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  1. I was thinking about compounding, and steel crossed my mind. As one of the most useful metals to store an attribute in, as well as one of the most useful allomantic metals to burn, I think steel might be the best metal to be able to compound. You get the power of a coinshot, which is largely accepted to be one of the most useful (and versatile) allomantic power, and also you get to compound speed, which Sazed says in the first book is "one of the most difficult attributes to store up." Besides that, steel is really easy to acquire in large amounts, so you'd practically never have to go without. (Admittedly, you would have to worry about having the right alloy, or you could give yourself a headache when you burn it, but that's a minor trouble.) So you get basically unlimited speed, as well as a limited form of flying/telekinesis I've made my case. Now I invite you to make yours. If you think there's another metal that's more useful to compound, then 1) What is it, and 2) Why is it useful?
  2. You're right, I forgot about that. Even though I just finished Alloy of Law. So maybe it just works like regular healing but super fast. But no, then it would still leave a lot of scars. And blood loss messes this whole thing up anyway. Yes, he's healing super fast, so very little blood should be able to escape, but forming the scabs would take a ton of platelets, leaving his blood somewhat empty of them until his body produces more. I suppose though, that tapping the goldmind could increase his production of those kinds of things; platelets, white blood cells, and now that I think about it, maybe red blood cells too. The name "bloodmaker" must have come from somewhere. Still though, I don't remember any wounds healed by feruchemy (or stormlight) leaving scars. Wax had 7 scars from bullet wounds, but I don't think Wayne had any, despite getting shot, burned, etc. many times during his career. So maybe it's a combination of both - vastly enhanced but otherwise natural healing, along with extra-natural healing which relies on the cognitive realm to decide how to heal the body.
  3. This is interesting. Like Iron Man 3, a human bomb. I know Wax does something like this, with is iron. He stores a whole bunch of weight, an then at one point he has to break through a floor, so he taps it all at once and just falls through. I wonder if you could suddenly kill yourself by doing something like this with atium. Store all your youthfulness at once and suddenly you're so old you're dead. It probably doesn't work like that.
  4. I think, given that for a great period of time the ashmounts were spewing ash all up in the atmosphere and all over the planet, it seems likely that more fossils would form in that environment than on Earth. Not that I'm an expert, I just know that when things are buried in such a way that they can't be exposed to oxygen, they're in a much better position to become a fossil.
  5. Imagine selling these like DVDs. Watch a movie once, even add your own commentary, and then you can show it to all your friends. You could store your dreams, and never have to awkwardly explain it, you could just be like, "I had the craziest dream! Here's the tape." You could show your kids exactly why they can't have a dog, because you had one, you stored the memories of it, and it kinda sucked. (not saying I don't like dogs or anything, just brainstorming possibilities)
  6. So, I was going through the Mistborn series again, and something about the feruchemists' healing powers caught my attention. Now, healing by stormlight in (say it with me) the Stormlight Archives is pretty well explained. Using stormlight, a radiant can restore a physical object to its cognitive perception. That is, a person or thing that has been recently wounded or broken can be healed or fixed with the power of stormlight. We see this many times: Szeth healing minor wounds, Kaladin healing minor wounds, Shallan healing a crossbow bolt to the face, Dalinar healing a sword through the chest, Dalinar fusing a broken stone back together, Shallan using stormlight to recover from drunkenness, Shallan healing minor wounds, Lopen regrowing his arm, Lift healing Gawx's slit throat, and Renaren healing a lot of people including himself when he gets crushed by a thunderclast. We also see injuries that can't be healed, like Rysn's legs. I can't remember who talks about it, probably Jasnah or Wyndle, but whoever it was said that this has to do with perception in the cognitive realm. If an injury is recent, stormlight will heal it because the person doesn't see themselves as injured. That's why Rysn's legs couldn't heal. She thought of herself as a cripple, so no amount of stormlight would heal her. On the other hand, (you'll see why that's funny in a second) Lopen could grow back his arm because despite his jokes, he