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  1. But I think the 5th Heightening is another option we haven’t considered yet.
  2. era 3

    “Now, to see if people recognise me,” Redatrick said, walking towards Bella. “Do you think she’ll notice?” When he finally arrived to Bella, he tried his best to cover up his Roughs accent and pushed his glasses up. “Hello, madame,” he said. Would she notice him? If she did, there was no chance his friends wouldn’t.
  3. era 3

    It took a while for Redatrick to notice the boy was stabbed, with some sort of railroad spike? With multiple spikes. But... he wasn’t dead. Or bleeding, for that matter. Redatrick was going to suggest a doctor, but the kid had said it couldn’t be changed. And one thing was for certain, he was not a Faceless Immortal. Maybe an attempt to replicate one? Was that even possible? “That’s... not good,” he found himself saying. His glasses slid to his nose, and he pushed them up again. “Should we go back to the gang?”
  4. As Lusk was talking to the 20 year old woman about why she didn’t have alcohol somebody appeared to recognise her. “Freedom?” Lusk asked. “Isn’t she a little kid?” Why anyone would mistake a 20 year old for a young child was behind him.
  5. era 3

    Redatrick leaned against the doorframe, in thought. Bloody magics. For him, experimenting meant Jarret trying to predict how loud his victims would scream, but here, it was this? “They can...” He didn’t know how to put it, so he just gestured to Mike. “They can change you like that?” Suddenly the passion against the people in the Alleyverse seemed to make sense. “I didn’t know it was possible to do that.” How would they even do that?
  6. Rithmatics and Soulcasting. You could literally soulcast chalk designs on the floor instantly. Soulcast a Taylor defense out of no where, form many chalklings incredibly quickly, just soulcast them instantly. A line of Vigor/Revocation rapid fire? Rithmatics’ greatest weakness is time. When you can soulcast instant designs, it’s amazing. Given to Joel, of course, because let’s be honest, he deserves this.
  7. “Cheers,” Lusk said, taking a sip from the drink. It was good. Maybe he shouldn’t have been drinking, what with the liver failure. He made himself a bit younger, in his late twenties. He could handle the drink much better. He turned to the woman again and sipped his drink. “Then, why would you be in a bar, of all places?” He resisted the urge to say more, the psychology of his age pushing on him.
  8. “Sounds good,” Lusk said, putting an eighth of a bead of Atium down. “Good?” He noticed the woman looking at him from the corner of his vision, and turned to face her. He looked at her drink. “Bit of an odd thing to drink at a bar. Afraid of alcohol?”
  9. era 3

    Jarret and Mickey nodded walked off, the former fiddling with another coin, but the man with the weapon stayed. “Thank you,” He said. “And if we ever find out your lying -” “Cam!” Jarret called. “You coming or not?” Cameron glared, but jogged off to his partners, and they left the hospital, meeting up with the others.
  10. “I think I am,” Lusk said. “How is it made?”
  11. Yeah, when I asked Bard and he clarified there was no mistake, I think I became that Jackie Chan meme for a second.
  12. As the sheild got blocked Max immediately dismissed it and resummoned it again. He moved to try a different attack when he saw Althea bleeding and paused. He tried his best, tried to Riot alertness and focus so she could push past the pain. He was no Soother, he couldn’t dull any emotion, but he could try his best to counter it. All okay? He asked and took a step back from Seb, waiting for an attack.
  13. “What’s the most complicated one to make, then?”
  14. Lusk pushed open the door gently and limped inside the bar. Drinks had never been his passion, though the situation at Oasis had been particularly stressful on husband old heart, and so he’d come here. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded. He tapped Atium to a age where he wasn’t so fragile and sat next to a woman who looked about twenty years old. ( @Silva) “What’s your least favourite drink to make?” He asked the bartender. He would order that, just for kicks. ( @Invocation)