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  1. You are bold one @mateuszmichi
  2. My inner Vorin trembles at your blasphemy
  3. I was thinking that I was going to be a Thug/Pewterarm, but hey I hear Soothers get some pretty good coin at those Soothing stations so maybe it’s not too bad
  4. Hey @Windrunner2319, welcome to the Shard! If you could be a Misting which metal would you burn?
  5. I found Mistborn in the library and read the Ars Arcanum at the back. At first I thought that Allomancy had to do with burning the metal and sniffing the magical fumes to get powers, and I thought that was pretty interesting so I started reading and I fell in love (even if I was kind of disappointed by the lack of people getting high off of metal), and now I’m a big fan of all things Sanderson.
  6. Also my favorite book is Oathbringer right now
  7. Thanks for the advice @Archer... and also sorry. The cookie was too tempting, but i had the sense not to give away my Breath.
  8. I’ve been a fan of Brandon Sanderson for awhile and finally decided to join the Shard. Glad to finally be where people appreciate Brandon’s work