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  1. Ash is definitely broken enough. And it makes me wonder if interesting things will happen with her bonding a spren, being a cognitive shadow and all. Although nothing seems too weird about
  2. r/niceguys
  3. No chouta for you
  4. Teft. It will be the saddest most heroic death every written . I also think Adolin, mostly because he keeps trying to take on the fused, but come on. He's just a regular man(an extremly skilled man but a man nonetheless) . He just can't keep up in a world full of radiants anymore. He will either become one (Maya plz ) or die.
  5. I remember thinking that Vasher would appear and would be a POV character and have a few chapters of him trying to get Nightblood back. It would have been so cool. But what actually happened is pretty good too.
  6. Wax, but only when he's with Wayne. Together they are hilarious. Teft, Adolin and Dalinar are really good too. And who can forget grumpy ol Kaladin? Sazed and Breeze were very well written IMO. Lightsong was the best part of Warbreaker by far. Sixth of the dusk was pretty cool with the whole, "I don't talk" thing.
  7. Even though this is just a few paragraphs, it makes me happy to read new material.
  8. Ya but Evi's brother (Can't remember the name) said that Iri, and most countries don't have soul castors, so most countries would need to mine for stuff.
  9. Well this makes shardplate significantly less cool in my book.
  10. Or better yet, aluminum bullets.
  11. adonalsium

    Well like Dalinar said, if God can be killed, was it ever really God? Since adonalsium was killed I don’t think he was really “God”.
  12. I'm still solidly on team Wisdom as a shard.
  13. But aren’t dovotion and dominion paired? I guess not all shards need to be paired to a different shard, but those two seem like a pair.
  14. So I was thinking. Odium is described as, Gods wrath, separated from his other virtues, so does that mean there is a shard of love/ compassion, or does that mean the the combination of other shards outruled “Gods wrath” in adonalsium.
  15. Dang I guess your right.