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  1. I just went back and looked at some of those parts again. I think question 3 he was referring to Dalinar. It seems like he sensed something with what happened with Unity. Can't really be sure though.
  2. She was looking for the heralds. I think it said Midius drew them if I remember correctly. Midius is another name for Hoid/Wit. Not sure on question 3. Maybe Nale?
  3. I think that these WoB's are saying that spren will be repelled by hemalurgy, or the type of person who would use hemalurgy in this way. I don't think Brandon is saying spren will be repelled by a bond to another spren, as you seem to be implying.
  4. If he's writing the prologue does that mean he's done hammering out the outline?
  5. I thought the same thing when I recently reread OB.If she was hunting Vasher I assume she would have went with the group figuring they could take her to him.
  6. To my mind these 10 people wouldn't be Honor, if that's how it went. They would be... I dunno, Shardlets of Honor? I'm not really sure if that is even plausible. I would guess that with Honor being Splintered it might be harder for someone to become the new Vessel.
  7. Given all the information I know of, I'd say Dalinar's chances of surviving a quite good. I won't be surprised if he survives. I won't be surprised if he doesn't survive. I also won't be surprised if he becomes the new Honor, or if he doesn't. Also MB spoiler: So it doesn't really matter if Dalinar is being built up to take Honor. I know that it's entirely possible that things will get twisted, and that plot twist doesn't have to involve is death. Or there might not be that plot twist at all.
  8. Actually, this makes me wonder something. A Shard without a Vessel might not normally have it's own sense of identity or personality. We don't really know enough to say for sure... But I do believe Investiture will begin to gain sentience if there's enough of it gathered together for long enough. So now I'm wondering if the Shard Odium was separate from any vessel long enough to start to have it's own mind, which could be why Rayse is using the "we" pronoun. I kind of doubt this is the case, considering that Rayse doesn't want to absorb another Shard because that would change him from Odium to something else, but it's an interesting thought. More likely he really is using it as the royal we. Or possibly there is a race or culture out there in the Cosmere that uses these types of speech patterns.
  9. Cultivation's? No, she's on Roshar. It would be Aona or Skai's or maybe a perpendicularity for the Dor since there's no vessel for the Shards and their power is pressed together in the Cognitive Realm.
  10. I believe the 4th and probably 5th Ideals will play into two themes that have been playing out all through Kaladin's life, even back into the flashbacks. First is the idea of knowing when to care and when to let go. And the other is over the question of whether you can kill to protect. In the battle at Kholinar, Kaladin froze because he saw different groups fighting and killing each other to "protect" (or secure/advance) something they believed in. I think Kaladin will need to accept that he might have to fight people, even people he cares about, if they are fighting for something that brings them into opposition with him. Later, right as he's about to say the 4th Ideal, his struggle isn't so much about people fighting each other. He's remembering times he failed to protect people. He can't let go of those deaths. He can't let go of the idea that he can't fail Dalinar, but also can't protect him. That's when he admits he can't say the Words. So I think that the 4th Ideal will be something like "I will forgive myself for those I couldn't protect. I will let go of the responsibility to save those who are beyond my help."
  11. It's not a dawnshard. WOB: And also this other one:
  12. Yeah, I knew someone from Sel was about to show up as soon as I saw the chapter title.
  13. Where does this come from? I haven't seen a quote like this anywhere. Is that 100% confirmed? I mean it seems extremely likely given what we know, but it could have been a fakeout death... But no, I don't think Evi is Vivenna.
  14. Alright, this week I figured I'd try going through my reactions without reading the other posts first, just to see how I like it. Chapter 19: I got a kick out of Dalinar's cocky carefree attitude. He just casually strides out into a highstorm because he thinks his knife is in the bunker, cuts open the latch on the door with a Shardblade, and looks at the terrified soldiers in the room like "what are you guys all worried about?" And then how he casually dispatches the assassin and doesn't seem concerned at all about the attempt. I wonder if his little steak knife bent because he was already starting to use Tension... Also, this line caught my interest: What is that creature? And also this: Is Dalinar the one that doesn't remember his true upbringing here? Chapter 20: Hmm, short chapter that mostly dealt with the White Knight concern people were bringing up a few weeks ago. Chapter 21: Uh, did Shallan drink that whole jug of Horneater stuff? Ok, this combined with everything else is a bit worrying. "No Mating" Oh, no more infused gems left... Shallan can repress her stormlight glow. Cool. And they're going to see Ialai? This will be fun... Gotta love Sebarial. Adolin's guilty conscience is showing. And what the heck is Mraize doing with Ialai?
  15. The Valley, Urithiru, and the Purelake all right there in a line... Somethings up.