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  1. So, I made an interpretation of what I think a bridge 4 uniform would look like
  2. Mostly cobblers I think. Not gonna lie, half the reason I learned to make shoes was for the baffled "what do you mean you made them?" reactions. But yeah, they're from scratch. I draft the patterns, dye the leather, and do all the sewing by hand. It's a fun hobby, but a ton of work.
  3. Please do, I'm honoured that you'd get inspiration from my work.
  4. I also made boots, which I drafted entirely.
  5. I drafted the coat myself, based off of a generic long coat pattern. The cuffs, lapels, pocket flaps, and a few other things are entirely my own additions. The trousers, vest and shirt are laughing moon mercantile patterns 131, 125, and 107 respectively. The embroidered patches are my own patterns.
  6. Better bring in my patio furniture before this highstorm hits...
  7. I'm working on a project for whenever in the future there start being comic cons and whatnot again...
  8. It was pretty quick to make, surprisingly. I got it done inside 3 or 4 days, but I was working on other stuff during that time too.
  9. I checked my audible app and can't find this. Can you point me in a direction? Sure - so, in the Android version it's accessible from the library screen. Menu on the left -> settings -> playback settings, then it's the 5th option.
  10. So, you may have reasons to not do this, but there's actually an option in audible's options to seamlessly meld multipart books back together. It's called "seamless multipart play."
  11. Shallan changed their voices too. It says so in the text. I did have a This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules moment about Elhokar's lady voice though.
  12. Given that its a chain, in a weapon store, I feel like it's for binding something.
  13. Um... Maybe we should listen to Jasnah.
  14. While I don't dislike Lift as a character, I voted for her because I find her kind of irritating. And I'm dreading her becoming a more common viewpoint. Do not want! But I don't hate her. Not like I hated Elayne from WoT.
  15. I was only commenting on poorness. I think there's a difference between bamboozling a visibly affluent man's boots away from him and stealing a poor man's only footwear. I'm not excusing Shallan's behaviour (it was crappy) but... Kaladin just went to supply and asked for new boots. It was an inconvenience at worst. And Shallan actually needed those boots. Side question: anyone know how much it costs to buy your family a nahn increase? And can lighteyes buy a dahn increase or is it all tied into like... land ownership and authority from the highprince?
  16. So.... this is an interesting comment to me, because it's strongly implied in WoR and outright stated in OB that the she has cultivated her behaviour specifically to be "a perfect lighteyed woman" - as imagined by her abusive, regressive father. (He's exactly the kind of man who would hang a painting up to face the wall, as she told Kabsal. Um... Kaladin is a captain at this point. Riding a horse. Which in our terms is like seeing someone driving a ferrari. Kaladin's position would normally be held by a 4th dahn lighteyes. He's hardly poor at this point. I like Shallan's humour like I like tonic water. It makes me cringe, but in a good way.
  17. Kaladin had been struggling since WoK with his feelings about what happened at the Tower. As early as the end of the wsy of kings he tells Dalinar he doesn't want his men fighting Parshendi. He dwells on the fact that the Parshendi behaved more honourably (or perhaos more ethically) than human armies he has witnessed - Eshonai fought Dalinar in a duel, not a brawl; the parshendi focused their attacks away from Teft and Skar, who were wounded at the time; and they allowed a retreat. An alethi army wouldn't have done those things. Kaladin himself resorted to defiling their dead, for Kalak's sake! Throughout Words of Radiance he struggles with the idea that those Parshendi have their own lives, families, hopes and dreams. It gets even more complicated for him by Oathbringer. At this point he has personally met parshmen escapees and gotten to know them, including watching a little girl pick flowers. He has spoken with Rlain in depth about his people. He has even spoken out to team Kholin about wanting to find a non-kill-them-all solution. After all of this searching and struggling, if in the palace he had been faced with the decision of chosing which of two sides he legitimately cared about and knew - if after all that he had thought "Who do I save? Oh right, of course it's the humans! The ones what are like what I am!" and gone on a murder rampage through Parshmen he personally knew.... I think I would have been disgusted with him. Brandon has gone to great lengths to humanize the parshendi/parshmen/singers/listeners. They aren't Trollocs. As painful as it was to see Kaladin freeze up and not save anyone, I don't think he could have gone all avenging warrior here. It would have thrown away the entire theme of "us vs. them" not serving Kaladin.
  18. I found the similarity between Sadeas's viewpoint in Words of Radiance - when he laments that battle us the only time he feels alive - eerily similar to the way Dalinar feels in some of his flashbacks. Thrill addiction is rough.
  19. In the Ghostbloods' letter to Shallan, they claim that when the Skybreakers found proto-radiants who weren't bonded yet, they recruited them for the Skybreakers. So, this implies that multiple spren could bond a proto-radiant. And... thinking about it. You have a person who has cracks in their soul. A spren fills in those cracks. That spren is a personification of a fundamental ideal like Honor. Shouldn't that have some kind of effect on the nature of the person who got bonded?
  20. Do Skybreakers detect other radiants directly? In the two cases I can think of, Ym and Lift, Nalan seems to have come after them after they were being raidant-y enough to cause rumours. On the other hand, Shallan's letter from the ghostbloods says that they could locate pre-bonded types, that they would recruit into the skybreakers. So, is it possible that their detection is never perfect, and they use a combination of it and just... regular investigation?
  21. People wear aluminum as jewelery often enough for a random crime-clerk to recognise it and venture an appraisal. And people gild things, including armor. So, I don't think "no-one would use it for decorative purposes because it is soft" is an entirely reasonable statement.
  22. This is kind of tangental. But are there really equal numbers of dead blades from each of the 8 orders that contributed them? It seems like some orders are more condusive to having many members (like how more militaristic orders seem to have an easier mechanism for recruiting squires) than others. Do we have confirmation on what any of the other dead blades we have seen are?
  23. Erm... the sources are a lot more inconclusive than the text seems to indicate. So, it's not impossible that we just haven't seen a viewpoint character with enough inworld knowledge to recognize that the shardblade-safetyguard metal is aluminum. EG Shallan understands condensation but "cold makes water!?" is confusing nonsense to Kaladin; if we only had Kal's perspective we might think Roshar doesn't understand this Science Fact. But... I'm still suspicious.
  24. Yeah, I thought about that. It makes sense, with the way Adolin thinks an image of probably-a-lion was "minklike." But there would still have to be minks around for them to be the species that mammals all got named after. But oh!! I just thought of something. Adolin sees a mural of a lion in Urithiru. So some of the KR knew what a lion was. Was it because... 1. lions used to inhabit roshar but died out? 2. Lions are limited to Shinovar and the mural-maker was either Shin or had visited Shin? 3. It's a remnant of a "fantastic beasts" legend that lasted into Urithiru's days but has since died out? 4. It was made by someone who was personally experienced with a non-Roshar world, that has lions? Edit: but I think the animal Dalinar saw really was a mink, or at least a weasel-oid of some sort, because he calls it "tubular."