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  1. I'm suggesting something like a layer of armour, formed by the spren. Like simulating shardplate with shardblade material.
  2. Yeah, but as armour that moves independently of the Radiant. Not having to directly summon and use a shield.
  3. I mean, Brandon's a troll, but that seems a little too ridiculous. If he was going to be that obscure, he probably would have just RAFO'd. Saying that "we know the shard" but only meaning the god-metal kind of makes the entire answer pointless, which I don't think he would have done. Not that Brandon is unwilling to give non-answers, but this doesn't seem like his style.
  4. Dammit Calderis I was about half a second away from posting that. Ninja'd Also, as to what Austre is, we don't really know. Brandon has RAFO'd most questions, so this is the best I could find.
  5. So just an idea I had recently. I was wondering, could a radiant switch around the functions of their shardblade and shardplate? Using their spren to manifest as armour while wielding another weapon? The Shardblade armour wouldn't cover the same area as a full set of Plate, but it should be able to move itself around to block incoming attacks and has so far been shown as basically indestructible. It doesn't have the enhancement effects of plate, but it could still be used in conjunction as an extra layer of armour to provide greater protection. It'll be interesting to see how the next generation of Radiants experiments with different uses of the Blade and Plate.
  6. As per Word of Brandon Canon, you can electrocute them to keep them stunned. So you could do this, then strip off the metalminds and bring in a leecher, or just use the opportunity to spike them while they're down. Or just capture them I suppose.
  7. But how can we have LOTR in the Cosmere when the Cosmere already has Tolkien? Does he get to go visit Middle-Earth in person?
  8. So far, all questions about whether Feruchemists can selectively store/tap from certain parts of their body have been RAFO'ed, or not-answered, by Brandon. If it's anything like allomancy, it might be possible but it hasn't been confirmed yet.
  9. About the whole Fused are looking for the Cryptic thing, there's another aspect to there that you guys didn't mention. If the KR are returning, and are the biggest threat to Odium, then they need to be stopped as quickly as possible. If the Fused in Kholinar had found the Cryptic, then they might have tortured or killed it before sending it back to its brethren in Shadesmar. If this was the case, they could unsettle the Cryptics enough that they might pull back from the Nahel bond entirely, effectively eliminating an entire order of Radiants. Also, as the person responsible for throwing some doubt at Kandra/Mistwraith immortality, I am totally having a few evil laughs whenever it starts an argument.
  10. Depending on the summoning process, this could be an interesting idea. Encase someone else in your own shardplate to nullify their surges. Probably not possible, but you never know.
  11. This assumes that Gavilar founded the Sons of Honour, instead of just joining up. We hear references to Restares, who is obviously highly placed in the Sons of Honour. So either he was responsible for founding it with Gavilar, or he took over after Gavilar died. Which might be a possibility, since Gavilar named him as a suspect for his assassination.
  12. hmm, for my twinborn combo, I'd probably go with Allomantic Iron and either Feruchemical brass or steel. A-Steel is definitely cooler, but as far as ordinary life goes, I'd probably get more use out of pulling things to me than pushing them away. And with the amount of metal used in building construction today, Ironpulling should still give a fair amount of mobility. As for Feruchemy, Brass is nice as a convenience ability (it gets pretty warm where I live, so storing body heat is gonna be nice) and steel is awesome in general.
  13. Straff was talking with Elend at the time, so that might have interfered with his ability to hear what was going on. Also, keep in mind that a military camp will probably have a fair amount of activity going on inside it, generating a noticeable amount of background noise. Straff was a Tineye, yes, but so are Vin and Zane. If both were burning tin, then they were probably speaking at a level that was just audible for them, and hence out of Straff's hearing range. If everyone has super senses, then no-one has super senses . Also, congrats on your first post and welcome to the Shard. Have an upvote.
  14. Yeah, I know that burning it away is safe. My point was just that to do so safely, they would have to be constantly administrating small doses, burning them away, then administrating another dose. They couldn't just do it like Spook does, taking a big dose of metal and letting that carry them through the day. Which would be more inconvenient and wouldn't allow for burning while sleeping.
  15. Yeah, cadmium savants are gonna be pretty rare. Not only because of the time stretching effects, but because Cadmium is an extremely dangerous poison and no-one's probably going to want to take the risk of dying horribly for benefits which may or may not be worth it.