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  1. James sank to the ground and Rob remained standing only through sheer force of will. He’d be weak if he collapsed, weak if he gave in. He’d risked that, looking weak, here, with James. He’d - barely - been able to open up to someone who was supposed to help him. Who was supposed to be able to help him grow, by removing his issues. But James was on the floor and Rob felt a burst of emotions hitting him all at once. Desperation. Sadness. Anger. He’d helped out so many times, he’d helped fight Voidbringers, had even opened up and James couldn’t even do the one thing Rob asked of him? The thoughts swirled and boiled in his mind until — “James,” he spat out resentfully, preparing a yell. “YOU —” And then it was gone, the anger ripped from him Rob shot his eyes towards the dark sphere in his hand, which now was ice cold, painfully so. He raised it up and and saw a long crack running down its surface. His thoughts were in a mess, and his emotions still ran rampant... but something had happened. He still felt like a bucket full of emotions he didn’t want, but he didn’t feel like he was overflowing anymore. At least, not yet. You’re welcome. He regained his composure quickly, the hate he’d felt at James gone, the emotions no longer clouding his actions. He stared at James, the Bondsmith who’d warned him about his sphere. But it had helped him. “I... am sorry,” he said, for once perfectly monotone. Now it was him who rested a hand on James’ shoulder. “I should not have disturbed you.”
  2. He couldn’t help him. James was his only hope and he couldn’t help him. The the rest of the words blurred together and Rob only caught a few of them, the world seeming to spin. Journey, destination, support, friends. He felt like a knife had been rammed into his throat as James walked forward, placed a hand on his shoulder again. He saw the mouth move but all he could hear was a distinct buzzing in his ears. He felt weak, weaker than he’d ever felt before. “James,” he whispered, trying so hard to remove the tremor in his voice but failing. He stared intensely at the Bondsmith, screams and cries all at once wanting to escape but being held back, visible only through a slight misting of the yes. He gestured to himself. “James, look at me. Look at me.” He bowed his head, staring at the floor, wanting to ask again although he already knew what the answer was going to be. James would deny... but Rob had to ask again. Once more, for final. He was shaking ever so slightly. “Please... please. I’ll do anything.”
  3. “A crush,” Rob repeated, then heard a sneeze from downstairs. Was Ashlyn here? Now? He watched James sit back in his chair, the gentle smile, the hand that and been in his shoulder, the hug. It all seemed — for a moment — that he truly understood Rob, with the soft words about change, about how it could be good. Could it? Maybe for others, but not for YOU, came the response, from somewhere within him. You’re a Stoneward. Shana fights for us because she is a Dustbringer. It is her role. And YOUR role is stability. If a STONEWARD cannot be trusted to be stable, what can? An eroded rock is a weak rock. “An eroded rock is a weak rock,” he whispered to himself and shook his head, glancing back at James. “You care for me. And I appreciate your words.” He paused, and only now could his feelings, like a boiling ocean, be slightly visible underneath the surface. A slight shake in the voice. A light tremor in the hand. “But, respectfully, James... I didn’t come here for words.” If he’d wanted encouragement and support, he’d have gone to Shana. Instead, he was here because James was a Bondsmith, nothing more and nothing less. He stepped forward, tried desperately to hide the feelings despite how they seeped out of his every action. “I came here for you to fix me. To... take it all away. You can do that, can’t you?”
  4. Jassir stood on the spot in front of the King, and his costume shifted to match the drawing, making the design canon instantly, because it was that good. Ah, he thought. That’s better.
  5. Jassir watched the commotion with wide eyes, seeing Lady Hvenkar being escorted away after yelling at the Raveness. She really had nothing to lose, did she? Nothing to lose, but all to gain. Spotting the King in his throne, Jassir jumped and cartwheeled over to him, landing in front of his Majesty with a flourish. “Your Majesty, not keen for a dance?” He glanced towards the King’s betrothed, being offered a dance by another noble. “Not even with your bride-to-be, at your own ball?”
  6. Happy Birthday again! :P

  7. Triple Phoenix! Triple Phoenix Tessellation!
  8. Rob couldn’t stop himself from tensing slightly when James hugged him. He stared blankly at the wall in front of him, unsure what to say or how to react. The experience was so... foreign. More so than even fighting Voidbringers. He had to admit it. He had to tell James what was bothering him. “I’m slipping, James,” he said quickly and bluntly to get it over with. He continued staring at the blank drywall of James’ room, somehow finding it easier to talk that way than when facing someone. “It was easier in the beginning. When I could feel whatever I wanted but keep a blank face. Be sad and not cry. Be angry but not yell. Be happy but not smile. That’s who I was when Doc let me in here, and that’s who I am now, and for most of my life it’s worked perfectly. Without fault.” He paused to collect his thoughts. “But these days... I don’t know what’s happening. I get... tired of school, and almost frown. I get happy at winning a battle and almost smile. I get angry and feel like a pressure cooker about to explode, barely under the surface. With Ashlyn... I feel happy, but it becomes so much harder to hide it when she’s around. Why can’t I hide it?” His voice was still monotone. “I know to you, it probably doesn’t seem like much. And I want you know I never judged you, or Ben, or any of the other guys for expressing their feelings. This is just who I am, who I was raised to be. So why does it feel like it’s collapsing over me? The more time I’ve been here, the friends I’ve made, the battles I’ve fought... it’s all make it harder for me to keep it all in? Even now, speaking to you. It’s harder to stay impassive then it ever used to be. One of these days I’m... I’m...” He forced himself to spit the word out. He’d already said to much to James. “One of these days I’m scared I’m going to smile, or laugh or show something. And then everything’s going to flood out.”
  9. “That’s true,” Rob said, and fell silent. You’re skirting around the main point, he told himself. You didn’t come here and disturb his research to ask him about wars and the Voidbringers, admit it. You didn’t even come here to ask about the sphere, did you? No. There’s something else. Tell him. “James...” he began. But Rob didn’t want to. He clutched the sphere in his palm, ready to leave, hovering by the doorframe... but he couldn’t get himself to depart without addressing the real issue. He hated having to open up in this way to James, but James was a Bondsmith. That’s why Rob had come. Because Bondsmiths were wise, and they always knew what to do when you didn’t. Like Doc. Doc was a LIAR and you KNOW IT! Yes, Doc was a liar. That’s why James was his only Bondsmith option left. Whether he liked it or not. And so far, James had a breadth of understanding far beyond what Rob had expected. Maybe this wouldn’t be as bad as Rob worried. He looked back up at James and continued. “I... saw what you did with that door. That’s probably what you’re researching now, I’m guessing. Or, were researching before I came in. I noticed you didn’t replace the door, or make a new one. You fixed it, but without any lasting marks. Like it had never been broken in the first place. Do you...” He looked down. “Do you think you could do the same for a person what you did to the door? Maybe not physically, but... cognitively?” It was healing in a way Regrowth could never touch, and if anyone had it, it was the Bondsmith.
  10. Nekri sighed, but didn’t make any more objections. “Fine. You sound like one of those paranoid old men, sitting on a bench by the street.” A side effect of his frustration, his illusion wavered, until he replaced it with one that looked less suspicious. He kept the knife, though. He liked the way it made Jared look uncomfortable. @xinoehp512