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    Umm, well I'm really out of ideas. I'm just going to write something random so if somebody looks at my profile, they'll think am interesting and not a complete nerd. A cat eating rutabagas decided to find a new home. He searched all over town to find his new house but just couldn't seem to find the right one. This set the cat into a state of deep self-analysis, and finally decided alpacas were the scum of the earth, apple seeds should always be included in assassination attempts, humans would be better if they were potted plants, and that he was actually a fish. The fish(not a cat) went, stole a car, drove it into a lake, and lived happily ever after under the water.(This was a magic cat, did I mention that) Well, that was fun. Now I'll seem important. Also, you just wasted a lot of time in your life.

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  1. His Skybreaker oaths were: 1. Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination. (Obviously) 2. I will put the law above else and uphold it in any situation that requires I do so. 3. I swear to bring down those who are corrupt and power hungry, and bring order where there absence causes it. (Pretty much, he has to kill or eliminate any person who has to much power, or is not handling that power properly. If their disappearance causes problems, he'll fix them and restore peace and order) So I guess his oaths aren't to restricting? So what should I exactly change @beantheboy12? (Sorry for such a late response, I've been busy)
  2. Need to have this character approved for era three! Not sure exactly how to do that, but hope to hop back into the Alleyverse asap!
  3. Veil awoke. He sat up and looked around. He wasn't exactly sure where he was or what was happening. Last he remembered he had passed out and was having Ishek watch over his body. Something must have happened that kept him unconscious for much longer than normal. Veil sat there, pondering what could've happened.
  4. Veil thanked Aeodin after he had healed him, than walked over to Ishek. "I need to ask you a favor." Veil said, "this battle may have ended, but the worst is to come for me. I ask you to bring me somewhere safe while I'm ... unable to help myself. I can explain afterwards, though this may take a few hours." With that Veil sat down on the ground, and closed his eyes. He ran the past how many had died through his head. This was going to hurt. He'd learned early on that he could supress his curse from the nightwatcher, never realizing the consequences until he had supressed it during a battle similiar to this one. Breathing in, Veil prepared himself, than released. There was a moment of blessed normalness. Than it all hit him at once. The pain was overwhelming. The pain of all those monks who had died. At least they had died, while he had to take the pain with no physical effect. Since shardblades were used, the feeling of his soul being cleaved in half was as painful as the physical pain. A huge suge hit him, and he screamed in pain, writhing on the ground in agony. This was the part where he stopped fighting it. His whole life was pain now, nothing else existed. He just hoped Ishek would do what he asked. @The Grumpy Elantrian
  5. @The Grumpy Elantrian
  6. Veil peeked out from his alleyway, and didn't see any monks, so he assumed the fight was over. Forcing himself to his feet, Veil stumbled over to where Ishek was standing, looking down at Laonin. Poor man, the toll that must have taken on his body. Might as well stand here until Aeodin arrived. Some of his injuries were pretty bad. Not that he could feel them though, which brought up another problem. Veil sighed. He was a mess.
  7. Whoops, read something wrong.
  8. Veil turned his head as flames fell from the sky. One landed on his arm, sizzling his flesh. Only than did he notice. There was no pain. Veil groaned. He had been doing it again. If he survived, than this was bad. Really bad. Not focusing on the shade anymore, Veil doged most of the fllames, though a few hit him. He had to get away, or else he could die. Lashing himself towards an alleyway, Veil slumped down, out of breath.
  9. Veil turned, shocked as a shade burst from an alleyway. A shade. This was bad. More than bad. He had to get it away from here. Storms. His enemy. A fist slammed into Veil, and he flew across battlefield, hitting a few monks. Well, at least he was closer to the shade now. Getting closer, Veil threw a rock that he had picked up from the ground at the beast. The numerous cuts from his hands bloodying the rock. Hopefully he could get it's attention, and lead it away from his companions.
  10. Veil smiled as they rushed forward. Fools. Reaching into hid quiver, he knocked an arrow, drew back, and fired. The arrow hit true, piercing the monks eye. Veil rarely missed with his eye uncovered. Not caring to see if he was dead, Veil moved on to his next target. He continued this until he was out of arrows, estimating about 25 monks hit in all. Jumping off the building and performing a quarter lashing to soften his landing, Veil rolled to his feet. Canceling all his existing lashings, Veil launched himself into the battle, the bow that he had been holding now a strange weapon. It looked like a spear, but replacing the spearhead was a double edged blade about the size of a longsword. Veil swept through the crowd of monks with his shard-weapon, weilding it in a smooth, flowing fashion, knocking monks off their feet with one side while stabbing with the other end. This was where Veil thrived. Protecting others. Bringing justice.