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  1. This is scary. I’m scared. Imagine seeing this doming for you in the middle of a misty night
  2. I’ll run away to join this puzzle hunt.
  3. I’ll join.
  4. Voidus:
  5. I know. You made a bunch of religions in the old PM but I couldn’t find them. They never got enough spotlight And I’m sure nature will find a way for me to summon the Phoenix.
  6. Might as well go with the trend
  7. My next character in Era 3 worships the Phoenix so that should be fun.
  8. And he’s the single reason no one ever tries to rob the house. Ever.
  9. On the other hand, if anyone can find its burnable alloy, I would pay very highly for it.
  10. No. If you had a character which had a weak power, like emotional sense, then you can still use the excess Investiture points and turn them into skill points. All you can’t do is turn skill points into Investiture points, as that would make it overpowered. For example, if emotional sense was 20 points, they still have 80 Investiture points and 50 skill points, all of which can be used for skills. What they can’t do is use the 50 skill points for Investiture.
  11. Lusk literally doesn’t even have the Sentinels and TUBA So that the characters that don’t have Investiture aren’t restricted to a 50 point limit. It makes sense that if you’re character does not have Investiture, you should be to use the regular limit to increase skills, since not hav8ng Investiture is a big weakness. And the levels of experience you can get with points explicitly say for how long you’d have to be practising. Sure, you can train t9 fight as an OP character, but unless somehow years have passed in the RP, there’s no way they could increase them to the measure you’re saying.
  12. If so, Lusk probably also has that weakness. What’s with ‘usk’ names and people not liking them? I don’t know whether I can say a sharp yes or no, but I would lean to yes anyway. Weaknesses are what make a character interesting, and leave room for development. Without weaknesses, characters become flawless, and that makes them boring. Overall, it makes them a better character. I’m pretty sure we agreed on a 150 point scale, with 100 points for Investiture, and 50 for skills. You could use the Investiture points for skills, but not vice-versa.