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  1. Cup looked to Mahad. The dragon. A cute dragon, he said, not a scary one. Lifting her arm she hesitated, quickly patted Mahad where she thought his shoulders would be. It was hard to tell when he was a dragon. “You are a cute dragon. And I’m sure you make her very happy, and not sad. She always seems happy when you are there.” A dragon. Moving her finger between the swirls they created, Cup connected some of them, made a large circle be the body, slowly started mapping out the scales and long tail, that stretched around. She kept some swirls as they were. They could be the fire, maybe. “I don’t want Robert to be sad either,” she said quietly, hummed a little bit as she drew. “Sometimes I can feel his soul. We’re bonded. And I can feel if he’s happy. But sometimes, I can’t. Sometimes, I have no idea how he feels. And that scares me, more than anything else.” Which was really saying something.
  2. Wes looked to the Righthand. It seemed a little comforting to know she didn’t know everything about him, though maybe she didn’t just feel like taking out her device and searching him up. Wes had almost an identical device, he thought, but he had much lower access, only to basic info. But still, she was asking. That meant something. “Engineering,” he said, fiddled with his cloak. “They give me projects, to work on, some lights or or some small part of a machine they’re making. Lots of walking, to places they are building things and to help. Sometimes it’s with another person, but mostly it’s by myself. Building things.” He shrugged, it was mundane work for the most part, but he didn’t want to complain to the Righthand herself. “Anything to be of use to the Ghostbloods,” he recited from one of the posters he remembered seeing from his dorm window and thought back to the mirror cave. A clone of himself would be cool. Fun. Maybe he could be friends with his clone. But on the other hand... what if the clone took his place? Hung out with Mike, Seom, and the others? And then Wes would have no one. It was terrifying. “I don’t know if I want to go to the mirror cave any more,” he said quietly.
  3. “Wow,” Cup whispered, walked as close to the wall as she could and lifted up her arm. Rabbits on the wall, it looked much better this way. Cup couldn’t understand why Shana wouldn’t like Mahad painting. He painted very well. Smiling shyly Cup walked towards the earth patch and Mahad, still turning to look at the rabbits. “They look very nice,” she said quietly and put a finger in the dirt, focused and moved it around, drew in it. She made a few swirls, before looking up to Mahad. “Do you have a favourite animal?” She asked, suddenly hoping she wasn’t prying too much. She didn’t want to lose a friend, especially so soon.
  4. Alask accepted the poisons, finished his food. Then it was off to the disguise room. He didn’t pick up anything too fancy, just enough to obscure his features. A blonde wig, some fake matching facial hair, and some pair of fake spectacles. Taking a look at the side mirror Alask smiled, the disguise was good. If anyone was looking for it they could definitely see it was him, but for a first scout it would do well enough. “I might be learning from you,” he joked to Lena about the disguises, though he knew she was much better at this than him. So good that couple who they’d poisoned when the Invasion has happened still hadn’t found them, despite Alask hearing they led some guilds?
  5. “Um,” Cup paused, looking at Mahad’s new form. Most animals were scary. “Little, rabbits,” she said finally, smiling slightly at the thought and looked up at him. “Baby rabbits. I, don’t know how to paint with pencils, or any of that...” she trailed off, made herself small and looked down again. “Sometimes I just draw in the snow. Or in the sand. Small pictures.” Sometimes a child would see the drawing and wonder how it had gotten there. Sometimes no one saw.
  6. Wes paused, and as Adren and Althea began to walk he moved with them. It hadn’t seemed like an order, the way the Righthand has said it, but Wes was sure he’d be safer with the group than alone. Still, it felt weird. Had this been the first time a superior hadn’t given Wes an order? Well, not counting Mike, since Mike didn’t like being called Wes’ superior anyway. Although he was a leader to Wes. And a good one, too. “The mirror cave?” He asked. An interesting name. “Maybe it’s a cave that clones us. That would be cool.”
  7. “They’ll notice we were here,” he said to Wita and looked to Kira. “And we might not have enough time.” “What you suggest... it seems like it may scare off the police. But it might draw the attention of people who know who we are. Those with our powers, maybe the same people who killed Christopher. Do we want to risk that?” Window, or distraction? Risk the attention of the police, or escape scot-free, but risk drawing the eye of those with abilities like their’s? “Maybe it is a risk we need to take.”
