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  1. Plot twist: Doomslug IS the original pilot, who has been mutated into this beastly form by whatever is in the Nowhere
  2. *Does Bridge 4 Salute* I'm in Gancho!
  3. Out of pure unadulterated curiosity, where is this taking place? Cause it sounds storming awesome!
  4. Wow. That's one cute puppy
  5. Might we see pictures?
  6. Fahrenheit 451 A career arsonist decides that arson is wrong so he commits arson against a bunch of other career arsonists, and sends in his two- weeks notice via flamethrower
  7. @Ookla the Rusty that Shallan one is high quality!
  8. Oh my gosh @Paranoid King! That's actually quite clever!
  9. Wait! What hidden text? Color me intrigued!
  10. It looks so intelligent and articulate! @Kahlani, you have a real talent
  11. So, I'm an Ookla now. This is going to be interesting^_^

  12. Yeah. I've been here since March, and I don't get it. Can someone please explain this to me?
  13. True. I honestly hope that BoTW is a convergence, so I no longer need to worry about keeping track of triplets.
  14. @Herowannabe, that's pretty good!
  15. Michael and Kate are incredible! even when I'm reading the books I hear the voices that they do for the characters. I would recommend the audiobooks highly, although not without an Audible account, as physical audiobooks are ridiculously expensive.