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  1. Rob followed them. He didn’t make any comment on Flid never being to a grocery store, but he guessed that would make this a great experience for him. “If James is driving, I call shotgun,” he said, walking ahead..
  2. “Keep the cocktail,” Ian said, then patted his stomach. “Blazes, I could really do with a cocktail right now...” maybe drink the problems away, just as he done before the apocalypse. But more zombies meant less pubs, which meant less cocktails for Ian. Looking at the cut up zombies, he wrinkled his nose and took his shovel with him as he walked forward. Poking the dismembered head of one of the zombies, he impaled it on the tip of the shovel, and held it up. “Now we have a way to intimidate those undead suckers, if they even have emotions.”
  3. Just when Alask had turned the papers to Eve, Lena had returned, carrying a child. “Shadows!” Alask said, recognising the kid’s face immediately, the same child from the photograph, Lena’s son. Immediately she went into explanation, asking him for her son to stay her, that she would do whatever as long as he could sleep here. Alask looked at the kid, who’d gone to the food that was on the table, eating. Despite the situation, Alask smiled. The kid was alright. Looking back to Lena, he nodded immediately. “Of course.” He’d need to clean up a bed, but Alask wasn’t worried about that. The truth was, it didn’t matter what she promised or didn’t promise to do, he was going to help her and the son anyway. He moved closer and tried to find her pouch. It was clear from her shivers that there was no way she could be able to medicate herself so Alask asked. “What colour bottle do you need?” Because he didn’t know chemical names either. Looking up, he saw someone from the street looking into the Forge, peering through the open door. Alask saw her and she ran away as soon as Alask looked. Quickly he went and closed the Forge, forcing the rusty door to lock. Looking back at Lena, the question was still apparent.
  4. main plot

    Wes stood up, tiredly saluting the lady. She looked like she ranked way higher than him, and he shook his head, stood up straighter. “No, it’s fine, I don’t need an evacuation.” Best to leave that for the people on the street, not him. Looking to the elevator shaft, he nodded. They would have to get to the next floor, higher and higher. Straightening his cloak he walked over to the elevator shaft, putting his head in and looking upwards. How would he climb up? “How will the other people get up?” He asked the high ranking lady, gesturing to the squadron of Canton Members, Ghostbloods and others. “Will they all have to climb?”
  5. Brillin’s stance suddenly became tested when Attayl killed the man. Suddenly he felt a little sick, and he dropped onto a nearby wooden chair. But as Attayl looked at corpses and around him, Brillin did too. All of the people here were dead, and some in very gruesome ways. One of them looked like he had even bitten to death? Had Attayl done all of this? Obviously, the man with the gun had contributed, but still. “I am the daughter of a whore.” The words snapped Brillin out of his observations and he looked back to Attayl, leaning against a wall, bloody hand pressed against her side. And she continued, continued the sorrowful song of her past, and somewhere along her story Brillin looked down, closed his eyes. He was trying to get out of a city, he thought it was tough enough that he was caught in a gang war, but she had it worse. When she began talking about how she’d been used, Brillin opened his eyes and looked up, to the roof of the Parlour. Go to Hell, Harmony. She talked about Jeb being dead, how they had killed him, and how another attack wouldn’t happen, they would were attacking the canal, how they’d reached their goal of killing Jeb, the Parlour was partly destroyed and now Brillin knew, now he knew Attayl’s past, how she was so intertwined with the gang. And he could see the anguish in her voice. At the end of it all, he stood up from the chair, stepping over a corpse on the way to the bar. He reached over the counter, grabbed two glass bottles of some strong-sounding drink. His insides felt churned at what had happened. So with the two drinks in hand, he walked over to Attayl, dropped a drink beside her, and trudged his way to the chair. He knew, his pain was nothing compared to hers, compared to her his experiences were nothing to be sad about. But he still sat in the chair, and drank. “I wish I could help,” he said in between gulps, his voice taut, sinking into the chair, looking into thin air. “But all I’m good for is talking and pretending I know what I’m doing.”
  6. main plot