  8. Cup stared at Mahad with wide eyes as he landed on Rob’s leg and transformed. He transformed so much. As he climbed over Rob and moved closer to her, she stepped back, tried to make space for him on Rob’s arm. He listed out some things they could do, and Cup felt a little excited. Someone wanted to do something with her! But, worry hit as she realised she could mess it up as well. Then Mahad would never want her company again. He nudged her and her glowing figure pulsed for a moment, shrinking. Mahad was so cool. Strong, and cool, and he could even fly. Cup had thought he was scary, too, but he was nice. Nice, and not scary. “Painting, can we do that?” She asked when he brought it up. Art, it was so nice. Nice and calm. Realising what she said her eyes widened and she looked up at Mahad suddenly. “Only if you want to, I didn’t mean to intrude...” she said quietly, voice wispy.
  9. first verse

    A few hours later, a knock came on everyone’s doors. “Testing!” The guards said. One of them opened Sagitta’s room, clanked their sword against the stone wall to wake her up. That one probably wouldn’t be doing much physical testing, especially with the way the testing leader had tried to make sure she wasn’t harmed much. That any of the captives weren’t harmed much. Even the Cahayan. “Rise and shine! You all have been chosen to be tested together!” Opening Gati’s, Zura’s and Tion’s doors he was flanked by two other guards, with spears. Different from the patrol guards that had escorted the group here, these guards seemed less imposing. Still dangerous, but not carrying the natural toughness the night patrol officers back on the surface had. But that didn’t matter, with a spear or sword they were stronger than any captive. “Testing!”
  10. Rob continued walking, sitting back onto the couch. He glanced at the spren and rolled his sleeve back slightly, where Cup sat, looking wide-eyed at Mahad. She flickered in her glow, stepped forward a little bit. “Playing would be nice,” she said quietly. She hadn’t played with anyone before. Except maybe Rob. She paused, and then wilted, looking down. “I can’t fly, though.”
  11. “It appears we have company. Someone must have heard that music, or saw that bright flash of light. Either way, we need to leave.” He spared a smile at Wita, his new apprentice, though a part of him felt sad at her reversion back to storing, back to her usual self. But that was fine, it was still Wita. And he would have to get used to it anyhow. “Everyone, put the findings over here,” he said, pointing to the cardboard box he’d gotten from the basement. Quickly he slipped the photograph and the blueprints in there, as the sirens got closer and closer.
  12. Says it all in the title. As a pilot on Detritus, what would your callsign be? Think of whatever awesome names you’d want to be known as!
  13. Disappointment was plastered all over her expression and Marcel couldn’t help but a feel a bit of it as well. She blamed it on herself, on not considering his side, and Marcel shook his head. “Non, the apology lies with me,” he said. “The truth is, Wita, I wouldn’t mind an apprentice. It’s only, I want you to know the risks, I don’t want to get you implicated without your knowledge. Perhaps I should have worded it better. But I shouldn’t assume you won’t be up for it,” he said. It wasn’t like he wrestled bears every day, but snooping around and investigating came with its own risks. “I know nothing of higher scholarship. And, it might be a little dangerous. But, if you are alright with that,” He gave her a small, honest smile of his own. “I would be happy to have you under my wing. Just know what you are getting into, Wita.”
  14. “After we eat is fine for me,” Alask said. It wasn’t like they had other duties pushing them to stay. Only their duty to the Forge, such would be the heist. Or, rather, Alask’s duty to the Forge. To Laonin. He didn’t know about these others, Lena, Eve and Zyn, whether they cared about the community, about the people. Zyn, definitely not. He’d come here f9r the prospect of a heist, for money. Alask couldn’t blame him. He knew Lena needed a place to stay for her and Mart, though hopefully the altruism was beginning to get to them. Eve... she seemed most like Alask. Seemed to want to do the right thing. Though it seemed her activism was for the Uninvested, than anything else. Their goals aligned for now... but what about later? “Now you’re just being paranoid,” Shez whispered to him, though Alask ignored the words.
  15. Marcel stayed as she tightened his hug, looking to her when he stepped back. He took a while to comprehend what she said next. She wanted to be his apprentice. And she meant it honestly, not a throwaway line like when she usually stored, or something when she was tapping Zinc. It was almost odd to see such a different behaviour, but it lent strength to her words. “I...” Marcel fumbled with what to say next. “An apprentice? But I am no teacher, I’m not qualified. Maybe Silverlight University is enrolling students, maybe there, but that’s all over the other side of the world. But, me? I, I am just a normal person, Wita.” He looked at her finally. He hadn’t said no, because the idea of some company on his ventures was alluring. But fact often clashed with his wants. “And,” he shook his head. “If you were, then things like this would happen again,” he gestured around, to the air. Even if all else worked, the fact would be she would inevitably have to tap or stop storing again. One day. And he dreaded that. But still, an apprentice. The thought hung in the air, like a hopeful light in a dark subway tunnel.
