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  1. theory

    Idk enough to poke holes in this, but it seems like a pretty good theory. Take an upvote
  2. He says he was made truthless because he "raised the alarm" that the voidbringers were coming back.
  3. “The voidbringers are no more. The knights radiant are no more. We are all that remain.” This is from szeth thinking on the tower in WOR could this mean radiants are still around in shinovar? It could just be talking about the honor blades, but this feels different to me.
  4. Why not make a shard arrow and shoot it with a regular bow? Shard cuts at range and then you can just summon It back and shoot again. Unlimited insta kills
  5. So renarin didn’t see glasses as part of himself, even after having them for his entire life?
  6. So I’ve been thinking about all that we’ve seen stormlight do, and I got curios about what storm light could potentially do. It can heal eyesight (renarin), it can heal shardblade cuts, broken bones, arrows through the face, burns away toxins, helps with the cold, and they don’t need to breath when holding. So what else can it do? It’s said that the best way to kill a radiant is decapitation, or a shard slice through the spine. But could it help with dehydration? Could it help with starvation and other stuff like bad eyesight, for example, bad hearing? And how does it determine what needs to be healed? If someone is born without a finger would it grow a new one? Or what if someone was born with an extra finger? Would the stormlight remove it? i would love to hear your thoughts on this. P.S. why did it heal renarins eyesight? Wouldn’t it be like kaladins scares, or rysns legs?
  7. The only problem I have with this is, why hadn’t she contacted Kaladin? If she’s really there for him why is she just sitting in a bar in the off chance he might show up?
  8. What if Nohadon was a world hopper, and has enough breath to extend his life?
  9. Ok that makes a lot of sense, this had been bugging me for a while.
  10. So the rhythms are in the CR then? Why don’t humans hear them when they are in the CR?
  11. The real question is, why can’t humans hear the rhythm in the first place? Why do they need to have some Singer blood (Rock) or feeling the thrill?
  12. Do we know if %100 (except sky breakers) of radiants broke their oaths? I’m sure 1 or 2 didn’t and just went into hiding, so maybe Lirin still has his spren (assuming this theory is correct), and he just hasn’t summoned his blade in a long time, so his eyes are dark.
  13. Well what if the radiants were trying to make more oathgates? or maybe not all of the radiants were on the same side, or maybe just someone from Iri who wanted another oathgate, and who knew about them stole it, or maybe it was a worldhopper trying to get off world. My point is that there are lots of possibilities of how this could work.
  14. I would actually make the argument that they had MORE knowledge about these things then they have in modern times, because remember, they had hundreds of radiants, and probably a bunch of elsecallers that were doing research in the cognitive realm. They also had Honor around.