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  1. Lusk watched Mari and Avalon talk and made a note to ask what intel they had on Vio as he turned his attention to Mike. Well, not Mike, but whatever animal currently was possessing him. His eyes and teeth spoke of some carnivorous animal, the ears tipped Lusk off that it was a wolf, or some sort of similar animal. “We are on a very important mission,” he said, trying to summarise his message in a way that would hopefully be easy to understand. “I’m asking politely, for you to keep yourself and the other animals in there in check. Someone killed people who was apart of our organisation, and we can’t go on without tracking the perpetrators down to bring justice, before they kill any more. I can’t afford the chance that you or your kin will sabotage the mission, so I’ll only ask once. Understand?”
  2. As the training commenced Wes watched, peeking from behind a large rock. He knew he had no reason to hide. He had as much importance as anyone here, he was an ACE employee too. But, as he watched the two Allomancers training, he began to reevaluate his thoughts. That man alone... he had just arrived on this world, and he was already more powerful than Wes, more useful in practically every sense of the word. The girl, Allri. She wasn’t nearly as skilled as Rigex, but she made up for it in raw power. A Mistborn. Wes had never seen another Mistborn in his life. Looking back he saw the ‘scholars’ (the name he’d given to all the super-smart people on the expedition) inspecting some sort of animal. Wrapping his cloak around around himself he tapped his metalminds, his hunger disappearing and mind returning to his thoughts of inadequacy. He had to be of use in some way. He had to. No one had even blinked when he’d said he was a bendalloy Ferring. Well, except for that woman, who’d compared him to the bendalloy Misting. An infinitely more useful ability, but it wasn’t like Wes had been able to choose his genetics. His mind wandered to dark places when he knew that were people out there who were able to change their genetics. Through little metal spikes. “I wonder what would happen if an Allomancer ingested a magnetically charged metal,” he said, stepping out of his hiding spot, waving slightly to Rig and Allri. “H-hello. I’m Wes. I thought I’d just walk a little ahead, then I found you guys training.”
  3. Hello! Now that both Striker and DeTess have flipped village, I thought it would be helpful to check out last cycle and see the interactions between them and other players. But first, my thoughts on El: I have become convinced that the quick vote on Striker is just part of their playstyle of encouraging lynch discussion, as seen when they voted on Wilson for holding their vote and gave that large list of questions to encourage discussion. I’m not suspicious of Rae because I could see the reasons she voted on Striker, and Tess was obviously village so I agree when some people say the Striker lynch was probably all elims. I have to admit, the killing of Tess to confirm her as a villager seems kind of interesting since one of the main discussions early last cycle was about the statistics of whether she (or I) could be elims. I’m voting on Alvron. He voted on Tess due to a gut feeling and she turned out village. And the other lynch candidate right now, Venture, defended Striker (who flipped village) as well as defended Alv, who is voting on him now to make a tie. And I don’t think I actually see anyone defending Venture right now? Add that to the fact that he got his vote moved to Stink, for some reason. Honestly this sounds more like elims messing around (because why would a villager cause confusion like that?), since there chull no risk for Rath or Stink being lynched. Add that to Alv’s IKYK as well as the fact that we’ll learn a lot, and I’m voting on him.
  4. Rob nodded. “It is pretty great.” He paused, thinking of what to say next. It seemed Ben was as bad at idle conversation as Rob was, which was somewhat relieving. He hadn’t talked to Ben much, in fact, it seemed his main connection to him was through Shana. But even Rob at least knew that it never hurt to make new friends. Or, at least, try to. “I wonder if anyone’s going to make a speech,” he said.
  5. Today’s prompt is: 18. Alley Finally something I’m good at drawing. Random alleys!
  6. Rob looked around as the party started. The present was completed, and everybody he could see seemed happy doing their own thing. Even Ben, who was just reading a book. Rob was satisfied as well with the completion of his present. And in the end, he thought, wasn’t that all that mattered? That you were happy? Everything else was secondary. Or was that a selfish worldview? That you mattered most. Well, you are supposed to put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others. How could one hope to help others when they couldn’t help themselves? But time and again that had been proven wrong. Plenty of famous scientists who did great deeds for humanity hadn’t exactly been great at helping themselves with personal issues, yet the world would not have been the same without them. As Rob walked over to Ben, he wondered how many of the famous people in the world had been surgebinders. “Enjoying the book?” He asked, pulling across a beanbag and sitting down. Small-talk had always been his greatest weakness.
