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  1. One other thing to keep in mind, in WoR when Kaladin begins to use his surgebinding fully he attracts a swarm of windspren, we know that Shallan frequently attracts creationspren. Maybe speaking further Oaths will allow you to bond the non-sapient spren? If this is the case then it probably wouldnt bother Syl as much because they were not alive in the same way. I would be surprised if there is a link between a Knights spren and the plate itself though, at least not in the same way that the blades are. Because if that was the case then you would likely be able to bond plate... And finally... The variety of Spren which can bond with a human do not naturally exist within the physical realm, whereas normal spren do. Which would explain why plate cannot disappear into shadesmar like a blade can.
  2. I was just about to mention this, personally I thought it was one of the funniest things i've ever read. it really starts the whole Bridge Four bonding process.
  3. They could have been the original Fabrials, but its still up in the air. If they are spren then I suspect that they were what originally bonded with the Parshendi when Honor/Cultivation first terraformed the planet to create helpers for the newly formed humans. Perhaps they build the original cities based on the way certain sounds make. In a way I think that is one of the older aspects of their song. Imagine builders who could tune themselves together and work in unison? it would be an incredible boon for mankind. And if Odium had somehow blocked those spren from bonding with Parshendi then it might well explain the jealousy and hatred which could have caused the first Voidshendi(im not convinced that they are the voidbringers rather than just a single aspect of it) If they are Fabrials, then I suspect they are as much more powerful than normal Fabrials as Honorblades are more powerful than Shardblades. But how that would work I have absolutely no idea there just isnt enough information yet.
  4. Possibly but I dont think so it just doesnt quite feel right to me. It seems like the blades form during moments of extreme need and to be honest I just dont think Jasnah has ever really needed one before. She could soulcast as a weapon. I think she gained more power during her time in Shadesmar. If she had a blade before she might have used it against that gang in tWoK rather than soulcast them.
  5. It makes me wonder if we havent actually seen foreshadowing for the 4th Ideal already. "I shall not browbeat myself when my followers die for a righteous cause!" but no I still think it has to do with teaching other people to lead. Jezrien was the Herald responsible for training mankinds leaders in how to lead, how to be generals. So it makes sense that the Windrunners who had stylised themselves after Jezrien would do the same. Which is why I think Elhokar's request is so interesting.
  6. Jasnah did not have a radiant blade so why would it have worked for her? whether she thought to infuse it with stormlight like Shallan did is another matter. I suspect the only lock they placed on it if any, would be a lock which stopped it from working unless a Radiant left from Urithiru to one of the others. Single way traffic perhaps?
  7. As long as there isnt someone who is similar to Cordelia Ransom... Mr Pierre was merely trying to ride a tiger. But yeah I agree that Nalan's group has little to do with surgebinders, I doubt he even wants any of his followers to be able to surgebind, not yet anyway I think he will have a change of heart once he sees the everstorm.
  8. Shards can essentially bio-engineer entire races when they want to, so I dont think its out of the lines of possibility that The Parshendi were first tweaked into the Listeners by Cultivation. Perhaps as vessels for the Dawnshards. And then re-engineered in a more subtle way by Odium later in order for him to be able to control them.
  9. Not really sure here, I suspect that he went to the Nightwatcher years before Galivar died, his wife around 3-4 years before the assassination and the way he looks guiltily at Renarin makes me wonder. What if he asked for Renarin to be capable of being a warrior? I dont think he asked for his health to improve as that doesnt quite feel right. Originally I thought that he asked for aid in getting over his grief, but I think that it is somehow linked to Renarin, we just havent got enough information to go on.
  10. Myself I think it is some sort of ultra Fabrial. something the Knight could wear, fairly innocent looking and not too bulky. But when infused with Stormlight it grows and shapes itself into a suite of Shardplate imbued with stormlight (Hence the glyphs and colour) It could then act as not only a battery of sorts, because any stormlight they breath out would be caught by the plate and then absorbed by the armour itself. But as protection and a way to super-enhance their muscles and endurance. It would explain they way shardplate's damaged sections could be regrown, as well as how the Knight in Dalinar's vision could remove it at will, if it is a conscious decision to do so. This doesnt fully explain why it was left in full plate form during the Recreance though, so there are some massive holes in this idea. I suppose the other possibility if it is a spren based ability: Plate might be the body of the spren, the physical manafestation, while the blade is the mind of the spren which would explain why plate would not scream. And why the blade can be summoned but the plate cannot. Along these lines it makes you wonder if the Recreance wasnt just about breaking Oaths but about severing a sprens mental and physical self.
  11. I thought he was trying to teach her to Lightweave Yolen style. The way he does well he tells his tales to Kaladin. he makes them come alive to the listener. In a way very similar to what Shallen could do if she were better trained. but yes I think he was surprised. and I suspect he was soothing her during it as well. a lot of people think he was burning metal to sense her abilities, but makes more sense he was soothing her
  12. Eshonai will have a PoV in Book #4 so not really anymore than Szeth having Book #3 as his PoV book. When he's only been in Interludes until then. Other than the first chapter of tWoK
  13. What if the secret is that be opening themselves to the spren they open themselves to Odium now that Honor is dead? Think about it, Honor was still alive during the other desolations, he would have been able to exert a modicum of control over the Radiants to stop them from being taken over like the Parshendi. Perhaps without him, they have no shield to Odium except their own will? This might actually explain what Syl meant when she said to Kaladin that he is not supposed to be like this. Perhaps it takes far more strength of will to resist it now and if thats the case, then surgebinding could actually become a real problem. The Stormform Parshendi are nothing to what a truly out of control surgebinder could do. We've seen what Szeth could do, if there were hundreds of him being controlled by Odium... It might actually explain the Recreance to an extent if this is actually the case; because if their spren had been infected by Odium then the Radiants could not risk releasing them, so perhaps they intentionally locked them into their shardblade form to stop them from being able to do the same again with a new surgebinder. The spren within shadesmar might not even realise the significance and decided it was mankinds betrayal rather than the weakened state it places both man and spren in when they are bound.
  14. Exactly, the thing is almost every trick Szeth normally uses to make him such a killing machine will not work against Kaladin. Szeth sticks someone to the ceiling? he tries that on Kaladin and Kaladin can likely just suck it in. Szeth reverses gravity? Kaladin does the same but at a lower stormlight cost. They were evenly matched in terms of abilities however: The cost factor is the bigger factor than most people give it credit. Szeth could not afford to heal his injuries while fighting at the same level. Kaladin could, and not only could he heal while still fighting at the same level as Szeth but he had Syl shard shifting to be whatever was needed for the situation. Every time Szeth has fought in the past has been against normal people, even normal people in shardplate are not really a challenge when you can do things that make them insignificant, and heal almost anything they do to you. I dont really think Szeth is a Knights Radiant now though, at least not yet. I dont think he can become one at all or he would not have needed Nightblood. Think about it. a true Skybreaker has similar abilities to Kaladin but instead of the clause to protect, they have a charge to uphold justice. They are essentially the anti-windrunner, If they could not counter what a wind runner does they would not be able to police them. But just like Wind Runners are able to beat most people, they are held in check by their oaths. I suspect that Skybreakers are bound just as tightly.