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  1. Well that would be a tough forgery in the first place. Making steel think it's duralumin? If you remember from The Emperor's Soul, forging a material into another material is possible, but it won't stick long if the forgery is unlikely. For example at the beginning, when she's thinking about how to forge her way out of the jail cell, she'd have to know which quarry each brick was harvested from, then convince it that it were actually taken from a weaker material by mistake, which would only have a chance of sticking (and not for very long even if it worked) if there was a deposit of that weaker material nearby the quarry. That's why most of the forgeries she does to her room are just changing things that happened, such as the stained glass window, which had been broken in the past, being replaced with more stained glass rather than regular, clear glass. She didn't change the window itself, she changed things that happened to it. So maybe you could convince the steel that it had been soulcast into duralumin. That's probably the easiest way to make that forgery work, although you'd have to know that it was in the general vicinity of a soulcaster at one point, and that there was a realistic possibility that the soulcaster would want to change it from steel to another material.
  2. I like this theory. Let's assume she's the best at future sight that we've seen so far. I was very impressed by Preservation's plan, which took over a thousand years to transpire, and likely is part of an even larger plan. Honor and Cultivation together came up with a plan that has taken several thousand years so far, and isn't yet over. If Endowment is even better than that, we should buckle up. In the letters, it sounded like she wasn't very concerned about Odium, but if she's better at future sight than anyone else we've seen so far, then she should be at least a little worried. I'd guess that what she said in that letter is misdirection, or actually, more likely, what Hoid needed to hear for him to be in the position she needs for her plan. Either way, I don't believe it reflects her actual opinions, because she very well should be worried about Odium, and Nightblood making his way to Roshar is strong support for that idea. Here's my expansion on the theory though: Vivenna (calling herself Azure) follows Vasher and/or Nightblood to Roshar, carrying an awakened sword of her own. This could be a sort of new improved version of Nightblood. According to this WoB, Nightblood is more powerful, but it may have similar properties, which would mean it grows more powerful the more it's used. Hopefully they worked out the thing where it sucks up the wielder's investiture though. Anyway, I'm betting this sword is more of an 'endgame' than Nightblood is. Perhaps Nightblood is a distraction and Vivenna's sword is like a knife hidden in one's boot, a concealed backup that you can use when your enemy is least expecting it. This idea reminds me of Umbra, from Elder Scrolls lore. Perhaps that's a connection worth looking into.
  3. Alright, so it looks like all my points have been covered, but I already wrote them down and I feel like they're decent arguments, although after reading what everyone else said, I'm gonna expand on my first point a little more. First of all, does awakening really improve everyone's lives? Sure, there's some pretty incredible stuff you can do with it, but a lot of people have to sacrifice their breath in order to do anything at all. It won't kill them, but it sucks to live without one. Making a lifeless is a lot less of a sacrifice, especially if you do it so it only costs one breath, and it's arguably more useful than an awakened cloth or rope, but a sacrifice nonetheless. People in Idris live very happy lives without selling breaths. Their superstitions may sound silly, but they're founded on principles that help people enjoy life for what it is rather than seeking satisfaction in rich possessions. I think what we have is an example of two nations that have it wrong in different ways; Idris is so focused on being 'prim and proper' that they don't notice their own pride. They think everyone else is just wallowing in carnal indulgences and they're too far gone. To some extent, they're right, but we're not talking about Hallandren's problems yet. They also take things too far by kinda sorta discouraging people from showing emotion, which probably leads to some mental health issues. Hallandren goes completely the opposite direction. They buy other people's souls just to show off how rich they are. Everyone's trying to show each other up. It's another kind of pride, more honest than that held by the people of Idris, but still a flaw. The poor have very little hope of finding a way out of their poverty, even when they seek the help of their Gods, the Returned. Allmother is seen helping her followers, as Calmseer and others supposedly did, which is a major point in favor of Hallandren, although they spend a lot of money keeping the Returned around, just in hopes that they'll eventually decide to sacrifice their life to perform