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  1. Outrage!
  2. You are right of course @Ookla the Ring. It is a title however. ---- So AS for the Gov. Where are we at. I totally didn't skim.
  3. In that moment the trigger ceased to work. Sephtis felt it go. He sighed. "This puts a twist in my plans." The floor began to crack showing the signs of instability that Galvris had caused. He had been holding this floor together by sheer will power of his telekinesis. Though that had broken when his weakness had been engaged. He clicked a few buttons on the console. The computer ejected a small chip. Sephtis put that chip in a small medallion around his neck. His powers came back when he realized that Aurell was still on the bottom of the Foundation build and he could still feel her through their Mind Link. He could still protect someone he cared about. "If you will excuss me. I have someone to save." With that he teleported out of the room.
  4. Thanks for the brilliant Idea
  5. I was planning on doing the wedding as part of the plot.
  6. Which point system are y'all using? I see like twelve on here.
  7. ATTENTION. Questions will be reset Wednesday of next week. BE SURE TO VOTE!
  8. He touched their minds and formed a link with them. Hello? Does this thing work? He said mentally to them both.
  9. He is supposed to go back to the core of *AHEM* why the Ghostbloods were founded. As for your recommendations 1. Lack of moral restriction do make a decent villain in the least as they are willing to cross the line to get what they want. 2. As for the Epic weakness that will be explained in the history when E3 comes along. 3. I'll think of a humanizing weakness for you when I think of a good one for my character.
  10. The Mraizeachry was a joke until it got so many votes. I feel that it should be at least considered if it wins (Mainly for Gancho Libre to vote for)
  11. "It would save me a deal of trouble. I have to deal with this one." Sephtis motioned to Max.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  13. Sephtis applied downward pressure on Max. Enough to freeze him where he stood. He telekinetically placed the chair that Max threw at Hellbent and placed it behind Max. He released the pressure and redirected it to Max's chest. "Sit down." Sephtis said. "Be calm" He touched Max's mind and manipulated his sense of calm. This was hard to do because of the investiture Max had just used. He wasn't sure that he had calmed the man. "Do either of you mind if I set up a mind link with both of you? It will allow direct communication. The Malevolence is now in orbit around the planet Yolen. I can transport you to the bridge if you like."
  14. I had Dibs on wedding planning. called it like 3 weeks ago. So back off!
  15. Hey do you want a Meeker*? Also have a freeeeeee upvote! *May or may not explode.