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  1. My most recent listen through Oathbringer as soon as I realized Elhokar’s death was coming up I started crying. Had to pause audible before I could get through it. I’ve never cried for the end of HoA or for Lightsong’s death scene. Both of them just felt so beautifully crafted, and the deaths didn’t really seem like something to mourn. They were happy to sacrifice for what they knew was right. It was bittersweet, but mostly sweet. And I am totally with you on the anger toward Dalinar. I feel like I can never forgive him. He committed genocide. I know tons of people expect him to become Honor, or Unity, or something, but I will honestly be mad if that happens. I’d be okay if it’s a brief thing ending with him sacrificing himself (like Vin) so someone VASTLY more worthy can take it up after him (probably Kaladin, but I’d be okay with pretty much any other protagonist rather than Dalinar), but if he ends up staying as a shard for more than a few days then I’m going to be ticked.
  2. It actually reminds me of the magic system in Larry Correia’s Grimnoir series. In that each type of magic is connected to a different location of a magical pattern created by a cosmic entity. Each has neighboring types that can be tapped into with effort. There’s other ways to get access to other types, but that’s one.
  3. I don’t think Brandon has ever said this, but I expect that gravity’s pull on you must change proportionally as you store and tap speed. Let me explain. So, when tapping speed we can see that you effectively become a Speedster (like the flash), but the problem is that when an object moves at speeds like that without something tethering it to the ground (sufficient weight like a train, aerodynamics intentionally pushing it down like a race car, or something tethering it into place like a roller coaster) it becomes a projectile. So if you wanted to go more than about double the speed of an Olympic sprinter you would basically be a large bullet rather than the Flash. So, in order for this to work your gravitational pull would have to increase in order to keep you on the ground when tapping speed. You might not notice it, but it has to exist. I’m curious to know how gravity would interact while storing speed. I hope it would be decreased, meaning that if you store while falling you would fall either more slowly, more softly, or both. Similarly, it’s safe to assume that your mental speed would have to be increased while tapping speed as well. Otherwise you would not only be crashing into things because you would have trouble thinking fast enough to avoid them, but also your brain wouldn’t be able to keep up with your feet and you’d trip every few feet. We can actually observe this in Shadows of Self, when Wax and Wayne are in a speed bubble and Bleeder looks at them and is surprised. Without increased mental speed she wouldn’t have time for the thought to register. When storing speed again you likely lose some mental speed. These are both interesting on their own, but they also indicate that it’s likely that similar things happen for other attributes,
  4. I feel like he’s not JUST hatred. I agree that he doesn’t own all emotion, and certainly not the calmer emotions, but I feel like in some ways passion is closer to his intent than just Odium.
  5. The obvious ones: Yo mama so stable, we call her Preservation. Yo mama so loving, we call her Devotion. Yo mama so rich, she makes Dominion jealous. Yo mama so giving, she gives investiture to Endowment. Yo mama so ambitious, Rayse thought Uli Da had survived. A little less obvious: Yo mama so careful, she keeps her Nightblood sheath in a Nightblood sheath sheath. Yo mama so persuasive, Breeze learned Soothing from her.
  6. Shouldn’t this be ‘Because they’re all chicken.’
  7. I don’t think Awakening requires connection. It seems to me like the only systems that do are Selish. For Allomancy and Feruchemy it takes the right bloodlines (barring any Lerasium). For Awakening it’s all about how many breaths you have, and everyone there is born with one. For surgebinding it requires either a Nahel bond or an Honorblade. It feels like of those the Nahel bond is the most similar to connection. I’ve theorized that Bondsmiths might have a resonance that encourages others to become squires to other orders, but I think that’s the closest we’ll see to this. On another note, what you said about doing a stormlight fuel hack, I don’t think it could work. I don’t think an Awakener can use stormlight for actual Awakening. Stormlight is a very active form of investiture, and doesn’t like to stay in one place, while Breaths are sticky. When you put them somewhere they stay there until you take them back. There’s also that Breath is literally a piece of a person’s soul, which is why it has the intelligence it needs to understand the commands. For stormlight you’d have to take some investiture with intelligence (like a spren) and put it into the thing you wanted to ‘awaken’. That may be possible, but not just with regular stormlight. The only stormlight fuel hacks we’ve seen are Zahel using stormlight instead of breath to survive and Nightblood consuming it when drawn, both of which are very non-specific about the type of investiture they need.