a miracle for one person or family. I get it; they see these people as deities, but they're wasting a lot of resources they could be using to help those very individuals and families. Does awakening help these people? They can sell their breaths without society shaming them, but what does that get them? At most, a few years' worth of food. Not a prize to be scoffed at, but for most people that'll just mean more time to be exploited by crime bosses, or even the priests. Do the awakeners use their breaths to help them? No. We get the impression that most who hold a great deal of breath don't use it awaken, it's just a mark of wealth. And those who do are more focused on elevating themselves than helping anyone. It's that pride again. The Idrian ideology is certainly flawed, but as I said earlier, they're happier without trading breaths. They needn't be so uptight about it, but staying away from it is better than what Hallandren is doing. As for the monarchy, I don't think they're backwards. They rule from a humble palace, and (at least in Dedelin's case) genuinely love their people. What's backwards about that? Why support people who make money from tolls at everybody's expense? The tolls on the mountain passes are far from questionable. Idris doesn't have to let anybody through at all if they don't want to. But they know trade routes are best for everyone, so they allow passage for a price, most likely cheaper than what people would have to pay to go around the mountains. Everyone benefits. Finally, I wouldn't consider it a betrayal that Susebron sent Kalad's army to destroy the lifeless. They're . . . lifeless. They're not alive, they're just tools. Would you consider it a betrayal if someone was about to drop your toaster in your bathtub and you quickly snipped the cord? No. It's a toaster. Slaughtering lifeless is even less of an atrocity than killing animals, and I'd kill 40,000 animals too, if they were headed for a kingdom of innocents with instructions to destroy everything they see. It would've been an unjustified massacre leading to a terrible war where hundreds of thousands would've died. Of course you'd want to prevent that, and at the cost of only several thousand reanimated corpses. Besides, at that point they were effectively enemy soldiers. They had orders from the Pahn Kahl, the real bad guys.
  4. I love this. I'm one of the Michael Kramer listeners, so I naturally put that voice on him. But based on some things in Warbreaker and the Stormlight books, it's implied that Nightblood is supposed to have an adult-sounding voice, but after getting to know him, you'll notice he thinks like a child. If his voice was child-like as well, nobody would remark on his child-like thoughts because it would make sense to them. In one or two places, it's said that his voice is neither masculine nor feminine, although that doesn't rule out the possibility of it having a high or low pitch. However, I think if it was, then someone would've said something about it. They probably also would've remarked on any noticeable distortion. The only think we've heard in that regard is Vivenna noting that his voice in her head sounds more distant when she's further away, so I think we can assume that it's average in pitch and sounds basically like a human voice, just without a clear gender to it. I don't remember if Brandon ever indicates how fast Nightblood talks, but I think the only pieces we're missing are that and his accent. Accent is a weird thing to think about in this case, since he speaks to people in their heads, which could mean that he speaks to people in their own language and with their accent. I don't know if that's the case, but if not, then Nightblood had to learn to speak a language Szeth could understand (Alethi?) sometime between arriving on Roshar and meeting Szeth. This gets into some strange territory I'm not sure I have enough knowledge to explore, regarding Connection and such.
  5. Well, Khan Academy has no videos on Julia sets, so unfortunately I cannot help you.
  6. awakening

    Could be. So maybe its Connection is given away with the breath. It's my understanding that all people in the Cosmere are invested, but those invested with Endowment's power are able to give that to someone else. This is total conjecture though. We know holding a lot of it expands your soul, and also results in some physiological change, which seems to depend on what planet you're on, although there are other factors. Totally forgot where I'm going with this, but I don't feel like erasing it. I like what you're saying about Nightblood. I'm not sure what I think of 'converting' investiture though. I mean, when Adonalsium was alive, it was all the same, and was shattered to result in several shards, each with differing Intents. So if you can call that a conversion, then it must be possible. I think this is supported by Navani's research and experimentation in RoW. Although that might not be the same. Furthermore, what of a lifeless? And going back to the feruchemist thing, could they control one without a security phrase? I think probably not, but there might be something to that.