    The Haunt smiled. The knife shook, and with a heave it hovered above, vibrating in midair. The foggy body of the Haunt dissipated into thin air and only the floating knife remained, the shaking decreasing slightly now that his focus was fully on it. It moved slowly and deliberately, finding its way to the to the outside of her forearm. Slowly, the knife pressed in, deep. “Remember me,” the Haunt whispered, and with a quick half-inch slash he was done, blood pouring out of the wound and the knife dropped to the floor. “It is done.” And with that the small chill permeating the air was gone.
  7. main plot

    The words calmed him, and the Haunt’s snarl turned back into a frown. He was powerful, that was true. The knife shook and he looked down at it, then back at Lena and smiled cruelly. “Not even a scar to remember me by?”
  8. main plot

    The Haunt panted, carrying the knife was hard. But he kept it quiet and addressed the woman. “I didn’t even know you were here until you tried to pass through me a few moments ago,” The Haunt said, an edge to his voice. “And then you tell me I’m harmless? You, you know what happened to the last person who called me that?” The knife dropped and clattered to the ground and he cursed, but he looked back up at the woman. His ramblings began to show the mentally unhinged side of him. “I’ve been called that far too often. Harmless, ‘oh don’t mind him, he’s a ghost, a spren,’. I am not a spren. I am not harmless, I am not something, you can just pass through without a second thought!” The knife remained on the floor, and the Haunt remained rambling. “I think it’s time that you learn, that I am not someone to ignore!” The knife shook slightly, but it was taking a while to lift up off of the stone ground.
  9. Brillin looked back at Attayl, using one hand to wipe off the blood that the man had spit out. Partly, he was shocked. “I...” He was never planning to kill this man, let alone eat him as the gangster had said. All he’d wanted was some information. And yet, you’re holding him by the collar, pressing him against the wall, after you just slammed a chair into him and now you’re yelling into his face. But, he was just worried, scared, everyone got rusting scared occasionally, didn’t they? But when he got scared, when Brillin got angry, suddenly he would suddenly eat people, eat a random gangster. Rusts, before tonight he hadn’t even gotten into a fight for months. So he leaned back, loosened his grip, then dropped the man, letting go and stepping back. “I wasn’t even going to do anything,” he whispered to Attayl. “He said something like Jeb was a traitor, something about a canal.” And with that he stepped back further and crossed his arms, to see what’s Attayl would do.
  10. main plot

    Saying his name made him smile, but as the woman continued talking he growled again. But instead of running, or screaming, she walked right through him, the fog curling as it parted before her. “I am not harmless.” The Haunt said and circled around the woman and the child. From a nearby dead body the Haunt very shakily picked up a knife. It was hard to do when the Haunt was incorporeal, but the Haunt picked the knife upwards, and as it circled the two the knife glinted in the air. It shook quite a lot from the effort it was taking to float. “Is this harmless?”
  11. Looking around, Brillin saw a man pointing a gun at one of the gang members and he looked around. Where was Attayl? A part of himself sunk at the very real possibility of her death, that Brillin had waited too late to step out of the trapdoor. Picking up a chair with one hand he easily flung it into another Scarlet. The chair hit them and a part of it splintered off. Rust, would Brillin have to pay for that? Maybe he could just blame it on the gang members. After all, none of this would have happened if the Scarlets. Walking over to one of the incapacitated gang members, Brillin picked him up by the collar and pressed him against a wall. Fear was written on his face, but his strength kept the man pinned to the wall. “Why’d you come?!” He yelled. “With the Farriers, didn’t you have enough on your proverbial plate?” Ah, wrong vocabulary. No one would give him answers if he spoke like a gentleman. So he slammed the man against the wall again to prove he wasn’t playing around. @Sorana
  12. “And guys,” Ian said. “The sound of our guns is only going to attract more zombies!”
  13. “I could go with you,” Rob said.
  14. “I did!” Ian said, still on his crate. A man brought out a gun and began shooting the zombies, and Ian approved. He also approved of them hacking the body up. “I have a shovel!” Itiah said, holding his shovel high above his head. “We can dig a place to bury their remains so they don’t come back from the dead, figuratively of course. Last I checked they’re already dead.”