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  1. Just after the destruction of the AlleyCity Solace attempted to causally walk through the Aonic gate but instead was forced to stumble backwards to avoid falling. That was right. Even though he bore the Ghostblood crest, little Aurell did not. The gates allowed those who bore the Ghostblood symbol entrance to the city. Those who did not were forbidden entrance. "Exception! Aurell Faine." Solace stated firmly. "Exception made." The voice stated from a small box. "It's good to be home." Solace said. He turned to look and the desert that surrounded the city and where it led up meeting the grass. Yes. It was indeed good to be home. Visitors are welcome! One must check in to visit inside the city and be accompanied by a squad of both Mistborn and Feruchemists. A person who is not a Ghostblood can stay one day. Exceptions are allowed but one must visit the council buildings to petition for a extra day or settle grievances. The Inner sanctum is off limits to all but Council members. Visitors in the present day FangBlade- @AxeliustheGreat Ghostblood residency is available to all Ghostbloods. please state that you are living her to have residency. Current residents @Mraize-Solace and Aurell City Statistics
  2. Asher-Aurell's cryptic, who acted as her decoy-wandered around the waystop. He wanted to get a feel for the place. In case anything happened. He was also looking for Yzabet or Pallas. Aurell, his mistress, was close though he could not see her or so he hoped. She fueled the weaving. Then interestingly enough it broke apart, and he was left hovering in the air. he instinctively dropped to the ground and zipped under the table. "What was that for?" He hummed quietly, hoping that she could hear. "There was no one watching. Should there have been someone they will be dealt with. You will be more inconspicuous if the people here think you are searching for a bond."
  3. Granted but as comprehension comes you are unable to properly communicate such revelations to anyone else in addition your comprehensions are forgotten as soon as they come to mind. I wish to be able to convert air-when I want-directly into stormlight.
  4. Aurell surveyed the Waystop through the scope of her rifle. She was invisible to the naked eye, or rather she blended in to the natural surroundings with her lightweaving. Asher, her spren, acted as her decoy. A drenched, version of herself stood not far off, also surveying the house through a set of binoculars. Asher walked the remaining pathway to the door of the Waystop. Aurell followed a short distance away, to animate sounds with her stormlight that Asher could not do himself. In one hand she held a letter addressed to Pallas from the Ghostbloods, in the second was a tranq dart for Yzabet. Her mission was to persuade the boy to visit the Alleyway to learn the truth about his father, Rhazien Montegue's, legacy. Aurell had specific instructions to leave the boy unharmed but currious enough to travel with her to the Alleycity. Aurell could do whatever with Yzabet. She planned to have Yzabet dumped in a far corner of the Cosmere with out a Perpendicularity and no way home. That was at least until the boy, Pallus, made a decision. She emulated the sound of the door being knocked upon.
  5. Time: Year fifteen of the sixteen year peace Location: Somewhere... Aurell Faine breathed in. Stromlight enveloping her. She faded from the natural view. To the normal average person she would appear like the surrounding foliage. Her decoy, off to her left crouched in the bush. Solace First, her mentor, or so he called himself, sat eye closed upon the only rock in the near vicinity. She stealthily closed in on him, shardblade already summoned. Once she was close enough she struck with a flurry of blows, using her decoy-which held a sniper rifle- to fire a shot first, in hopes to distract Solace. It didnt work. She ended up on the ground, illusion gone. "When you live as long as I do you learn things. Things you can not comprend." Solace said. "Pro tip, never wear metal." That is right, Aurell had forgotten that he could see metal with his spike. Though she made sure she wasn't wearing any metal. Solace had seen the mineral metal in her body. Part two of her plan. A whitespine jumped from the brush gouging her with it's claws. She dropped, stormlight extinguished, she cried out when she hit the ground. Solace killed the beast with a coin to the back of its snarling throat. This two was a decoy. She had soulcast the illusion to give it weight. Solace knelt down to the ground beside her. "Are you okay?" He asked concerned. Then she struck, her hand shot out yanking the spike from his face. Solace First dropped immediately. SHe stood. "I finally won! Take that old man!" Aurell said. Then she noticed that Solace wasn't moving. "Dad?" She asked hesitantly. She dropped beside him, checking for a pulse. There was none. Solace First was dead. Aurell didn't know how long she cried for. Mercenaries don't cry. Solace's voice whispered in the back of her head. Stand up, be brave, you can't weep for fallen allies or foes slaughtered. You are Aurell Rhazien Faine. She stood, spike still in her hand. She moved to gather her stuff she had brought and headed back to the house Solace and Aurell had lived in. It was time to go.