  7. awakening

    Alright. So I was just listening to Warbreaker, at the part where (spoiler alert) Vivenna decides she wants to use awakening after all, so Denth explains how it works to her. He says the breath you use to awaken stuff is "part of you" so what you're imagining at the time you awaken something (in other words, your intent,) is involved in what the awakened object does. I had the realization that something you awaken will have a Connection with you, which is why only you can recover the breath from an object you awakened. (And just now I realized that the intent is relevant too.) Although this leads to more questions. Awakening requires a number of breaths, which must be collected from different people, since nobody starts with more than one. Shouldn't those then be Connected to their original owners, or do that Connection transfer to the person receiving the breath? How far does this intent go? Does it change the intent of the investiture itself? Let's say you awaken an object with a command to destroy things. Would that mean Ruin could absorb that investiture with no change to its intent? Mixing magics here, does this mean a feruchemist storing their identity would be able to reclaim breaths from an object they did not awaken?
  8. @Sandermom, so glad I could help. Stormlight Archive was my intro to Brandon Sanderson, so it's my favorite too. I know my mom loves me, but yes, she tends to show it in ways that don't make sense to me. She and I see everything so differently that it can be hard to get along sometimes, but I've decided that I must be her kid for a good reason. Just, one that I don't understand yet. (PS, what you just did is called a 'double post', which is against online forum etiquette. I don't think it's really a big deal, but I see why it annoys some people. There's obviously no punishment, just letting you know so you can avoid double posting in the future.)
  9. Did he read The Rithmatist? I don't know if this is the right context, but I always liked "The only way to learn is to do." (and the only way to win is to fight. But the second part isn't always as helpful as the first) You might also tie it in somehow with "go and do" from 1 Nephi 3:7. There's also, "I walked from Abamabar to Urithiru." if he did a lot of tracting. Pull anything out of the in-world book The Way of Kings. I don't remember the exact wording, but Nohadon says something like: "When I arrived at my destination, I was fussed over, scolded, and given a hot meal by my relatives, who all seemed to think I was insane for undertaking such a journey." Ooh, and this one would be awesome: "Yes, I began my journey alone, and I ended it alone. But that does not mean that I walked alone." Here, I'll link the page with all the quotes from the book. You can go though and see which ones you think are good. By the way, thanks for being this kind of mom. Really cool move. My mom would maybe think of doing something like this, but I doubt she'd follow through. I've had two older siblings come home from missions and both times, we got to the airport after they landed. I'm hoping it'll be different in my case, but I won't be surprised if the same thing happens again.
  10. Liking of links. Nips having of linking from the this too. Ising of ease for finding the places for saying the say. (Translation: I like the idea of links. How about we also link from this thread to the practice threads? That way it'll be easier to find places to practice.)
  11. Well they could switch to storing weight and, as long as they had a decent anchor, pull themselves out of the way. And @Knight of IronIronIronIronIronIrIrIronIronIronIronIronIrIr (sorry, not sure why my auto-correct is having a seizure) airplanes are made mostly of aluminum. You might be able to find something to pull on, but I wouldn't assume you could actually pull the plane down. More likely your anchor would just rip through the floor and come flying down at you. Hope you have a very thick helmet. Maybe you should make it out of iron and store weight in it.
  12. Having of brightness. Wasing of thinking the nips of the say ising the making of . . . Ah, storm it. I was thinking we could make threads about normal topics, but talk about it only in High Imperial. This thread is stagnating because the only point of it is to learn and speak High Imperial, but why use a language (or in this case, dialect) if you have nothing to talk about? So start your regular threads; your theories, RPGs, and whatever else, but use High Imperial the whole time, and maybe have a note in english explaining that that particular thread is for practicing. Ising the nips of thinking the same?
  13. I know a thing or two about command blocks & redstone, so I could help out with the oathgates once you get around to that. I've already made a few devices in minecraft that have a similar effect, but I still haven't figured out what kind of input is most similar to the way Brandon describes for activating it.
  14. I mean, I can't do faces at all, so this is leagues better than I could've made if I tried. Btw I love the lighting. I can imagine her holding a diamond mark in her lap while she poses.