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  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, how strong of a protective instinct do you feel towards the vessels from Hollow Knight?
  2. Nowhere else in the Cosmere will you find such an abundance of Cognitive Shadows to match the Shades of Threnody, nor do they bear any rival for how truly strange they are. Shades are violent, are provoked by the strangest of slights, and most oddly of all, seem to lose most of their individuality or memories of mortal life. In comparison to other Cognitive Shadows, Shades seem sort of, half baked, created atrandom, almost as though whatever is creating them isn’t “all there”, so to speak. I posit that the Shades are not created from Ambitious Investiture, but are Merciful investiture. Part 1: The Conflict in the Threnodite System At some point after the Shattering, Ambition visited the Threnodite system, but was followed by Odium. A violent clash ensued, and eventually Ambition fled, Odium following her to finish the job. However, they were not the only combatants, as Harmony’s letter to Hoid reveals two important facts- the presence of a ‘wound in the Spiritual Realm’ and that Mercy was involved in this clash. Judging based of the naming scheme of the planets in the Threnodite System, I posit that the reason Mercy was involved in this clash, is that Threnody was the System where Mercy had chosen to Invest themselves. So while the Evil may very well be Ambitious investiture, I believe that the natural magic and investiture of Threnody was Merciful in nature. A wound in the Spiritual realm manifested due to the clash of the Shards here, and Mercy troubles Harmony. I believe that the wound in the Spiritual Realm is wounding Mercy- perhaps leaving them more or less impotent as a vessel, allowing the power to act nearly on its own in alignment with the Intent of Mercy. Part 2: A Darker Shade of Mercy It has been noted that while Mercy is indeed a virtue, that there is naturally a darker side to the Intent. I believe the Shades are a manifestation of this ‘Dark Side’. The Shard of Mercy acts rampantly, “showing mercy” to the souls of Threnodites, turning them into a strange sort of half-baked Cognitive Shadow, by suffusing them with investiture, and as I believe the power is acting without a fully stable vessel to guide it, the process is far less refined than shown elsewhere in the Cosmere, leaving them somewhat mindless as a result. Shades are souls shown mercy, saved from ‘true’ death, at the cost of an eternity of what essentially boils down to undeath. Shades are also strangely violent when provoked which is done by breaking one of the 3 Simple Rules. Key here are the First and Second rules: Do not kindle flame, and Do not shed the blood of another. Especially the second rule- Shades are drawn by doing harm to another, a pointedly ‘unmerciful’ action; and with enough mindless perversion of what it means to be merciful, the first rule could also be perceived as an unmerciful action. As a side note, I also believe that before this dark turn of events, Merciful Investiture was used in the ‘Rites’ that Nazh mentions with such indignation to create full Cognitive Shadows, rather than the morbidly merciful Shades.
  3. Graphic Audio isn't quite like your traditional Audiobook, it 's more like an audio drama. It's the unabridged book, but narrated by a full cast with background music. From what little of the graphic audios I've listened to, they seem to be very high quality. I was able to find the traditional audiobook on CD on the Macmillan Audio website (the subset of Brandon's publishing house that handles audio) https://us.macmillan.com/books/9781427275103/mistborn the only downside appears to be the price. If you were looking to get all of the original Mistborn trilogy like this, it would cost roughly 240 US dollars. If this is around the same price as the Graphic audio and you're willing to spend that much, then these are really good audiobooks, and I quite like them. On the other hand, occasionally public libraries will have copies of the audiobook cds available to loan, which may be a better option for seeing if your husband likes them before dropping the big cash on the audiobooks.
  4. Yeah, you and I briefly chatted on Monday night, different exchange from the Weiry conversation. Probably should have made that more clear. You were gracious and eloquent though.
  5. What a convention! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting folks form the Shard, both with names I recognize and those I didn't. I was also among the lucky ones able to ask a question at the spoiler Q&A. I asked Brandon if the Sleepless had a single planet of origin, and if so, had we seen that planet? His response to the first half was yes, and the second half was no. Shoutouts to @AonEne, @JesterLavorre, and @Borio Singaldi/Firerust for being perhaps the best convention buddies I've ever had. Also, huge thanks to @Argent and @WeiryWriter for being chill to talk to, and perhaps help settle a years old debate between Firerust and I regarding whether or not I sound like Weiry. Y'all are cool.
  6. I'm a big fan of Barly's work, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of their fabulous fanart featuring on the wiki!
  7. I drew some fanart of Hornet, since I'm so hyped for Silksong, and I'm quite pleased with the result!
  8. While I hate double posting, it felt relevant to bring up the fact that we have Silksong news! A new gameplay trailer was shown off at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase last Sunday, where it was revealed that not only will Silksong be a GamePass game day 1, but also that all games showcased will be out within the next 12 months, including Silksong! Following that, in a spree of sheer hype powered adrenaline, I finally took down the Radiance and got the Dream no More ending! Now all that's left for me to do is Godhome stuff (except P5 since, while this game has made me into a gaming masochist, I'm not that masochistic).
  9. "While I haven't beaten NKG myself" Well, as of yesterday, that statement is no longer true!
  10. I mean, there's gun mod and item randomizer.
  11. Wyndle is a funny character, whom, much to my chagrin, would probably be most similar to my own response to the current situation on Roshar. At the time I created my account, (and still today, although to a lesser extent) I was super into like, wordplay and wordsmithing. Humor of the punny variety, essentially. So, I spent like thirty minutes trying to come up with a punny Brandon-themed username, and I settled on "Wyndlerunner", as a portmanteau of 'Wyndle' and 'Windrunner'. The name stuck, although nowadays most folks I'm familiar with on this site call me 'Wyn'.
  12. Is it just me, or does Elhokar Sadeas, Kaladin's father, seem to be a decent fellow?
  13. As Rob snapped, an unearthly chill filled the room. No windows were open, nor was the drop in temperature accompanied by the tell-tale hum of the AC unit. Then, a demand was made; not a request for a boon, but a demand. In the past, James had always served as an intermediary for the Nightwatcher's powers, after all, she was a part of him in the same way the others' spren were. But this time was different. There was no consent, and the pervasive chill seemed to violate his very soul. Whatever entity existed in that black sphere had James completely stripped bare- it had a viewing of his whole pysche as a boon was torn from the Nightwatcher. While, she was unable to refuse a boon, this one felt... different, it was intensely painful and invasive. Thanks to the Connection between him and the Nightwatcher, James could feel every agonizing moment. He Screamed in pain as with one final tear, the violator tore the power free. After such an agonizing moment, the sudden lack of feeling sent James falling to his knees, eyes wide with shock, while in the back of his mind, the Nightwatcher whimpered. I'm sorry James, I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm sorry. As dizziness began to overtake him, James forced himself to look up at Rob, "You should be careful what you wish for." he growled, meeting the other boy's eyes. Having expended the last of his energy, James slumped to the floor as consciousness left him. @I think I am here., @AonEne, @WrathofaShardKitten
  14. In response to these chapters, I will now be starting a GoFundMe to pay to get Sigzil some therapy.