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  1. Hey, so I was chatting with Sorana a bit ago, and when I mentioned Meeker being gone, she told me that he'd left the Alleyverse permanently due to personal reasons. This is for everyone (like me) who were wondering why he's gone.

  2. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Happy Brithday, old friend.

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      Inactive friend <_<

    2. Dr. Dapper

      Dr. Dapper

      I don't see you wishing me a happy birthday. :P

  3. Hey, you haven't been on in awhile, you okay?

  4. main plot

    "The nearest one we find. Visuals weren't as accurate as the Mastermind wanted."
  5. main plot

    @Emperor Stick They landed safely ok the top of the dreadnought. "Everyone out."
  6. main plot

    "How do you think we got there?" The assassin asked grunting. They took off. After a few seconds they went into stealth. "Greay view" the spy said.
  7. main plot

    The mastermind nodded then left the room. The spy and the assassin followed. He led them to a large in door launch pad with a sleek jet on the pad. "Climb aboard."
  8. @I think I am here. @Sorana
  9. Misunderstanding fool of a gancho! Intelligence "cap" is 65 = mastermind. My character has allotted all his points 150 to the intelligence skill.
  10. main plot

  11. main plot

  12. main plot

    "Our first order of business is to get onto that ship. After that you are going to need to get into the mainframe or a service hub to get me the schematics of the inside. Third the assassin and Berk are going to the engines while our spy gets us more information. Questions?" The mastermind asked pacing. @Emperor Stick
  13. Just make the correcting you said about the pain tolerance and I thi k you are good.
  14. Couple of things. Total skills and power are 170 total. The weakness I would say balances that out. The only thing o would like changed is the boon and curse. That to me isnt balanced well enough the boon is too powerful for the curse.