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  1. Yeah. I’m not positive it’s part of identity. I think it is, but I’m not positive. It could be connection. Definitely something magical. We know so little about both of those. We know connection can be used for languages, but the ars arcanum in era 2 talks about using it to make friends. Identity is related to keyed investiture, but that’s not all it is. They’re both abstract, so they could each have multiple seemingly unrelated applications.
  2. Interesting theories. I’ve had similar thoughts. A couple problems though. You got the surges for the different orders mixed up. Bondsmiths don’t have division. Division belongs to skybreakers and dustbringers. The second issue is that the circles with half the symbol flipped represent surges, not orders of knights. I've been thinking that Renarin may have the voidbinding version of illumination but the surgebinding version of progression (regrowth). Not positive on that though.
  3. I considered that as well, and I get that argument, but I still think Identity is part of it. I don't think that WoB is actually about this. I think the question was poorly worded and confused Brandon. He ended up answering a question more about whether crystal or bones are better for a Kandra body, and I don't think that's really what they meant to ask. I think the bones do give them access to some of the person's Identity. It's partially physical, but I think it's spiritual as well.
  4. I'm sure it's going on. We just haven't seen it yet.
  5. I was thinking about Kandra in Bands of Mourning and something occurred to me. In Bands of Mourning it talks a lot about Identity, but it's all in reference to Feruchemy and Allomancy. I was wondering if Identity could be important for Kandra. Specifically, I was thinking that it may be part of how they are able to so convincingly take the forms of other people. This eventually lead me to thinking about other shapeshifters as well, but first I'll talk about Kandra. Young Kandra are only able to shapeshift into the form of a person after consuming their body. After a lot of time spent taking on various forms they're eventually able to take liberties, mixing and matching, adding, subtracting, adapting, etc. But at first they're only able to consume a body and then turn into a copy of that body. Once they're in a form they have a hard time not acting like the person that form belongs to (like when MeLaan takes on the form of the Governor Innate at the end of Shadows of Self, she knows she's supposed to be placating the crowd, but that's not what Innate would have done. This could be from training and practice, but I think that would only take you so far. Particularly when she didn't actually know much about Innate.). Anyway, so I'm proposing that when a Kandra consumes a body they are able to consume a portion of the person's Identity. This helps them to not only copy the person's physical appearance, but their mannerisms, their speech patterns, etc. It wouldn't give them the person's memories, but they would instinctively be able to tap into the way that person would do things. This is similar to when Shai is testing pieces of the pattern for Ashravan's essence mark on Gaotona. This effectively gave Gaotona a copy of a small portion of Ashravan's identity. Sometimes Shai would incorporate actual memories into the stamps as well, but like with the part about how his favorite color was green. I feel like that had more to do with Identity than memories. For a Kandra I feel like they would get more of the person's Identity than Gaotona was getting, though not the whole thing. For a Mistwraith I bet they get the bits of Identity as well, but without sapience it doesn't do them any good. So that brings me to other kinds of shapeshifting in the Cosmere. Here's a list of all the kinds of shapeshifting I can think of: Kandra/Mistwraith, Aimian, Dician Aimian, Forgery (minimal, but it does still happen), and Returned/Royal Locks. Aimians and Dician Aimians we don't see enough for me to judge how much has to do with Identity, but I suspect that it does play a part. Forgery you're only changing to different versions of yourself, but I still think that your identity is changing. Returned we don't see too much of it, but the parts we do see seem to me like it's totally about Identity, and the Royal Locks we already know work the same way, just on a smaller scale. Illusions aren't actually shapeshifting, but I think Identity frequently plays a part in them as well. Anyway, I thought this was interesting. Thoughts?
  6. I thought that at one point too. Back then I figured the woman was supposed to be Cultivation, but WoB says it's voidbinding.
  7. I'm not sure I'd want to do this actually. If I didn't think I'd already put in as much effort as I could to be the best forger I could be, I don't think I'd trust any essence marks I might make.
  8. I was looking at these two diagrams and noticed something I hadn't seen before. It was easiest to see when switching between tabs on the same browser on these pages: and The symbols for the surges (the little circles) have their left sides identical, while their right sides are vertically flipped versions. The surgebinding one they're symmetrical left and right, but the voidbinding one is based on the same symbol, but instead of being symmetrical, the right half is a 180 degree rotation. Symmetry is important on Roshar. I've never heard anyone talk about it (though I'm sure it's out there), but I think that symmetry is meant to represent the making and keeping of oaths. I think these voidbinding symbols where the second half is the first half flipped on its head might be meant to represent the breaking of oaths. Oddly though the symbols corresponding to the symbols for the Orders of Radiants (the big circles) remain symmetrical right and left, though they have very different styles to their surgebinding equivalents. Maybe because they keep different kinds of oaths? I'm also wondering who the woman on the outside is, where it has the heralds on the surgebinding one. I wonder if she might be one of the unmade. Sja-anat? Ba-Ado-Mishram? I don't know.
  9. Agreed. That’s why I worded things that way. I know it would only change myself, not the world around me, but it would have to change me in a way that could have happened.
  10. Cool, I hadn’t seen that WoB.
  11. No using Forgery to gain access to another magic system. I think that’s most likely impossible, and if not then it would be very difficult because of all kinds of reasons. So what would you choose to change about yourself? What untaken paths would you make into essence marks? I think I’d have one where I stuck with martial arts. I’d have another where I stuck with piano. I’d have another where I became a scientist (I’m actually a software engineer). I’d have another where I majored in English and became an author. That one would be awesome. Put the essence mark on to work on my book, then after it’s finished I can enjoy reading my own book. LOL
  12. Agreed, and I’ve always been under the impression that his bondsmith-like powers are how he was able to bind the orders to the ideals. The truthwatchers having future sight is inaccurate though. Renarin has that because his spren is corrupted by Sja-anat. I think regular ones are only able to see the truth about the present, and possibly the past.
  13. All interesting ideas. I feel certain it means something, but I get the feeling it hasn’t been revealed yet. I’m similarly wondering if there’s any reason that bondsmiths and truthwatchers are more towards the middle than the others. I’d be inclined to say this was artistic license, except that we know that bondsmiths are significant. Could there be something significant about truthwatchers?
  14. I doubt it, but it is an interesting idea. I agree that Autonomy is the most likely, but it would be interesting if it was from a Splinter of something else instead of a fully intact Shard.
  15. I was examining the diagram of Orders of Knights Radiant. And I realized the lines connecting orders have 2 more lines than I ever noticed before. Each Order has a line connecting it to the Orders on either side (the ones it shares Surges with) and also a line connecting it to the Order exactly opposite it. Those didn't surprise me, but today I noticed that there are 2 extra lines, each connecting 2 Orders that otherwise would not be. On the right there is an extra line connecting Windrunners and Edgedancers, and on the left the line connects Lightweavers and Stonewards. Does anyone have any knowledge of why there are these extra connections? Windrunners bond Honorspren and Edgedancers bond Cultivationspren, so that does make some sense that they have an extra connection. Lightweavers and Stonewards are across from them symmetrically, but aside from that I'm not sure what reason they could be connected. I tried searching around the forums and the coppermind, but I haven't found any verified reasons for this. Any ideas?