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  2. Alask looked at the card with a blank expression. You did this. What could it mean. Alask had seen the card first, was it addressing him? But it was in the man's pocket, so was it saying he did it to himself. "It's probably worth checking what other stuff you have in your pockets," he told the man. "We could find a clue there." This whole case was becoming very unique indeed. He listened to Laonin talking about fixing up a building next to the Forge. "That would be great," Alask said. If he didn't live in the Forge, that would mean no worrying about waking up in the middle of the night and killing everyone because a fire was lit. "We can all be roommates together." Alask looked around. "The doctor seems to have gone off, and our friend here looks better than before. Maybe we should go back to the Forge?" Besides, Alask didn't want to be here when his partners heisted the Hospital. That could mean them identifying him as a heist partner in front of Laonin, Ishek and the fallen man, @The Grumpy Elantrian @Karnatheon @xinoehp512
  3. "Well, that's alright." Alask said as a card dropped out of the man's pocket. "Maybe you can have like a Jason Bourne moment where you remember everything." He picked up the card, and looked at it before handing it back. "Huh. What's this?" @xinoehp512
  4. Alask reappeared from his walk and waved to Ishek and Laonin, who appeared to be having a conversation. Walking around the hospital bed he made his way to the man who had been injured, the one who was apparently fine now. "Hey," he said. "You alright? Maybe you can tell us who did that to you?" @xinoehp512
  5. Stop discrimination against partially existent people! People who don't know if they are people are people too!
  6. Hey, welcome! Here, we can all be confused over Vax and the Black Sphere together!
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