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  1. Guarantee you won't find raw onions in @conantnyc's dish! Team #Chopped #ironchefamerica @FoodNetwork

  2. Testicular cancer is most common cancer in American males b/w ages of 15-35. Help @SCStingrays #Movember team today @

  3. The average life expectancy for men is five years fewer than women. Help close the gap and raise awareness @ #Movember

  4. The moustache comb - a vital weapon in the arsenal of any mo cultivator. See it in action at

  5. Knowledge is power, moustache is king. Pls donate to the @SCStingrays #Movember team @

  6. This year 8,290 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer. Pls support my #Movember efforts:

  7. The angriest little shark you ever did see, at Riverbanks Zoo's Boo at the Zoo!