  16. Rob paused, considering. A cat. A soft cat. But he returned to his senses, realised where he was. His backyard, right above a sea of corpses. The house needed him. Maybe in calmer times, he’d say yes, but no. Not when they were just recovering from an invasion. He shook his head. “It’s alright,” he said. “Maybe another time. Or you could bring them here. That would be nice.” He left it at that and waved at her. “I’ll see you later,” he said, slowly turning and walking back to the main house.
  17. “You, you have a cat?” Rob called out after her, then chided himself for the voice raising. No one knew he liked cats. Best to keep it that way.
  18. So, they were awakened. Not from spikes, then. So they’d be different. A part of Wes wilted at the realisation. This man’s voices were different from Mike’s. Which meant no help, yet. As the Righthand began discussing with Adren about the applications of the voices Wes smiled at the Kalea, holding the cage up a little bit. I think we’ll be great friends, he thought, and then wondered what it would be like for the little animal to respond. “That must have taken all lot of time to collect the Breaths and Awaken,” Wes said to Adren. Not one BioChromatic metal entity, but two? It must have cost far more than Wes had beer seen in his life.”
  19. Marcel continued his words as Wita moved closer. When she buried her face in his chest Marcel continued, trying to comfort her, hesitating before resting his arms around her in a loose hug. Poor kid. No kid needed something like that, a trauma like that. But, in this world power rarely came through any other means. As she began to relax, Marcel tightened his hug, sighing out in relief. He stayed still to give her time. “It’s alright,” he said quietly. “There’s no need for you to go that place again. We’ve got what we need.” And even if they hadn’t - Marcel didn’t want Wita to feel the way she’d felt now again. Not now, not ever. Even if it meant a little less help solving this mystery.
  20. “The oath?” Rob asked, examining the bracelet. Shana was right. “You’re becoming a Radiant,” Rob said finally. He was a little excited, though he wouldn’t dare show it. “The oath is something each of us swear, to become a full Radiant. Life before Death, Strength before Weakness, Journey before Destination.” He repeated the first Ideal. “As for what Order - which type of Radiant you are - I have no idea. Maybe Ben or Doc could help, they know a lot about this sort of stuff.” He paused, staying looking at the battlefield. Or, what was left of it after his clean-up. “But it’s not just a matter of saying it. You have to believe it, beyond anything else, with your heart. Otherwise they are just words.” And you have to be broken, too, he added silently. And now Ashslyn was part of them too. Broken, and yet, Radiant.
  21. “Hey, hey, hey,” Marcel, said as soon as Wita began to cry. Gently he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, tried to keep her still and steady. She seemed to be in her own world. Of flames, and death. Had she stopped storing zinc? She must have, to deduce all of that information from the blueprints. The Big Ben. The place she had circled. When the sun kisses the horizon. But Marcel pushed those thoughts aside, kept to the priorities. He had never had a way with children, but trying was better than her screaming like she had done the previous time. “There’s no fire,” he said quietly. “No screams, just us. You did good, you did good.”
  22. wedding

    “I,” Lusk blinked. “I was not a nerd. Never.” He cracked his knuckles, nodding. “You’re right. Let’s, uh, move to something more relevant. You ever used your ages for advice?”
  23. “Street urchins,” Aoryen repeated, then nodded. Not sea urchins, street urchins. Hooligans. That was fine, anything for a meal. He looked to the girl offering to cut his hair and shrugged. A hot meal as payment. Well, he didn’t have a meal on him now, but he was sure he’d get one if it meant paying her. Sailor’s Code. You always paid your debts. “It’s a right deal then, girl,” he said. “For the both of you.” Seeing a boy (so many kids here, Aoryen thought) run into the square, shouting about seeing a Pahn Khal man with a beard. Aoryen furrowed his brow and shook his head. “What business d’you have with him?”
  24. first verse

    Price stood in the old base, made in the decade following the beginning of the war, whenever that had been. The rock making up the wall was a variety of shades of grey, with metal highlights as supports, signalling the many renovations that had occurred over the years. The lower levels had a more uniform construction, though they too hadn’t been built long ago. Cobwebs hung from ceiling corners and torches lined the long hallways with eerie light. He watched as the captives were all led to their rooms. The wards were all next to each other, so Price could keep an eye on all of them. He already had stated he wouldn’t Zura get damaged too much, and the gods were far too interesting to let someone else take over their tests. “You will be getting new overalls,” he said, walking beside them. Sagitta has already heard these things before, but it was likely she wouldn’t be returning to the same level of confinement she’d been in before. “Mess hall is that way, common room over there, and you’ll be getting you’re own rooms and beds, of course. Don’t try anything too cute. I suspect testing will be fun with this group.”