essentialy it is an elipse that instead of being (x/a)^2+(y/b)^2=1 is (x/a)^n+(y/b)^n=1 interestingly as n approaches infinity you have a rectangle.(so a rectangle is a degenerate super conic) So the fun part is the strength of the SE(this is going to get confusing it has the same abbreviation as my major) has very flat tips with sharply curving corners. So what it looks like eventually is 4 lines with some very sharp curves linking them together. So i wonder if a rectangle would almost be able to have bind points at it's corners. and the strength on the flat parts would either be negligible or fantastic as they approach a line. ok so the only thing SE have going for them is increadably strong corners so a defense using an incomplete rectangle (missing the corners) could be utilized to send chalklings out. i'm not sure weather these would actually mesh with the Triangle well do to the difference in curvature but it may be a sound rithmatic construct(i know at least some of the four pointers would work but that's all i can really confirm). Nebrask: IT is interesting that it manages to hold- but it could just be related to relative curvature of a body.
  3. Totally called the 8 and 5 point circles. And dude 9 point ellipses are awesome never actually thought of that, So my question to you make hyperbolas and parabola that follow those rules it could be fun thought experiment wise. Also hooray for another person as obsessed as i was with this. 9 Scalene 8 iscosoles 6 equalteral 5 right 4 right iscolese 2 180/0/0 i think that those are every type of circle you can make but i could be wrong the nine point ellipse sound fun Did you ask how a line of silencing would interact with a line of vigor by chance. i while back i made a theory that they should dampen the waves as well, similar to sound. what about a smooth curve on Blad defense sbasicly at the points you have sharp turns you smooth it with a partial circle and attach the extra circle via bind point
  4. the question is weather or not intent is actually tied to power. we have beings that exist purely as intent spren so in all likly hood the two aspects could be entirely unrelated.
  5. the problem with the 2 point circle is the lack of a perpendicular line that intersects with the angle on two sides of the triangle. it leads to some points being lines to an extent due to how the 9 pointer has been defined. yes the numbers are 3 and 6 i just don't like the uncertainty of points literally existing as lines.
  6. When you begin to call books less then 200,000 words "novella". and any thing less than 75,000 a short story.
  7. It could just be people in general who have breaths, like something that holds a breath but has to give it back as an identifier, I don't really know, or it could just be something we have yet to see. i wonder if you could give someone breaths with a specific instruction, that would be fun but their spark of life might interfere, either way it would be fun.
  8. while shifting back towards when this originally was going to be a cosmere book it could be either an extension of rithmantics(1 shard world), or another type of magic(duel shard world) then we need another form of magic assuming that two leads to three types of magic Spoiler (like mistborn) so we would have charcoal, chalk and something else, i would think it is an alternate use of rithmantics and this was meant to be a one shard world. but i dont realy think we have enough to begin theorizing about charcoal drawings.
  9. For the one point circles, neat i never thought of that. and now to break some brains use a sphere and a tetrahedron. follow all the same rules but in the third dimension so lines becomes planes too. so have i broken your brains yet. any one have a 3D modeling software they could test that on As to why the 5 and 8 point circles are not mentioned in the book likely is do to them be advanced rithmantic theory, and at some point joel says that he has trouble getting rithmantic texts. also no hard feelings from either end
  10. Jasnah was likely in Sexualy abused, their is some evidence for this, in that Navani desciribes her as being young and full of questions, and then one day becoming emotionaly distant. This is one of two common out comes for those who are sexualy abused at a youg age, the other becoming hyper sexual.
  11. th impression i got was that when a bonded person betrays what oaths they made they kll their spen, aspects of the cognitive realm, with the contradiction. also a little nit pick but spren doesn't change between singular and plural.
  12. I agree no Giant spren mass fusion to shard, please the spren are just too fun. i am going to doubt eight mostly due to the storm father seeming to not exactly be honorspren- by evedince of dalinar's bond. and that could be the requirement for the bod smiths i think, so there could only be seven mega spren left if there were originaly 10 . do to th recreance.seven because of thre bond smiths
  13. So in the WoR Syl refers to the mega-spren,stormfather(the one Dalinar bonds to) as father, and the Spren that Lift is bonded to refers to Night Watcher as his mother. I am rather confused by these associations. Does any body know exactly what they mean when a spren refers to a Spren as a parent.
  14. First i need to provide i link to my thread on this that was posted quite a while a go.. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/3600-triangles/ second the lines of silencing are likely entirely unrelated to the circle or could possibly be related to another shape we have not seen yet., i have hypothesized in the past that they would absorbs lines of vigor, and the lines of revocation as they absorb sound. this is based off of the waves. also look at none isosceles right triangles using the nine point system you will come up with five point circles. on elipses us a triangle with angle 180,0,0