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  1. Wow. This was really well written. Sazed felt like Sanderson's Sazed, as opposed to a more 'fanfic' interpretation. I would love to see your interpretation of how Mare and Kel get together!
  2. Indeedily deed! Quick question, will we be posting them in this thread, or the Cosmere the Musical Thread?
  3. Cool! I'll do 'From Now On' as sung by the Knights Radiant.
  4. I'm In! Am I given a song assignment? Or do I just pick one?
  5. A Million Dreams also has major Kaladin and Tien feels.
  6. I just love that TLJ has made it to the "religion and politics" level of controversial
  7. I also subscribe to this now. It is the best thing I've read all day (excepting OB of course)
  8. @Ashspren, that copyright bit really made the parody! If I weren't in class, I would have laughed out loud.
  9. Same! I feel like the Shard is one of the best places on the internet. Granted, we are a book lover community, and in my experience, well-read individuals are more prone to reasonable and respectful discussion than those who are not.
  10. Perhaps. Also, seeing as how this post was intended as a response to my prior post, you can either quote me or @ me to let me know.
  11. Proceeds to cry
  12. Well done!
  13. Have you listened to the Skyward Reaction Shardcast? It was actually brought up there, and I simply liked the idea enough to espouse it. And who's to say it is a traditional Dyson sphere in that sense? It is possible that Perhaps Dyson sphere-esque structures could be used to surpress cytonics, as the weirdness with Chaser and Spensa only starts once they see through the 'debris field'.
  14. I find it rather ironic, given that I started this topic, but Christmas has made this wonderful game mine at last. 8 hours into this game, it blows away all of my expectations. I really love it
  15. Evil cackling ensues