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  1. . . . you accidentally say Nergaoul instead of Nazgul.
  2. Alright, now this is going to be a long one, but I ask you all to stick around till the end. Life isn't always full of sunshine; sometimes you get the short end of the stick. But remember, if anyone bothers you, stick and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you. Here at the shard, we all stick together. Just come to your friends, and we'll stick up for you if you're too afraid to do it on your own. Whoever it is probably has a stick up his backside. Just take those bad thoughts and stick them in a safe in the back of your mind. Then cover up that safe with a poster, and use gum to make sure it sticks to the wall. I didn't mean to turn this into a PSA, but I started writing and the idea just kinda stuck. I'm out of puns. Please offer more if you have them, whether you made them yourself or got them off the internet. PS. What's brown and sticky?
  3. spook

    Okay, so we started talking about this over at Southern Scadrian Linguistics, but this is interesting enough to deserve a thread of its own. Wasing of the wanting to be learning of Spook's funky grammar. Ising of the inviting @EmeraldMind to be explaining of it for the benefiting of his (or her, idk) fellow sharders.
  4. I bet if he has a kid then it'll just be kidnapped and used against him. The Set could make one of their corrupted kandra pretend to be someone the kid trusts, and then take them away. Then again, they might not be interested in Wax for much longer. They'll be busy launching underground assaults on Southern Scadrial. We'll see. But also, there could be other organizations tracking Wax's movements. He is the most famous (and effective) lawman on the continent, as well as being "one of three crashers ever born." His child(ren), assuming they ever make their way into a book, will be big for the plot, I think.
  5. While we're (sort of) on the subject, does anyone know if I can learn Spook's dialect from book 1? I looked for a thread about this but didn't find one.
  6. So, I assume you can all drive a stick? That would be kind of ironic if you couldn't. You do you I guess, but I might consider that blasphemy if I was a stick and my followers had an automatic transition.
  7. I must agree, though I wouldn't have said "far" worse. It was definitely over-hyped, but it was okay. While we're on the subject, I liked Last Jedi much more than everyone else seems to.
  8. That's the point. By sacrificing Honor, Cultivation learns how to defeat Odium. That means, Cultivation helps Honor against Odium by being the one to collect and use the information, since Honor wouldn't be around anymore. Good point.
  9. @Stormblessed Dolphin I solemnly swear never to reveal secret information regarding TUBA. I swear never to defile any sort of baked goods with spikes - hemalurgic or otherwise. I swear due allegiance to this guild, its goals, and its leaders. I swear all of this truthfully, so help me Tanavast.
  10. Yes, she'd still be on Honor's side. The theory was saying that, by helping Odium kill Honor, Cultivation learned how to kill Odium. I expanded slightly on this idea, saying that Honor had made this sacrifice willingly, so that Cultivation would be able to beat Odium. Your evidence (which says that Cultivation and Honor were romantically involved) neither proves nor disproves the theory. It is feasible that Cultivation could have let Honor make the sacrifice, despite her feelings. (if that's how shardic love works) I know it's an old thread, but I had something to say. Can anyone blame me? Are we not all nerds to some degree or another?
  11. Maybe not. It could easily have been a complicated plan to let Cultivation know how to defeat Odium. If there's any truth to this theory, then I'd bet Honor was in on the plan. It certainly does seem an honorable act to sacrifice one's self to bring about the end of a malevolent power. This is very easy to believe, if you were paying attention for the last hour or so of Hero of Ages. Preservation made a complicated plan to defeat or incapacitate Ruin, despite his inability to attack Ruin himself. He just needed someone whose goals hadn't been corrupted by the Intent of the power. Honor and Cultivation just needed to trick Odium into giving up his secret. That said, I know Brandon's pretty clever, but I doubt he'd do this to us.
  12. I'll say the same for Fablehaven. (another Brandon Mull series) It was pretty good, but the comparison is like a whitespine trying to rival a chasmfiend.
  13. Thanks @Archer
  14. I love the idea! I'd read it if you made a full story out of this. Actually I think it was in OB. I may just think that because OB is all about Gavilar and how he became king. I'll probably know by my next listen-through. As for the name, it's too symmetrical. Ialai's name is considered blasphemous because it's a perfect palindrome. You'd have to add a suffix.
  15. Same. My uncle and cousin like to recommend audiobooks for me. One of them was WoK. From there I listened to Steelheart, Rithmatist and Warbreaker and loved them. Eventually got WoR, then Emperor's Soul. What books have you read, and (of most interest to me) do you think an Honorblade or Nightblood would win if two swordsmen of equal skill got in a fight?