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  1. Rob eyed Doc and the others going through the house. “Let’s not tell them about this?” No doubt they would be scolded for recklessness if Doc caught wind of what had happened.
  2. Rob woke up. For some reason, waking up to the smell of dried up burnt blood was strangely disconcerting. But he wasn’t bleeding anymore, he noticed. Groaning he closed his eyes and lightly touched where the fourth-degree burns had been, spreading around his body. There were no wounds now. But storms, he was tired. He saw how the others had crowded around him and Shana, talking about changing sparring rules. “No,” he said, his face had resumed its neutral pose after what had happened. “This was a spar where I deliberately told her she could go full on. Usually it would never come to this.” He sat up. “Can someone get me some stormlight?” He mumbled.
  3. Rob could no longer feel her hand flaming but the burns remained and he screamed in his pain as they ravaged him. Soon, the world blacked out for him too. @Lunamor
  4. Rob didn’t feel much but the pressure of being crushed while Shana’s hand rested on an unarmoured part of him. But then her hand started heating up, and then burning, and Rob pushing the stab and thrust his head backwards, trying to endure the pain. The smell of smoke filled his nostrils and he gritted his teeth, closed his eyes, keeping that neutral expression. He was trapped under his own armour and Shana, and he had nowhere to move as her hand seared through his flesh, burning a fiery mark on him. Rob felt he couldn’t clamp his eyes down anymore, he felt he would crush his teeth with how much he was gritting them. He could feel himself burning, his skin charring and he clenched his fists. Even with closed eyes he was sure he could see stars and his whole body tensed as he cocked his head back and screamed primally, for the first time his neutral mask giving to an expression of pain as the stone he was wearing suddenly dissolved to liquid and his body went limp. The large burns could be more clearly seen with the armour off.
  5. Rob suddenly didn’t have any footing and the weight of the suit dropped through the dust layer to the new ground. Rob planted his forearm-blades into the ground for stability but soon after Shana came jumping at him and he fell on his back again, the rock around his back cracking. Rob sharply inhaled, the extra rock on his chest was pressing down on him. That would bruise. Taking deep breaths he tried to hold her in one place with one hand, and with the other he tried stabbing her slowly in the side with the forearm blade, trying to push it in as he was crushed by his armour’s weight.
  6. She was in his grip one moment, but soon there was nothing beneath Rob as she slipped out of his tackle. Groaning he made an effort to stand himself up again, it was hard with all the rock, but he managed. Slowly he looked around for her, reaching his left hand to some of the rock that had attached itself to his right forearm. Grabbing onto it he moulded it, made it longer, and thinner. Rob was inexperienced with creating shapes, but he at least new this. Fashioning the forearm rock into something akin to a long blade that extended past his palm, Rob did the same with the other forearm and raised his arms in a defensive manoeuvre. He doubted he would get much momentum behind his swings due to the weight, but the weight would be an advantage if he stabbed her.
  7. main plot

  8. She was taking a straight punch, this would be easy to block. Moving to redirect her hand, Rob’s grip slipped off the slick before it could grab anything and Rob was hit in the face. That would leave a mark. Grunting he fell backwards, but since he’d turned the ground behind him to liquid (see previous post) the fall itself didn’t do any damage. Instead, as he fell into the liquid, he submerged himself and quickly jumped out, and any liquid that coated his clothes and body he solidified immediately to make a rock armour, which he further reinforced with Tension. With this and another breath of stormlight Rob leapt towards Shana with newfound speed and attempted a football tackle to the ground.
  9. “Which direction?” Wilhelm asked, standing up. It seemed like there dark clouds in every direction. “Maybe we should look through what remains of this place? We might find whatever machine he had up there, that he used to do this.”
  10. Rob was unprepared for the kick and he doubled over, stepping back, but not before scooping the liquid metal part of the weapon. Stepping back, he tried moulding it and solidifying it, throwing out multiple small, sharp pieces of metal out at her. Bracing himself he turned the ground behind him to liquid as well.
  11. Wilhelm looked to the woman who’d yelled it out, but disguised it as curiosity, rather than guilt. He smiled, then let out a small laugh, taking a piece of bear meat from his pack. “Well, while I appreciate the accusation, I am afraid the blood around my mouth,” he gestured to it. “Is merely a product of surviving in the wild, feeding on rabbits and bears and the like.” He took a bite of the bear meat, so they could see how some of the residue was left on his mouth. “I needed to survive when I was outcast, and I have to say killing humans is a terrible way to achieve that unless you want to get yourself killed. Hunting small animals is much easier. Besides, I’m not that person anymore, he thought. How did that woman know? How? He’d have to ask her, but that would be admitting guilt. What else did she know? Wilhelm knew that if he ever wanted a clean slate, she would have to be removed.
  12. main plot

    As the doors opened and they reached the main hall, Alask noticed two space marines among them who hadn’t been there before (Crow and Azrael). “Maybe we should ask them?” He said, pointing to one of them. They were intimidating with their massive armours, but Alask needed answers. Slowly, he walked over to one of them, in dark green armour. @Grey Knight
  13. Rob barely moved to the side, the stab creating a large cut along the length of his right arm. Reaching out he tried grabbing the not sharp portion of the weapon, attempting to melt it by reducing its inner cohesion.
  14. main plot

    Alask jumped to the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. The elevator doors closed and he could feel them move downwards. “I heard the last time a ship this big came, it ended the Seven Day War,” he said, wondering what purpose the ship had.