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  1. I was just thinking about when Hoid tells the Fleet story to Kaladin, how he has Kaladin help tell the story. And in WoK Kaladin is able to see hints about what’s coming up in the story. It could just be Hoid being a good storyteller, but I had the thought that maybe he wants Kaladin to learn to tap into the Spiritual Realm to learn things. Maybe he was prepping him for what he did in the Cognitive Realm to find out where they needed to go, or for something yet to come. Possibly not, but maybe.
  2. While this might be fun to theorize about, I’m glad we don’t see these kinds of things often in the stories, and when we do they’re generally not main characters. There’s a reason that Superman is far less popular than Batman. OP characters are boring. I’d much rather read/watch a Twinborn or a Radiant, or someone of the Third Heightening, or a Forger than I would Fullborn, or a Herald, or the Godking, or an Elantrian (after Raoden fixes the symbol). It’s more interesting to see them struggle, claw, and connive their way to victory than it is to see someone who is simply too powerful swat their enemies like flies.
  3. There’s a couple problems there. First is that all surgebinders have 2 types of investiture (their 2 surges), so also being a duralumin gnat would give them three, which would disrupt their resonance. Second is that what you’re referring to doesn’t sound like resonance. It sounds more like you’re just asking if duralumin could be used to do a burst effect of stormlight. For that I would expect that it can.
  4. I would think inverting it (destroying the connections in other groups) sounds more like a Dustbringer power.
  5. I agree with what seems to be the consensus on this, but one idea occurred to me. If the edges of where the Cognitive aspect of a world meets the beginnings of representation of space (like between Alaska and Russia as mentioned before) is defined by the majority of thoughts on the matter, then there are two situations that become interesting. One was mentioned earlier, but I didn’t see any responses to it. That’s the situation where there are two continents and they are unaware of the existence of each other. How would they show up in relation to each other? I suspect that in that situation the thoughts of lesser species would have greater impact and would nudge them into positions that make sense to the animals of the sea and/or sky. The second situation is what if someone managed to get a new map accepted as the standard throughout the world. Unlikely, but conceivable. Would the arrangement of things shift based on the thoughts caused by the new map? Actually, a new thought occurred to me. This is related to the spiritual realm, where time is all in one, causing things like ‘Kaladin is a great spearman because he would become a great spearman’. Maybe for things like both of these situations the thoughts of those in the future and past could affect it. We do know that people can change the edges of continents in the physical realm (dikes, etc) and that that will eventually be reflected in the Cognitive. There’s a WoB on that, but I don’t want to look it up. (On my phone right now.). Anyway, so that kind of goes against that last thought, unless it’s that present thoughts have greater impact than future. If so that makes me think the effectiveness of the thoughts would be relative to when they occur compared to now. Which would make it so a dike situation would have a small effect in the Cognitive realm before the dike was actually built, but probably only a very small one.
  6. I love Harmony, but I feel like that’s a cop out. After him is Cultivation and Endowment. Autonomy is interesting, but needs more screen time. I also think Devotion and Dominion were probably very interesting before Odium got to them.
  7. True, but cracks in the spiritweb aren’t enough. Similar to how a proto-radiant has to already be trying to live by the ideals of their order, a proto-misting has to demonstrate preservation. I get that it’s hard for a baby to do that, but at the very least they can want to live rather than just giving up.
  8. For Allomancy, I believe the thing with snapping is that you have to come near to death but then choose to preserve yourself.
  9. Which is where we tend to have the edge of our maps.
  10. A perpendicularity will allow you to get from the Cognitive realm of one world to the physical realm of that world, but it doesn’t make it so you can get to other worlds. I’ve always thought of the Cognitive realm as being like a map. Picture a map of the whole universe, with a map of each individual planet laid on top of the universe map at the location of the planet. Now remember that most models of the solar system that people make are super not to scale, because empty space is boring, so you can squish together the vast distances of empty space to be much less vast. The problem people have with this is that we know that each world is round in the physical realm, but even though we know the earth is round, for practical purposes we generally treat it as flat in our minds, which is why we have maps of the world. I expect that the shape of the Cognitive realm for each world probably matches the way most people think of the world. By that I mean where the edges of the world map are.
  11. Agreed
  12. Hmm, I looked at it the other way. I thought the letter went to a particular Avatar, but Patji is responding instead. And when he/she/it says "We, instead, will take your communication to us", the "us" is referring to Autonomy as a whole, which I picture as being like a hive mind at this point.
  13. I believe it's that he wrote it to a different Avatar, but Patji is responding for that Avatar, because, as Patji says, the other Avatar can't respond. I don't think we know the name or location of the other Avatar.
  14. I understand that, and I probably was more harsh than I should have been, but Sixth of the Dusk is the only Brandon story I've listened/read only one time. I feel absolutely no desire to give it another listen. I would probably rate it between Lame and Meh. For some authors that's okay, but his second worst story in my opinion is White Sand, and I'd put that as Okay. As an interesting side note, I read this in your voice, which I know thanks to shardcast. It was kind of weird to hear your voice in my head like that, but cool.
  15. BOOOOO!!! I hate sixth of the dusk, but I'm especially mad that he's doing this instead of working on something that I actually like. Lost Metal was supposed to be finished LAST YEAR! He has yet to start it.