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  1. Okay, given that it's that time of year, I have another SA parody to present to you, but not written by me. This piece was written by my younger brother, who had to write a very specific parody of the song "You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch" for a school assignment. He knew that I had written some Cosmere parodies, and asked me for advice; while the general idea came from me, most of the work is his. Edit: He has read SA, all the way through. Presenting: You're a Mean one, Amaram OB Spoilers Imminent
  2. Roses are red, But I've got a feelin' That old Thom Merrilon Is more than a gleeman
  3. James Veitch as Hoid is my new favorite thing
  4. Same actually. My alarm sound is 'Warrior' by TREN from the Kaladin Soundtrack
  5. Don't forget boxing his ears and calling him a woolhead for the rest of time
  6. Thanks! I'll try and come at some point, and see this escape room in action
  7. Plot twist: Doomslug IS the original pilot, who has been mutated into this beastly form by whatever is in the Nowhere
  8. *Does Bridge 4 Salute* I'm in Gancho!
  9. Out of pure unadulterated curiosity, where is this taking place? Cause it sounds storming awesome!
  10. Wow. That's one cute puppy
  11. Might we see pictures?
  12. Fahrenheit 451 A career arsonist decides that arson is wrong so he commits arson against a bunch of other career arsonists, and sends in his two- weeks notice via flamethrower
  13. @Ookla the Rusty that Shallan one is high quality!
  14. Oh my gosh @Paranoid King! That's actually quite clever!
  15. Wait! What hidden text? Color me intrigued!