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  1. Last comment Archer. I put it in myself dolt.
  2. I topped it off with a sprinkle of grounded Atium spikes, that were refined might I add, as well as a little tin and chromium. Tasted fabulous. Additionally I had some Lerasium spiked and swirled brass cake.
  3. Then thou shalt have cause to mourn and weep. For I have eaten that bowl of ramen.
  4. If you'll raise me, I'll end it here. I'll write an on going book and write an computer algorithm/code to continue after I am six feet under. If it twas me I'd resign this argument right now. Concede before you lose.
  5. The mind link is Solace's power. You shouldn't have to add the points to your bio, @Sorana. What do you think @Archer? I'll get the Rhazien/Solace bio up when I wake up as well as update Sebastian's with point system.
  6. And y'all better buy my book titled The Alleyverse
  7. I'll out do you all and write a 1200 page book
  8. "My questions answered. I will show you Solace if you guarentee that they will be answered truthfully. I will be using Solace to determine whether or not you do."
  9. In this case do you detest upvotes? Up is a direction and these arrows do pointpoint in a direction called up. I do believe this is why they are called upvoted
  10. "Because if he wants to live he'll do what I tell him to. I am rather impatient. Tell me what will you give me? Even though Solace told me you are to help me, I am not against harming or possibly ending your pitiful lives." He told them. It's all empty threats. Just give tell him what he will get in return. He is very distraught. Oh and he can't hear this, I blocked him out temporarily.
  11. "In return what will you give me?" Rhazien asks.
  12. "I am a friend of his. He happens to be keeping me alive and I am keeping him alive." He said. What he says is true.
  13. "Yes him. I have. What is your business with him?" Rhazien said ignoring the rest of what Max said.
  14. "I know fully who you are. I just recently married you two. You can stop rioting me. It is not going to make me trust you any faster." Rhazien said not moving from his spot. "How do I know you aren't after what I have? You could be part of the group that ransacked the place before and set something up to alert you should someone investigate."