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  1. main plot

    "Dont worry everyone on our team has a purpose. We will find you something important and impactful. Tell me what experiments do you do?"
  2. main plot

    "Then what skill set do you bring to the table Berk?" The spy asked as they walked. The assassin nodded his acknowledgment but didn't say anything. @Emperor Stick
  3. main plot

    "Nothing the boss can handle. For starters I don't know how we would get up there." They were joined by a man armed to the teeth with nearly every projectile weapon possible. "This is the assassin I mentioned earlier. This is Berk."
  4. main plot

    "We'll see in a moment." Once they left the building the spy looked up at the sky. "That's going reeeeeaaaally upset the balance." @Emperor Stick
  5. main plot

    "On closer inspection your randomness is quite orderly looking at the big picture." The woman sighed. " your stalling tactic is being used against you. You are giving my partner time to finish his job. Shall we go Berk?"
  6. main plot

    She laughed again. "I didn't say we'd eliminate all Investiture only ones that disrupt the balance. If Berk uses it for maintaining the balance he'll live. I am atoning for the sins that cause imbalance, I cant do that in a cell and I'd like to see you try. End neutral Investiture is the balance we did not decide and there isnt god in the end neutral art only a union of positive and negative. We only aim to enlighten, and some people need it knocked into them."
  7. main plot

    "Both help and inspire balance. None of my comrades have Investiture either."
  8. main plot

    "I have no Investiture correct. Imbalance is Injustice for everyone. It inspires chaos, fear, war. You get the gist."
  9. main plot

    "Would you like to test that overconfidence Alask?" She asked. "People who dont have investiture are the most balanced people. Though people who make it so the balance is disrupted as it is now are welcome in our ranks. Sometimes we are the bad guys and sometimes we are the good ones. Dependings on what we are needed for."
  10. main plot

    "Youl follow me. We have one stop left we need to pick up the boss from the Bloodflame gang hq. I could kill Alask before anyone was wiser since you sided with us." She smiled spinning her knife.
  11. main plot

    "To restore the balance by any means necessary and I mean any." She said. "Before you get any ideas I'll tell you. I was trained my a group called the Slayers of Investiture."
  12. main plot

    "I wouldn't underestimate the man. You'll probably end up in a gutter or an alley sooner than later." She smiled. "My mission was to come as scout out potentials."
  13. main plot

    The woman laughed. "The C4 was a fake. The noise came from this." She held up a recording device, sheathing a knife to do so. She hit play and explosions went off. "As for the Mastermind, even I dont know his real name. He wants balance. There are people pitted against each other. Their plots have upset the balance even more."
  14. main plot

    "Oh nothing. It's just a way for the report below to see my bosses first move to restore balance and show you what we are capable of."
  15. main plot

    The woman didn't turn to dust. She slipped underneath both men and unsheathed 2 daggers. "Gotta live Aluminum cream and clothes."