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  1. alleyverse

    Lusk blinked. That was fast. Hastily he youngened his psychology back to 20 seconds prior, where he wasn’t embarrassed at being outdone by someone named Shifty. Ah, that’s better, he thought.
  2. Before Lusk could elbow the kid Walker rolled away, sending two of his own legs to hit Lusk. One hit him in the gut and Lusk bent down in hurt, clutching it. The reaction allowed him to miss the leg going for his neck. Seeing the two legs extend, Lusk grabbed each with a hand (or attempted to). Spreading them out, he then used all of his strength to try and kick as hard as he could into Walker’s, erm, groinal area.
  3. Actually, no she wasn’t. That goes to Rastor Finley by @Thunderclast. You can see their profile third from the top in Era 1 characters.
  4. ...I can recite the Seven Day War month-by-month. Checkmate. Mauahaha!
  5. Alask looked at both of them. “Yup,” he said. “Flight Control poisoned, all good.” He neglected to mention the almost 35 people dead on the ground floor.
  6. Finding a comfortable seat and sitting in the plane, Alask watched Lena hop in as well. “Great,” He said. “Now we just need Gonev and that Georgia lady.” Suddenly a sharp pain erupted from his chest, and Alask almost collapsed from his chair in agony. He felt like yelling but that would draw attention, so he just held his breath and went red with pai- And then it was over, relief washing over him. Alask felt his Shade in his spikes. It was angry. Alask couldn’t break the Rules either. If he did, the Shade didn’t come out, but it did administer a sort of agony onto Alask for a bit. He’d experienced the ‘running at night’ pain a handful of times. He’d only accidentally kindled flame once, and it had been the worst experience of Alask’s life. He couldn’t imagine the torture the Shade would put on him if he ever shed blood. Luckily, he wasn’t planning on doing that anytime soon.
  7. Seeing the plane land, Alask tapped Lena on the shoulder. “C’mon, let’s go,” he said, running to the plane as it landed and hopping inside. “What’s up, Nekorb?” he said. “Everything went smooth on your end?” @Ookla the Phoenix
  8. I see your RP and I raise my own RP! ~~~ In a corner, The Legendary Guacless stood. The Legendary Guacless hated standing, but if there was one thing this city had more than sewers, it was things The Legendary Guacless hated. And that included standing. Light shined through the expanse of stain-glass windows. The Guacless stayed in the shadows. He didn’t a reminder of The Lord Ruler’s great deeds. The Guacless chuckled. The city was enough evidence of that. An hour crawled by like a dying Skaa, and The Legendary Guacless found himself bored. Real bored. So bored he could taste it. Spotting a carriage that looked as slow as an Inquisitor’s brain, The Guacless saw another Obligator amble out. He was tall. As tall as a Terrisman. Or was The Guacless just short? He could never tell in this world. Stepping up to the man, who he now realised sported a leg as wooden as a secret hideout’s door The Guacless extended a hand. “Hey,” he said, immediatly dropping the hand. He didn’t ‘do’ hands. “I’m The Legendary Guacless, but you can just call me The Legendary Guacless.”
  9. Lena shook her head. “My son,” she said. Alask looked at the picture again, blinking. “Oh,” he said. “He grows up with my grandmother.” She said. “I try to visit him, when I can, but she doesn't want me anywhere near him. So mostly I try to earn some money, to support them." Alask nodded, understanding. “It's alright I guess. He's better off without me." Alask listened, still looking at the photo. The boy looked happy in the picture. Meeting Lena’s look, he nodded. “A secret for a secret,” he said, a sort of confirmation. They would not tell anyone else of their secrets. It was too dangerous. “I know that feeling,” Alask said, then quickly backtracked. “Not of having a kid. But of feeling that those you know would be better without you. You saw what happened in there. Imagine if that happened near my family. The only way I can support them is through pretending I have a real job.” He looked up. “Hopefully after this heist, I can have my real job with the Man who Fixes.” Looking down at his watch, Alask looked back up. “Our heist partners should be here any minute now.” he said. @Silva @Kidpen @Darth Woodrack @Ookla the Phoenix
  10. “Actually it does. For me at least." That surprised Alask. He went on his back again, looking up. He couldn’t see how knowing he was a thing of Ruin would have made anything better, but to each their own. At least she didn’t kill him there and then. “They are beautiful, aren't they?" Alask almost jumped. He hadn’t noticed her sitting here, next to him. He saw how she was referring to what Alask was poking at, the stars. “I guess so,” he said. “That we’re all small. So small in the big universe, if you think about it.” He looked back and Lena handed him a small photograph. It was of a little kid. “A secret for a secret.” She said. At first, Alask was confused, but looking back at Lena he could see the similarities between the faces immediately. “Your brother?” He inquired. “Or like nephew or cousin or something?”
  11. Omin is a storming legend. He should be promoted.
  12. “No.” That made Alask pause. "You are a Shade. You don't have it with you, you are it." Hearing her step closer, Alask just rubbed his forehead. He had a headache, and his emotions were all over the place right now. “Now, that’s not strictly true,” he said, still looking straight up, at the stars. “I have it spiked into me. Using those magical spikes the guilds seem to be so fond of. So yeah, I may have one that occasionally possesses me, but I’m not a Shade.” He turned on his side, looked at her. “That doesn’t make it any better though, does it?”