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  1. I'm still solidly on team Wisdom as a shard.
  2. But aren’t dovotion and dominion paired? I guess not all shards need to be paired to a different shard, but those two seem like a pair.
  3. So I was thinking. Odium is described as, Gods wrath, separated from his other virtues, so does that mean there is a shard of love/ compassion, or does that mean the the combination of other shards outruled “Gods wrath” in adonalsium.
  4. Dang I guess your right.
  5. Yea, maybe a little, but I've put up with her for 3 books.
  6. I don't want anymore freaking Shallan. She was boring in the first book, peachy in the second, and depressing in oathbringer. I think it would be nice if after the 1 year split she had died someway(Maybe child birth) and Adolin took care of there kid.
  7. If the wind was strong to throw a boulder, wouldn’t all the mountains and basically everything else have eroded over just the 4,000 years we’ve seen? If I’m missing something please tell me, this has been bugging for a while now.
  8. Ya I guess it could just be recycled, but it makes more sense to me if Nightblood just uses it.
  9. Where are the breaths going? Like it says that Nightblood "eats" a lot of breath whenever you unsheathe it, so where are they going? They can't be destroyed, so maybe nightblood uses them to become more powerful.
  10. I have to say Dunny from bridge four. He was one of my favorite side characters. I would have loved to see him become a radiant.
  11. I so hope this becomes a thing.
  12. K this might be sad, but I totally think Teft should die, but only if he dies in some heroic incredible way, and saving a ton of people in the process. It also makes sense if you think about it. He's kinda Kaladins mentor character, like Obi Wan, or Dumbledore (who both die ).
  13. Granted. The book is a cliffhanger with no chance of a sequel. i wish for the ability to always have a enough money for whatever I want.
  14. The way I understand it they were made in aimia, and when they were invented, they probably didn’t understand how powerful they were. But if someone did discover how powerful they are, namely odium, he might want to figure out how to, or just stop their progress, and that’s why he sent an unmade to destroy aimia. also the people might not have known and or cared that the soulcastors were harmful
  15. I'm thinking that Aimia is just protecting a bunch of soulcastors, because that's where they were originally made, and the reason he says it would destroy "worlds" is maybe because too much soulcasting is harmful for shadesmar, and roshar, and nobody has noticed it because theres not that many soulcastors around.