  8. Interesting idea as far as using commands that are related to a different shards intent. I could see some interesting results from that. Maybe it could be possible to awaken a person to be an elantrian, or an item to give them elantrian level access to the Dor. Unfortunately the Dor is location specific. When Odium killed Aona and Skai he pulled the bulk of their power from the Spiritual realm, where most investiture tends to reside, into the Cognitive. This is important because the Spiritual has all locations in one, meaning that things there can be accessed from any location in any realm. The Cognitive however has location like the physical, so the power of the Dor can only be used in that location, namely Sel.
  9. Bavadin is the shard Autonomy’s vessel. She likes to make these things called avatars and leave them on different planets. Avatars are like pieces of her that she pulls off and gives enough power and mind to for it to be able to take on a life of its own (letting it be autonomous:) ). Some of her avatars are male, but most are female.
  10. And welcome to the forums.
  11. Arcanum unbounded also includes The Emperor’s Soul which is in the same world as Elantris, but has a lot more Cosmere knowledge in it. It has one of the best explanations for the 3 realms out of all Brandon’s books. Plus Shai is freaking awesome.
  12. This is the premise of Inkheart, though with that it’s not about saving them.
  13. David, will you please explain your simile? You are notoriously bad at them, yes, but they do always make sense to you, so please explain this one to us.
  14. I think this is off topic, but interesting in its own right. For starters, Brandon’s creations are fictional, so brutality against them is fictional as well. That doesn’t make it completely fake, but certainly less real than brutality against real people. It’s similar to how Christ said that a man who lusts after a woman is guilty of committing adultery in his heart. So he could in theory be held accountable for this, but seeing as his books promote thought about moral and philosophical issues which can lead to real people choosing to improve their choices, this can be weighed in his favor. Plus his books don’t glorify the evils and brutality (unlike some other books that are popular right now), but rather show how bad they are and how important it is for the heroes to fight against them, which is also more likely to lead to kindness in the hearts of his readers. Again a point in his favor. Secondly, what you were saying about God giving Brandon the ability to brutalize makes God accountable. This is a fallacy. As a way of explaining, let’s look at Odium and Dalinar. Dalinar did terrible things, almost to a Hitler level of evil. Yes, Odium was pushing him all along, but Dalinar took responsibility for what he’d done, refusing to give his guilt to Odium. And just as Dalinar was responsible for his actions and chose to accept that responsibility, we are responsible for our actions despite the temptations we face from the devil and our own weaknesses. God is not responsible for our choices even if He could predict them, particularly when He believes so strongly in the sanctity of human agency (I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just like Brandon, and this is one of the things we believe). The shard which is the closest parallel to God as we believe Him to be (personality wise) is Harmony. In Wax’s near death scene with Harmony he tries to blame him for all the bad things in the world, but Harmony very clearly and effectively explains that if he were to do more then he would be taking away the choices of people, and that from his perspective he can see the need for things like death, disease, and suffering. Similarly our perspective is very different from God’s. We see suffering in the world and it’s easy to either blame God, viewing him as cruel, or insist that he must not exist, but both of these options leave out the possibility that maybe He’s not only real but that He loves us so much that He lets us make our own mistakes and learn to deal with them. He does nudge things here and there, especially when asked, and for those who are willing to listen He does more personally in their lives, but He really does try to bless everyone as much as we will allow Him to. Anyway, sorry to take things even further off topic, but you brought up interesting points and I wanted to give my perspective.
  15. I would love to see Marsh anywhere that people don’t know what the spikes mean.