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  1. Mostly cobblers I think. Not gonna lie, half the reason I learned to make shoes was for the baffled "what do you mean you made them?" reactions. But yeah, they're from scratch. I draft the patterns, dye the leather, and do all the sewing by hand. It's a fun hobby, but a ton of work.
  2. Please do, I'm honoured that you'd get inspiration from my work.
  3. I also made boots, which I drafted entirely.
  4. I drafted the coat myself, based off of a generic long coat pattern. The cuffs, lapels, pocket flaps, and a few other things are entirely my own additions. The trousers, vest and shirt are laughing moon mercantile patterns 131, 125, and 107 respectively. The embroidered patches are my own patterns.
  5. So, I made an interpretation of what I think a bridge 4 uniform would look like
  6. Better bring in my patio furniture before this highstorm hits...
  7. It was pretty quick to make, surprisingly. I got it done inside 3 or 4 days, but I was working on other stuff during that time too.
  8. I'm working on a project for whenever in the future there start being comic cons and whatnot again...
  9. I checked my audible app and can't find this. Can you point me in a direction? Sure - so, in the Android version it's accessible from the library screen. Menu on the left -> settings -> playback settings, then it's the 5th option.
  10. So, you may have reasons to not do this, but there's actually an option in audible's options to seamlessly meld multipart books back together. It's called "seamless multipart play."
  11. Shallan changed their voices too. It says so in the text. I did have a This post has been reported for attempting to skirt the rules moment about Elhokar's lady voice though.
  12. Given that its a chain, in a weapon store, I feel like it's for binding something.
  13. Um... Maybe we should listen to Jasnah.
  14. While I don't dislike Lift as a character, I voted for her because I find her kind of irritating. And I'm dreading her becoming a more common viewpoint. Do not want! But I don't hate her. Not like I hated Elayne from WoT.