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  1. I have slowly descended into the depths of JoJo fandom. Twas a dangerous journey, fraught with peril.
  2. Aw thanks Luna
  3. Ok, here's me the Old English Sheepdog
  4. Yes this is a JoJo's reference. The purpose of this topic is simple, take a Cosmere Character, and make them into a Stand User. Provide a Stand name, and at least one ability. Here's the first few
  5. Yeah I can see myself doing that
  6. What do y'all think I'd be?
  7. I don't regret it yet.
  8. The feel when you can't decide whether or not the repeated 'yes' saying is a JoJo's reference. (I'm slowly spiraling down to being a JoJo's fan- but it's fine, we're fine.)
  9. I don't get it...
  10. Yep, I'll take that title. And you take my upvote, that made me laugh so hard.
  11. I mean, it's a decent theory, and where Nakomi is concerned, pretty much any theory is valid (even the !Future Avhienda theory, which I personally don't agree with). I came to WoT through Sanderson, having been at first a Cosmere Fan, so I can't always distinguish what Brandon's little touches might have been, because I'm just so used to them. TBH, I always kind of got more of a Hoid vibe from Thom, as opposed to Nakomi.
  12. I mean, we do already have the 'Sanderson Memes' topic over in General Brandon Discussion, which includes everything from Mistborn Memes to Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians Memes.
  13. I mean, I was never able to see the progress bars on mobile to begin with, so that's not detrimental to me. Put me down as a proponent of this new website- It's so much sleeker than the last one.
  14. Huh, guess I somehow skimmed over that. Ah, well, I really liked that title. If we're moving from that title, I think we might get something like the Shin's religious texts. (Let's just pray to Honor that the title isn't 'Skybreaker'- because that's the only Brandon title I've disliked*) *For those unaware, 'Skybreaker' was a tentative title for book 3, back when it was Szeth's book.