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  1. flamesinger theory

    “Okay,” Cheh said, holding up a finger. “One thing.” Stomping on the ground he was pleased as a large section of rock appeared in front of him, which he kicked into a standing street knocking it over. The tree fell, small things that looked like fruit falling off. “Let’s check that out.”
  2. Rob followed Shana out. She still seemed to struggle and he stood beside her, silently asking her if she needed support. Everyone had a role. Every Order had their job to do. Rob’s was simple. To endure, to stand where others fell. To support everyone and everything, like a stone pillar. So Rob stood.
  3. first verse

    Price cursed. He shook his head ‘no’ at the mention of a long sword, peeking out of the door and looking to the bush Sagitta mentioned. It wasn’t long before the horserider came rushing to the carriage door. “My horses,” he said. “The ropes snapped all suddenly, they ran off. All of them.” “How is that possible?” The formally dressed man said and stood up. But no one answered, because everyone knew what was going on. The fact anyone would try a raid on a carriage in the middle of the wilderness showed to Price whoever was doing this was either really dumb .org knew nothing about the Tühine wilderness nor its adamant police force. Price doubted anyone native from Tühine would dare try a crime as outgoing as this. Finally Price peeked outside more and raised his hand, a small piece of the bush blasting away in small black flame. It was a weak use of Entropy, hopefully a warning, and hopefully they wouldn’t know this was as strong as his Insticnt could get.
  4. So, they must have killed him, Marcel thought. That would be the only way they wouldn’t react to the body and be certain Marcel didn’t kill him. His fingers twitched slightly when he heard the thug call him old again. Bloodsealing was many arts, but it didn’t have quite as many combat uses as other magics. “Do your thing, Radiant,” he whispered to the Radiant, taking out a stamp and beginning to carve a pattern. For any blood seal to work, it needed only one ingredient. As he carved he signalled to the thug to try his best, taking a defensive position “I just need a drop of his blood,” he whispered. “Then he is no problem for me. Just a drop.”
  5. I agree, maybe multiple on-going plots converging to the changing of the world is a better alternative to having one massive main plot.
  6. Marcel nodded but kept his eyes fixed on the thug. Did he call Marcel a grandpa? Surely Marcel didn’t look that old. Hs gestured to the dead body on the ground and stood up straighter. The supreme art of war was to subdue the enemy without fighting. Sun Tzu. “Unless you want to end up like that body over there,” He gestured to Christopher’s corpse. “I would suggest leaving.”
  7. Of course the Voidbringers were humans. They were simply like Surgebinders of the opposite side. The Knights Radiant were humans, and so were the Voidbringers. But just as Rob was about to say it, he looked to Shana and analaysed the situation, trying to remember what he’d read online about emotions. “No, they were not humans,” Rob said in his stone cold certainty, because sometimes helping out a friend was worth more than the truth. “They may have had a human’s body, but whatever soul they had was destroyed and replaced with a monster’s.” Rob folllwed Ben’s eyes out the window. What had those Voidbringers done to themselves? Idly Rob wondered whether they had to bond a spren like surgebinders did.
  8. Lusk slapped Wes. “Why?!” Wes called out. “Why would you do that?!” Lusk smirked. Heal Lusk, Hurt Wes. Deteca - 7 Safire - 6 Tamika - 5 Ember - 5 Nultūk - 3 GWLU - 5 Ben - 5 Grey - 4 Brandy - 5 Butt - 7 Tom - 6 Silence - 6 Wes - 5 Lusk - 2 Hellbent - 4 Ghanderflaffle - 5
  9. Eh, maybe the characters we see in canon are just part of the Roshar division And iirc, the Alleyverse GBs are still a secret society on other planets, it not on Alleyplanet.
  10. I always thought the Alleyverse GBs were the Canonical GBs.
  11. “That’s good,” Rob said, thinking about how he hadn’t deleted his search history today yet. It wasn’t that he browsed anything wrong, just that he didn’t want to have to explain why he searched things if anyone accidentally saw. “But first you all need to rest.”
  12. Yeah, sadly that whole plot sort of died and my shiny new character was never used
  13. first verse

    Price looked at her, his eyes flickering over to the other people in the carriage, especially the formally dressed man. Price was never keen to talk about his instinct, Entropy was hardly becoming of a scholar. For a soldier, Entropy was helpful. For a soldier, Entropy was great. But Price wasn’t a soldier and his Instinct only ever served to remind him of his failure, what he could have become. Besides, talk about the Instincts and the topic would inevitably shift to the sudden and brief cravings Price got to use it. “I didn’t train it much,” he said. “I don’t use it very much either. It is not very useful to my situation. But I did try to understand it, tried to see how it worked.” He’d even tried praying to Entropy themselves, his patron god. But of course, like most acts of religion, there was rarely answer. Sometimes one wondered whether the gods were even real.