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  1. I guess you could say that she's a..
  2. Man! I can't believe the cats got out of the bag again!
  3. Who let the dogs out?
  4. You forgot the "In 10 easy steps"
  5. Just finished the Blue Lion Route. Lemme just say: Wow. Unless pure Black Eagles or Golden Deer surpass it, this is easily my favorite route in this game. Solid storytelling, emotional stakes, deep and nuanced characters. *Chef Kiss* Perfect.
  6. First things first, I'm gonna define what I mean by 'games of 2019.' While some of them may have come out in 2019, I'm purely referencing games that I played this year to a satisfactory completion point. They will be listed in no particular order. 1. Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This year has been the year of JRPGs for me, and Three Houses is easily the best of that format that I've played. The Chess-like battles and required strategy/tactics was refreshing, along with providing some challenge. The characters are all lovable, and it has come to a point where they are all my children. (I swear my level of attachment to fictional characters is in no way indicative of a poor social life). The plot is massive, and with a total of 4 variations of the campaign, it will definitely be providing more fun in the future. I would recommend this game so much as to say that if you don't have a Switch, I would buy one just for this game (if you have the money to spare.) 2. Octopath Traveler. This game is the perfect fusion of classic retro JRPGs with modern videogame storytelling and musical composition. It was also my introduction to the JRPG genre, which it turns out, fits my style to a tee. I would say that either the Switch edition, or the PC is good (On Steam). I have a lot to say about this game, in fact, I have a full length review written for it, based on my over 100 hours of gameplay time. (So keep an eye out for that, coming soon) 3. Hollow Knight. If you are looking for a game with loads to do, but are low on budget, Hollow Knight is the game for you. At only $15, it has at least 100 hours worth of content to explore, with charming art, lovable characters, and incredibly dark and sad lore. This game is challenging, with over twenty unique boss battles, some optional areas of emotionally destructive platforming, and mind-warping tunnels. I love playing games, and these three are some of the best I've played recently.
  7. Yeah, its a house thing
  8. Hello Folks! I'm assuming most of you are just people who happen to want to know what I think about things. I'm a proud geek, but since geekiness varies for us all, I figured I'd post a general guidelines of what geekiness constitutes for me. (AKA my interests) Video games: If it's not on a Nintendo console, odds are I probably haven't, or will play it. I have a deep love of RPGs, or any game that tells a good story. I love games that challenge me, but not ones that challenge me to a maddening extent. Movies: Star Wars, the Lord of the Rings Television: Avatar, The Dragon Prince, Voltron. Other Books: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Wheel of Time. Hope that serves as an introduction and a guidelines as to whether or not you'll enjoy this blog --- Wyn
  9. So, I think I'll be starting up a Blog, that just covers my thoughts and stories on various geeky subject matters

    Video games, Movies, Television, Fandoms, and other books and stuff like that. 

    So if you're at all interested in my thoughts on general geekiness I'll have a Blog on this site, 

    "Wyn's Adventures in Geekiness."

    Thanks for the Nickname @AonEne. It suits me to a tee^_^

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  10. Figured I'd Share my Blue Lions final class choices Dimitri- Great Lord (Man is he a beast. And no, I don't mean it like that, Felix) Felix- Mortal Savant (Made use of his budding talent for reason, and now he is destroyer of worlds) Ashe- Bow Knight (His strength and crit rate is insane) Ingrid- Falcon Knight (She's become a crit monster) Jasnah(Byleth)- Enlightened One (Cause why the heck not?) Sylvain- Dark Knight (Also incredible with the Lance of Ruin from his Paralogue) Mercedes- Gremory (She has the POWAHH) Annette- Warlock (Just the natural fit) Catherine- Why would she not be a swordsmaster? Seteth- Wyvern Lord (Soon, soon) Flayn- Dancer (All around good support unit) Gilbert- Fortress Knight (Although I hope to have him as a Great Knight soon)
  11. "Ello" James smiled. "Quite the group we make." He added, gesturing to their group.
  12. The moons are also heavily featured in the Ishar endpaper, so people probably do associate the two, or did at some point.
  13. Blue Lions Post timeskip spoilers
  14. I cursed entirely in cosmere terms. Good luck with that! Still haven't beaten the Radiance myself- In all likeliness because Fire Emblem is now dominating my life. (primarily because I choose to not curse, and cosmere words don't count.)