thought of himself as a whole person with two arms, which is surprising since he'd been missing it for so long. (on a sidenote, does this mean that Shallan was only able to dispel her drunkenness because she doesn't see herself as a drunk? What implications does this have for Teft's firemoss addiction?) So, that brings us to feruchemy. A bloodmaker ferring (or a full feruchemist) can store health in a goldmind, drawing upon it later to heal wounds and other ailments including disease, headaches, etc. The question is, does this healing of the body work just the same as stormlight healing on Roshar, by restoring the body to the way it is perceived in the cognitive realm? Or is it a different kind of healing that just enhances the body's natural auto-repair functions? Perhaps neither. On a related note, what if someone with both of these powers tried to use them at the same time, like some meta-compounding? Imagine storing health while consuming stormlight to take up the slack. Now that I think about it, stormlight could be used to fill a couple different metalminds. For example, at one point Shallan feels guilty about using valuable stormlight to keep herself warm in Urithiru, and Sazed, while standing in the snow preparing to defend Luthadel, taps a brassmind for the same purpose. Imagine using the surge of graviation (to fly like Kaladin does) while filling an ironmind. Using stormlight and filling a pewtermind at the same time. I also want to see someone fill a steelmind but inside one of those bendalloy bubbles Wayne can make. And on a less related note, what would it mean to compound copper? We're told that compounding a metal "increases the power tenfold" but how do you increase a memory? Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'm not necessarily looking for answers, I'm just giving you all something to think about and discuss. Feruchemy do be fascinating.
  7. . . . you accidentally say Nergaoul instead of Nazgul.
  8. Alright, now this is going to be a long one, but I ask you all to stick around till the end. Life isn't always full of sunshine; sometimes you get the short end of the stick. But remember, if anyone bothers you, stick and stones can break your bones, but words will never hurt you. Here at the shard, we all stick together. Just come to your friends, and we'll stick up for you if you're too afraid to do it on your own. Whoever it is probably has a stick up his backside. Just take those bad thoughts and stick them in a safe in the back of your mind. Then cover up that safe with a poster, and use gum to make sure it sticks to the wall. I didn't mean to turn this into a PSA, but I started writing and the idea just kinda stuck. I'm out of puns. Please offer more if you have them, whether you made them yourself or got them off the internet. PS. What's brown and sticky?
  9. spook

    Okay, so we started talking about this over at Southern Scadrian Linguistics, but this is interesting enough to deserve a thread of its own. Wasing of the wanting to be learning of Spook's funky grammar. Ising of the inviting @EmeraldMind to be explaining of it for the benefiting of his (or her, idk) fellow sharders.
  10. I bet if he has a kid then it'll just be kidnapped and used against him. The Set could make one of their corrupted kandra pretend to be someone the kid trusts, and then take them away. Then again, they might not be interested in Wax for much longer. They'll be busy launching underground assaults on Southern Scadrial. We'll see. But also, there could be other organizations tracking Wax's movements. He is the most famous (and effective) lawman on the continent, as well as being "one of three crashers ever born." His child(ren), assuming they ever make their way into a book, will be big for the plot, I think.
  11. While we're (sort of) on the subject, does anyone know if I can learn Spook's dialect from book 1? I looked for a thread about this but didn't find one.
  12. So, I assume you can all drive a stick? That would be kind of ironic if you couldn't. You do you I guess, but I might consider that blasphemy if I was a stick and my followers had an automatic transition.
  13. I must agree, though I wouldn't have said "far" worse. It was definitely over-hyped, but it was okay. While we're on the subject, I liked Last Jedi much more than everyone else seems to.
  14. That's the point. By sacrificing Honor, Cultivation learns how to defeat Odium. That means, Cultivation helps Honor against Odium by being the one to collect and use the information, since Honor wouldn't be around anymore. Good point.
  15. @Stormblessed Dolphin I solemnly swear never to reveal secret information regarding TUBA. I swear never to defile any sort of baked goods with spikes - hemalurgic or otherwise. I swear due allegiance to this guild, its goals, and its leaders. I swear all of this truthfully, so help me Tanavast.