  7. first verse

    One instant, the forest was, there, and the next it wasn’t. The group was in an alley. Price could tell by the language of the worn down posters over the alley walls that they were Tühinine. But where in Tühinine? It didn’t matter, he realised as a soft smile crept up his face. He looked at the interaction between Sagitta, Sensation and Zura, all of them facing each other. Subconsciously he stood up a little straighter, taking a gentle step backwards from the group, to the exit of the alley. It didn’t matter what city they were in. They were in a city. The buildings that lined the roads were like trees in a forest only Price could see, the bustling people and distant steps of police the natural sounds of the urban ecosystem. In this place, he wasn’t a weak boy, defenceless. He was the Forestlynx. And although he did not have power in the same way as Sagitta or Zura, and certainly not in the same way as the gods, he still had power. Watching the three warriors all focused on each other, obviously waiting any sort of attack from the other too, he took a step until he was looking out of the alley exit, onto the Main Street. The distant sounds of patrolling police became clearer as they walked down the streets in their nightly patrols. “Guards!” He called out, watching the heads quickly snap towards him, spears raised as they ran towards the backalley.
  8. Hello! While I do agree that the chances of me being an elim are the same as they were before, I can understand Striker’s point of view, and I feel like Elb’s immediate vote on them comes off as a little suspicious. However, it could just be another attempt at starting a lynch discussion (which has worked, so good job, I guess ), which they were doing before as well. Bard’s vote on Stink... I can believe that it was just observing slight differences in their language, and not something else. Or maybe I’m just overly trusting and suck at analysis Elandera seems to have a similar gut feeling on Elb as I do, or maybe she’s trying to distance herself by stating slight suspicion and then saying it’s most likely NAI. Rae and Elb could also be an elim team (Or is this just me being paranoid, I wonder)? She disagrees about the vote on Striker, and then goes back to vote on him. However, this is due to what she sees as overreacting on Striker’s part, which I have to admit I agree with. Striker’s statement in response also makes sense (But is anything really overthinking in SE? ), and his comments about being fine to be lynched are something I perceive to be the mark of someone who doesn’t have anything to hide. However, I am aware of elims pulling tactics like this, but I don’t think Striker is doing this so early on. Remember, this is the person who voted to lynch himself when he was the spy so the village wouldn’t lose. I don’t think he would be open to be lynched on the first cycle if he had an elim team he had a responsibility to. So, my vote goes to Elbereth for the quick vote on Striker for saying something I can see as an understandable thing to say, and because Elandera also has gut feeling on them (and you know what they, two gut feelings are better than one ). And even if I’m wrong, hopefully this post will be more informative in the future as the game goes on and alignments are revealed.
  9. Great drawings, Silva! I do like how you did Dawn the person instead of the time of day I agree with this statement. And without further ado, this brings us to the next prompt! Today’s prompt is: 17. Old I just had to do Lusk for this, he fits the prompt too well. But I also wanted to show his power, and all of his different ages, how he’s grown up to be so old etc. Hopefully this captures his life (and his grumpiness ).
  10. Great game, everybody! Can’t wait for the re-run
  11. Just wait. I expect to do one just fully on the Phoenix soon
  12. Thanks a lot! I try my best Anyway, that brings me to today’s prompt, which is: 16. Dawn So, for this, the drawing is set in the same setting, except exactly 24 hours before my ‘Protect’ drawing. In this one, it is the dawn of the Seventh Day of the Seventh Day War, where the city is still somewhat intact and Rashan gives his speech, the Phoenix flying menacingly on the horizon
  13. non-canon

    Wes’ knives were blocked, and he looked up in surprise at Deteca. Using his own bracer against him. But while she had one bracer, Wes had knives. Plural, he thought smugly, trying to keep the bracer occupied with one of the knives and separating the other from the lock, attempting to stab her in the midriff. “If we’re still apologising, sorry for stabbing you.”
  14. “Of course you wouldn’t work for the UnInvested,” he said and looked to Mike and Mari like it was obvious. “He’s Invested. That goes against their main rule.” Though, that Mari one was smart. And strong. Lusk made sure to remember that, changing his gaze from her to Mike. His personality changed so often, or was that the animals? Lusk doubted animals even had a personality. Yet, they controlled the boy. Spoke through his body. “Alright TwoFace, Beast Boy and...” he tried to think of a nickname for Mari. None came to mind. “Mari. The Bleeding Spike isn’t too far away, let’s quit attacking each other and capture that violin player.” Walking towards the bar he looked back to Mike. “And whoever’s in charge over there, we need to talk.” Mike might have been a Ghostblood, but what about the animals? Lusk couldn’t have rogue personalities ruining his mission.