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  1. Alask watched the group depart, a smile on his face. When the group arrived, all that was left was a shattered and flaming rickshaw, a man of middle age burnt on the ground, injured but alive, and the silhouette of a figure on the rooftop, in dark clothing. “Stay back!” they yelled - a female voice - and their hands began to glow as they drew a complex Aon in the air. Four twisting columns of fire launched from the rooftop towards each of the group. The dark slums of the forge lit up and cast dark shadows as the four beams shot towards their targets. The silhouetted figure took off, trying to jump between rooftops. She was sure her Aons would do the trick. No one had ever dodged a fire beam before. @mathiau @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Stormblessed0421 @Emery the Steelrunner
  2. “Tell me,” Castled said, leaning back, melding into the sway of the carriage. If they were going to be riding for the next few days, he could at least get to know his colleagues. “How is over there? The East? Where…” He waved his hand vaguely. “Wherever you come from, anyway.”
  3. @EmulatonStromenkiin Alask smiled, then nodded as all four agreed. This was good. Very good. “I’ve arranged a rickshaw to take you to the heart of the territory,” he pointed to a silhouette of a driver just beyond the gate. Briefly, flashes of golden light could be seen and screams. Alask’s eyes widened. “I think another attack is happening.” @mathiau @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Emery the Steelrunner @Stormblessed0421
  4. Alask laughed. “Not at all, I don’t even have Investiture.” He shook his head. “No, I could tell by the look on your face. The way you rushed in to help that woman. I can tell an idealist when I see one.” He raised his one hand in the air. “Don’t worry, though. You can keep whatever you find as well. It’s only fair.” One of them was in. That was very good news. Alask looked at the other faces. “And the rest of you?”
  5. Castled kept a close eye on the Forrests outside. To him, the carriage couldn’t move fast enough. With nothing to do but think, he brought out his book before he could dwell on darker thoughts. Something Dallikar said made Castled look towards the boy, but Dallikar hadn’t been talking to him. “You’re from far East, aren’t you?” Castled asked the young man. He’d never been. “By the coast. I hear they live differently there.” It was the only explanation Castled could come up with at the oddness of the boy. Perhaps he was crazy. Castled didn’t mind that. They were all a little bit crazy.
  6. "You want info?" Alask asked, leaning against the gate. He ran a hand through his hair, then sighed. He hadn't put up those posters up so they could all sit around discussing. Behind him, the the two men who had been gambling carried the woman away, red staining their clothes. With them gone, it was only Alask and the four newcomers left. He stood up straighter and addressed them all. "You may be wondering what just happened, or why I put those 'help wanted' posters up," he said. He turned to gesture to where the woman had been carried off to. "She is why we need help. She is a victim, and not the first we've had." Alask tried his best to sound impassioned. His left arm still remained hidden beneath the cloak. "A week ago," he said. "We started experiencing attacks in the Forge area. Vandalism. Theft. Murder. We believe it's some sort of new gang, and that they've made a hideout in an abandoned warehouse deeper in the slums. we don't know their numbers or their Investiture, but we know they're deadly." He paused for a moment, sighed, then met the eyes of each of the four. "The Forge is a brilliancy," he said. "What I've – we've – been able to do for the first time is give these homeless people reliable, shelter, food and electricity. We've cleaned the water supply, provided them safety. These attacks threaten to undo all of that. Dealing with them will be dangerous. That being said..." He turned to look at Sam. "If you choose to help us, you will be saving innocent lives." He turned towards Darien. "If you choose to help, I will tell you what I know about my... friend." He turned to Deckh, the calm-as-ice assassin who seemed to be smarter than he appeared. Then he looked to the latest arrival, a woman who knew Darien and stared at Alask in a way that made him uncomfortable. She, too, was more than what met the eye. "And for the rest of you," he said. "If you choose to remove this threat for me, as a reward, I'll allow you to keep anything you raid off of the hideout. The Forge has no need for tools of destruction." Alask stilled, having said his plea. He looked to each of the four again, tried to gauge their reactions. This was the critical moment. "So," he said, shrugging with his right shoulder. "What do you say?" @mathiau @Emery the Steelrunner @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Stormblessed0421
  7. Hey Thaidakar, just checking in. Is Darien still up for what’s happening in the Forge?

    1. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      yeah, he should be. I've just been really offline. I should be back on more, though I won't be on for some select days. like Sunday and such. I can maybe manage and try and post once a day maybe atleast? but Friday, Saturday and maybe Thursday are the days I would probably be able to do it.

  8. Hi, just checking in ^_^ Are you still keen to participate in the Forge plot?

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      It’s gonna be fun, this is my first alleyverse storyline

  9. “Obviously not,” Alask hissed at the newcomer, but gestured to his companions to lower their weapons. “Hutch! Westan! Get this woman to a doctor,” Alask ordered two of the men who were gambling. They scrambled beside the woman. Alask looked up at Sam and the other two newcomers. “Everything is not alright.” He looked exhausted. “That’s why I put those posters up. If we don’t do something, more innocents will end up like her.”
  10. Their conversation was interrupted by a scream from the darkness. Alask turned sharply towards the direction of sound before a figure came tumbling out of the shadows towards the group. They were a woman, wrapped in a shawl and running faster than her legs could carry her. She tumbled over the ground in front of the group and Alask knelt down beside her. Her clothes were stained unnaturally red. When she reached out for someone to help her, her hand dripped red, little drops landing on the stone in front of them. “Shadows,” Alask muttered, kneeling down beside her. “Help… me,” she groaned. @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Emery the Steelrunner @Stormblessed0421
  11. @Emery the Windrunner
  12. “Might as well have five good hands than twenty useless ones,” Castled remarked, crossing his arms and leaning against the carriage. ‘Dallikar’ was a weird name, but wasn’t like any of them could judge. “Should we set off?” he asked, suddenly anxious to get moving. He looked to Scarred. “The further we get before nightfall, the better, right?”
  13. The shadowy figure came closer and closer, until the glow of spheres illuminated the face of Alask. A deep frown was set into his face, and the dark circles under his eyes seemed more prominent. He wore different clothes tonight, a brownish-black cloth that covered most of his body. Only his right arm stuck out. At the sight of the two men, he smiled wearily. Help had arrived. “You,” he said to Darien, shaking the man’s hand with his right arm. He had hoped this man would arrive since their encounter at the tavern. “You certainly don’t look two sips from death anymore.” At Deckh’s wisecrack he turned and waved, again with his right hand. “You have no idea,” he said with a grin. This man also looked tough, strong. Exactly what he was looking for. “Are you also here to help? We need every hand we can get.” Lastly, he turned to the man who’d activated the spanreed and his companions. He waved at them and they smiled and waved back. They all knew each other. Tough conditions built strong relationships, especially when you were the guy fixing up their homes and providing them light.
  14. The man nodded, then grabbed something wrapped in cloth beside the box. The other man looked at him, but otherwise didn’t comment. “I’ll get him now,” the man said, revealing a chunky, rusting spanreed. The ruby attached to the pen glowed erratically and small bits of the fabrial seemed to be falling off, but the man wrote a message and pointed to a small flat beyond the gate, where a shadowy figure stepped out and began walking towards the group. “That’s ‘im,” said the man fondly. He sighed. “I don’t know why he don’t just get the Night Protector to do it ‘stead of bringin’ in newcomers. Feels weird.”