  6. Mine is "Never Back Down" by Two Steps From Hell.
  7. It would be interesting of the Alleycity became something like the United Isles from the Rithmatist.
  8. Solace turned back to Lord Dominion and Lady Devotion. "I have completed the task you have assigned me. Now if you permit I would like to retire somewhere to rest and retire. I have used my breaths up in this task and will be aging. Something I do not want to change." "this request will be granted, of course, but there is one more thing I need you to do. Where we stand will be safe to what is to come, but there are plenty of people who will not have evacuated safely when this city is leveled. There is one you must find. A child, six years of age, she will be by her dead parents when you find her. You will take her and mentor her. You will not be able to find her until her parents are dead so do not try. When she is twenty-fifth Alley-year then you may have your desires granted but not until then." Lord Dominion said.
  9. In the beginning there was nothing. Darkness. Emptiness. A void. From that void sprung Adonalsium, creator, the first and the last, God. With his power, Adonalsium created the known Universe. He formed the planets, sun, moon and stars. He created the land and sea, the plants and animals that lived in them. Most importantly he created humans in his own image. But in every tale, myth, legend and story, greed, fear, and lust entered the hearts of men. Sixteen men and women conspired together and killed God. They divided Adonalsium’s power between themselves. These manifestations of power were called Shards, holding a specific attribute of the God they murdered. Unbenounced to the Sixteen Shards, two additional people ascended to godhood, almost by accident, these individual were the Shards Voidus and Narration. Narration travelled to a far corner of the universe, who would soon be joined by Voidus. Voidus traveled abroad, using modified Hemalurgy to spike the first splinters of Shards. In total he succeeded in spiking splinters of Cultivation, Preservation, Dominion, Devotion, Autonomy, Ambition, and Ingenuity. Voidus stumbled upon the solar system, the Alleyverse, created by Narration. Voidus bargained with Narration-though in reality Voidus did not need to-and spiked the only habitable planet, AlleyOne, with the spikes collected. Narration in turn received the promise of retaining his Shard. Voidus placed them into the center of AlleyOne. Though what occured, not even Voidus himself expected. The Spike of Cultivation, melded with the rest of the spikes. Together the grew into one single massive spike that would later become what the inhabitants of AlleyOne call the WorldSpike. Its power, corrupted or enlightened the minds of every living thing. This is how Voidus created a world dependant on Hemalurgy for survival. Thus is the creation of the of the Alleyverse and its people.
  10. "By now Elkanah, you should know I never do anything without a gain of some sort. Well by summoning the storm you advanced my plots tenfold. I do appreciate that and you of course." Solace said with a smile, disappearing for view. He reappeared on the roof and burned steel shooting up into the storm renewing his pure investiture before he ran out. Once gone he could not use it again. As he fell he transported to the Ghostblood fortress, which resided in the AlleyCity. From there he proceeded to a very secret and secure place the only could be penetrated by Voidus himself. Glowing pure white he closed his eyes. He called upon his bond with the Alleyspren, thrusting his hands outward. He hook hold of the spiritual realm with his left and the cognitive realm with his right. Investiture pored from him. He shouted adding in the surge of division, cutting the three realm he held. Not to separate them but to cut each in half as he held them. A black slit opened up in the room. He added more division and it grew wider. He stopped only when he himself could fit through. But he did not, as he knew what he created would obliterate him. He still held the realms together by an tips of his fingers. He called upon the surge of transportation seeking a large combined force once shattered by Odium. He found the shattered shards with pout much difficulty. Feeling the realms nearly slip from his grasp he called upon the combined Surges of Adhsion and Transportation to make a kind of wormhole dragging some of Dominion and Devotions power from Sel to the room Solace stood. All of the investiture left Solace and he slumped to the ground. The black slit in the air stayed present and he felt Devotion and Dominions power present. Interestingly enough two figures formed from the power. One distinctly feminine and the other masculine. "Lady Devotion, Lord Dominion, Mother, Father. Welcome to the Alleyverse. We are presently in a secure room beneath the Ghostblood fortress." "you have done well son. Done well indeed Devomin." Both figures said simultaneously. Solace lead both figures to a device on one of the walls he pulled down a microphone and spoke into it. "All ghostbloods attack. May Lord Dominion be with you. May his power fill you." And it did. The power of dominion overwhelmed his troops giving them dominion over those they faced, a Violet glow took place in their eyes.
  11. Mraize, you're needed in the alleyverse, otherwise we will go on without you.

  12. "Fine. Wait here." Solace said. He returned outside using transportation. He grabbed Storm and Kane and reteleported out grabbing Rohan and returning back to others. "You all owe me a favor for saving your lives."