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  1. Hey, happy birthday man ^_^ 

  2. *nobody ever* *Brandon Sanderson* let have Taravangian take up Rayse's power after killing *us now* well pack your bags Roshar is doomed.
  3. Taravangianium, perhaps? Bit of a mouthful if you ask me
  4. @AonEne updated sheet Should be 150.
  5. Nope none. Unless you include the spike stapling his soul to his body. Or the fact I'm setting up a investiture pawn shop. None of which he will use.
  6. Alright I haven't even touched my current character. I'd like it replaced with this one. I would like a point evaluation bc I wanna see if I can add more.
  7. A message from Paladin Oran.

    "The right oath utilizes balanced latent energy legally undermining radical known saboteurs lookalikes idealistic killers ecclesiastical atheists only radiant carefully handpicked impartial duty-bound minority aptly named the ingenious seven. Shall every everstorm kill the heavens each last opulent star the first of rigorously guided oft traced tactful expression never find oath under nightly dissident entries rambling. " 

    1. Ark1002



      welcome back?


    2. Drol


      I have always been here. Lurking, watching, poised like a snake to strike. As they say "no better time like the present"

  8. Alright here is my character I'm hoping you'll let the 5 points slide but I can edit. I welcome suggestions and comments thanks. Also @Ookla the Dreamer you wanted me to tag ya.
  9. Hey, so I was chatting with Sorana a bit ago, and when I mentioned Meeker being gone, she told me that he'd left the Alleyverse permanently due to personal reasons. This is for everyone (like me) who were wondering why he's gone.

  10. IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    Happy Brithday, old friend.

    1. Ark1002


      Inactive friend <_<

    2. old man moomba

      old man moomba

      I don't see you wishing me a happy birthday. :P

  11. Hey, you haven't been on in awhile, you okay?

  12. main plot

    "The nearest one we find. Visuals weren't as accurate as the Mastermind wanted."
  13. main plot

    @Emperor Stick They landed safely ok the top of the dreadnought. "Everyone out."
  14. main plot

    "How do you think we got there?" The assassin asked grunting. They took off. After a few seconds they went into stealth. "Greay view" the spy said.