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  1. “No, but I don’t need to, see?” Nekri tilted his head up and recalled the photo Jared had shown him, waving a hand and manifesting it in illusion-form in front of them. “See, if she wanted to hide, looking’ at her eyes and hair, the best place to blend in would probably be Dox-Marina, south of here. Judging by the people in the background, it could also be one of the surrounding towns.” He looked up and smiled at Jared. “See? That’s what you get when you ally with a bounty hunter who’s also a local.”
  2. “It feels weird,” Nekri said, then shrugged again. “I’m not too good at descriptions.” The sudden inquiry into himself and what he could do made Nekri frown. He looked to Jared firmly, an illusion colourful smoke swirling around him. “But enough about me, I doubt my voice is important anyhow. The only reason I came up here was because I thought you might offer me money to track that lady in the photograph. See, I’m not good at descriptions, but I am good at hunting.”
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  4. Blue focused on his papers and sat in the seat he’d been assigned, spreading them across the table. He eyed the three new people who’d entered but didn’t move to greet them. They were Zarokhavan. That scared him, especially with the knight so nearby. Mainland Zarokhavan come in two types, he remembered his brother telling him. You have the poor sods being manipulated, and then you have the happy, maniacal sods manipulating them. If you ever see a Zarokhavan who looks like they’re nice, think again. There’s a reason their colony doesn’t speak to them anymore.
  5. Nekri paused, thinking it over. “Then... maybe I have it, then.” He shrugged, looking towards Jared. He laughed. “Seems as though I didn’t need to learn it, though. Just hearing you was enough.”
  6. “According to most people’s understanding of the world,” Nekri said, switching to a different voice. “Summoning a blade from thin air and being able to toss people people aside with wind shouldn’t be possible either.” He tilted his head to the side. “Well, the only reason my illusions work so well is because nobody thinks it’s possible. If you went to someone and told them you saw a shape-changing man I’m sure they’d lock you in an asylum over believing you.”
  7. Uh huh, Nekri said, nodding. He smiled, raising his palm and conjuring a miniature illusion of Jared himself on it, standing tall. I’m Jared! the small illusion-Jared said in Jared’s voice. I’m being chased by a woman. Wow, who knew an illusionist could make illusions?
  8. Surprise filled Rob when James flinched back after touching the sphere, seeming rattled. His eyes lay wide on the sphere and Rob listened to his words his words intently. “Alive?” he asked, holding the dark sphere up to his eye. Whatever was inside, it twisted and turned in hypnotic patterns, like smoke. It seemed harmless enough... but James’ reaction seemed like genuine panic. “Shana suggested I destroy it,” Rob said. “But I thought it might help us understand the Voidbringers. Help us develop a cure.” Besides, the sphere was his. He clenched his fist around it, feeling its cold pulse in his hand. Though his face remained the same, his thoughts started to take different avenues. He and Shana had discovered Doc couldn’t be trusted. James was another Bondsmith, could he be trusted? Was he just trying to take it from Rob? Have it for himself? Rob shook his head slightly, looking up to James. “What do you think?”
  9. After a moment James opened the door, and Rob felt immediately guilty for disturbing him. Maybe he shouldn’t have come here. After all, James wasn’t a stranger, but that didn’t mean he and Rob interacted much. Still, he was the only real Bondsmith other than Doc, and Rob supposed after the office break-in Doc wouldn’t be too inclined to talk to him. He kept his expression still through all of this, not letting even a single second of emotion through, as he sometimes did with Shana. “Sorry for the disturbance. I... wanted to get your opinion on something.” Fishing a hand into his pocket, he paused for a moment, before going through with it and bringing out the odd sphere that he’d recovered from one of the lead Voidbringers, the one that seemed to whisper to him. He held it up to James. “It’s... weird. And seems to react to my emotions.” He shrugged. “I thought maybe with you being a Bondsmith, you might know what it is.”
  10. The tri-border building was grand in every sense of the word. Marble rose from the ground in ornate columns, reaching far into the sky. Intricate brickwork filled the spaces between them, forming three rounded walls and a sense of flowing architecture. The bricks left plenty of space for a massive stained-glass window on each of the three sides, each representing one of the superpowers that ruled the world. The steps leading to the building were long and lined with token soldiers from each nation. Indeed, as Blue walked up to the entrance he noted that he could see the three borders that separated Xalinas, Yhevra and Zarokhava, because a long line of soldiers were present, standing strong. He sighed. Tensions seemed to be high among the nations. There was a short vizier there to greet Blue at the entrance, a ledger in one of their hands and a quill in the other. “Name?” “Bluecross Whittaker.” “Hmm...” the vizier raised an eyebrow. “We have the leader of Colonial Yhevra as a ‘Redstar’.” “That’s my brother. He’s busy leading. I’m the representative.” “Well, go right ahead. You’re early.” Early. The fact seemed obvious enough - the entire main hall seemed almost completely empty. Around the sides of the main tables, administrative agents and scribes all scurried around, but there didn’t seem to be any actual representatives here, not yet. Idly Blue looked up at the glass dome that topped this building, suppressing a look of amazement. The amount of work and money it must have taken to erect this building... it was beyond what Blue could imagine. He wondered whether his colony would ever reach that stage.
  11. Nekri raised an eyebrow. So it wasn’t just him who thought the voice was weird. It was some kind of ‘silence’. He didn’t understand how an odd voice corresponded to silence, but he grinned at Jared all the same. What? He asked, mimicking the voice. It was always easy to mimic voices, it came with practise. Can’t you speak like this for long? That’s odd, you’re the one I managed to mimic it from anyway.
  12. Nekri paused, then scowled at Jared. He shifted his illusions subtly to make his frown run down more of his face than was humanly possible. “What, is this some way of telling me I talk too much? Is that it?”
  13. Nekri tilted his head to the side, observing Jared curiously. He had begun to get worried that the man had no real money of his own to pay Nekri with, but he’d mentioned ‘home’ ... perhaps he had some savings. “I can take you home, alright,” Nekri said. “Wherever that is. But if we happen to go there and it turns out you don’t have any money...” Nekri narrowed his eyes at the man. “... then you won’t just have that woman hunting you down.”
  14. “Ah,” Nekri said, mincing Jared’s normal voice and holding up a finger. “But maybe she doesn’t know about me. You, however, she seemed to recognise you plenty. No one could recognise me even if they wanted to. The illusions help with that.” This Jared was a real bottle of mysteries for sure. Weird voice, weird sword, weird (and powerful!) people chasing after him. Nahri wondered whether all this weirdness would equal more money. He grinned at Jared. “And speaking of my illusions, they might help stop you from being recognised any time soon... for a price, of course.”