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  1. Alright here is my character I'm hoping you'll let the 5 points slide but I can edit. I welcome suggestions and comments thanks. Also @Ookla the Dreamer you wanted me to tag ya.
  2. Hey, so I was chatting with Sorana a bit ago, and when I mentioned Meeker being gone, she told me that he'd left the Alleyverse permanently due to personal reasons. This is for everyone (like me) who were wondering why he's gone.

  3. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Happy Brithday, old friend.

    1. Ark1002


      Inactive friend <_<

    2. Dr. Dapper

      Dr. Dapper

      I don't see you wishing me a happy birthday. :P

  4. Hey, you haven't been on in awhile, you okay?

  5. @I think I am here. @Sorana
  6. Misunderstanding fool of a gancho! Intelligence "cap" is 65 = mastermind. My character has allotted all his points 150 to the intelligence skill.