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  1. James grabbed a key-ring, and went out to the garage. "If anyone's coming to the store, we going now." he said.
  2. The book takes place after season 7, with some minor flashbacks to those events. The story of the book is entirely original
  3. Have you read 'Ashoka' by EK Johnston? That one deals with an established character, and goes over some pretty important bridging events in that character's journey. I've also been meaning to read Claudia Gray's 'Master and Apprentice', 'cuz I love me some Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan.
  4. James looked at Edwin and Flid, "I doubt Doc would have a problem with us performing a simple necessity." he said, "Besides, I'm 18, so technically as a legal adult, I'm supervising." He added with a grin.
  5. "Never mind that" James said, stepping out of the painfully bare pantry, "I can drive, so I might as well make a full on grocery run. Anyone else wanna join?"
  6. Morgan Freeman himself, in a rap battle? Say on, my liege!
  7. James sauntered along behind them, smiling. It was good to have friends.
  8. James' jaw dropped in astonishment, "You're telling me," He said in awe, "That you've never had one of America's trademark foods! That settles it, we're doing hot dogs!"
  9. "Not gonna lie," James said, "Hot dogs sound pretty dang good right now. All in favor?"
  10. James held up his hands in a gesture of surrender, "Cease Fire!" he called out jokingly, "We should probably wait for everyone to get back before having a full on group intervention!" he said near to laughter, "In the meantime, who's up for some lunch?"
  11. They are in fact referenced as 'The Sons of Honor', as an organization, but the individuals within would be a 'Son of Honor'
  12. "Definitely" James said, nodding in agreement. "We're all in pretty emotionally unstable points in life, and what we just went through could traumatize the most stoic, and stable person alive" He paused for a moment, and looked over at Flid, "You and I see things very similarly- great minds think alike as they say." He said with a grin.
  13. James sighed, and sat down next to Flid, "Yeah," he said, "I guess you could call it that." he ran his hands through his hair in frustration, "It's just like he's been blindsided to our emotional needs- or at the most, completely ignoring them." He explained, "I figure it's something worth talking about as a group"
  14. James put the game down, remembering that he'd promised someone something. He went to his desk, and opened up his email on his laptop. This is the message he typed: Dear Mom and Dad, I guess you could say I've been doing fine, but I know I promised I'd give you consistent updates on my status. I found the place that I need to be- there are a heck of a lot of others like me in Seattle. They all seem pretty nice, and well-intentioned to boot, even the ones I disagree with. I'm going to prom in a week or so, and I suppose there's that- Sawyer's really quite amiable, I think you'd like her. I love you both, James. He pressed send, and decided to head downstairs, both for food, and to host a group intervention.