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  1. Unless you’re Dalinar, then you laugh at Highstorms as you retrieve your favorite knife.
  2. Do we know if a feruchemist burning lerasium would become a fullborn or would it overwrite their feruchemy? They cannot naturally occur in nature because the two powersets interfere with eachother. Lord Ruler gave himself allomancy with the Well of Ascension so we can’t really use him as an example.
  3. The kandra have spikes that grant physical strength rather then one of the metallic arts, perhaps inquisitors possess similar spikes.
  4. Originally there were 3 eras, The Final Empire, 1980’s Computer Boom, Futuristic Space Opera/Era. Brandon wanted to keep Scadrial in peoples minds so he wrote Alloy of Law to connect era 1 and 2, he enjoyed it so much that it became era 2, 1980’s era 3, space opera era 4.
  5. Rhythm of War - Chapter 84. Scholar "Midius once told me … told me we could use Investiture … to enhance our minds, our memories, so we wouldn’t forget so much." (Kelek) Rhythm of War - Chapter 93. Strong Enough "Veil became Stormlight, glowing brightly. The color faded from her, becoming pure white. Her memories integrated into Shallan’s. Her skills became Shallan’s. And Shallan recognized everything she had done" Anyone else find it weird that Shallan can store memories in Stormlight?
  6. If atium was actually an alloy then we don’t know what an atium mind does do we?
  7. Conceptual Limitations probably, also these people live in a pre industrial magical society they don’t think the same way we do.
  8. I wonder if you could use Ruin and Preservation’s Tones/Rhythms to separate or stabalize Harmonium.
  9. Been thinking about this since I finished RoW, what if Sazed hasn't figured out how to adjust Ruin and Preservation's Rhythms? He views them as opposing forces, could explain why Harmonium is so volatile. Navani and Raboniel and then Navani and The Sibling had to adjust the Tones as they were singing, bringing them closer together to create the Rhythms of War and "Science".
  10. What if Adolin seeks out the Nightwatcher to heal Maya?
  11. Kaladin Stormblessed. Reborn. Also did not see Navani’s bonding of The Sibling at all was expecting her to bond Dabbid or Rlain so “Journey before Destination, Bastard!” was pretty awesome. Her finally understanding that letting Gavilar’s final words to her shape her life is wrong and that realization is what makes her worthy of Radiance....just wow.
  12. Radiants hear the Deadeye’s screams, it’s not their bondmate screaming.
  13. Seekers from Scadrial might end up being important if manipulating the rhythm of investiture becomes important later in the various series.
  14. If you stored identity in a metalmind while healthy, then drew it out while unhealthy/injured could it heal you? What if you were compounding that uninjured identity so you could draw on vast amounts of it. I had this thought while remembering that in the Stormlight Archive Kaladin’s scara resist healing because he sees them as a part of him, same with the Tattoo not “sticking”. Ive posted this in the Mistborn section since im specifically asking about metalminds and compounding sorry if i should have stuck it in the Cosmere Section.
  15. What if, due to Ruin or Preservation’s meddling Vin had been born with the powers of both a Feruchemist and a Mistborn. Would she have believed Kelsier when he told her he would teach her all of allomancy’s secrets not knowing her ability to store wakefulness in her earring is not allomancy. Would Sazed have detected her bronzemind while handling it during their time at the Renoux Manor and discovered her feruchemy. Would she have discovered Compounding. Qould ahe have used an atiummind to change her size during combat to avoid blows freaking the #%?! out of her opponents.