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  1. Is there any places I should post the questions and answers I got besides here?
  2. Yeah, say someone storing wakefulness or whatever. They'd probably seem dead. What metal showed the someones future? Gold? maybe thats what the machine used or whatever, to project everyone's possible futures, that fake atium maybe.
  3. Yeah, That's what I was thinking as I read it too.
  4. So I ordered the Hardcover of Shadows Beneath and asked Brandon this: Have we seen the ones above before they gained space flight and when does Sixth of It's (meant Sixth of Dusk) take place cosmere timeline wise? He Answered: Yes,+it is the most "future" you have seen. Question: Answer: So theres some small answers there for anyone who cares
  5. so how do we put a pin on the map? -looks like you post on the thread and they will update it_
  6. hmm, I was excited until someone pointed out the graphic novel part.
  7. just got to make a machine do this over and over, use planets or stars as an anchor point and seems like a good way to solve the problem of having weight stop you from reaching the speed of light
  8. what if the shattering of the plains happened because someone forced the gate to unlock?
  9. I think being able to soulcast these metals would be bad. It would be like abducting the shards body right? For the plan to horde atium and keep it hidden from him to work there must be finite amounts of atium that can exist in bead form at once, so if you could soulcast these metals i believe it would be stealing parts of Harmony and he'd notice that.
  10. I asked Brandon this question and he said no, the god metals are invested edited to add link and then edited to to ad a link to the question so you could actually read it.
  11. I think the thrill left because the unmade are starting to affect the parshendi now. They seem to get the thrill now.
  12. @arook, that's what he said to me about the pool, that it's not what we think. The only real shard pool we've seen is preservation's right? It fills with power because there is no one to take up the power and use it or Was I reading that wrong?
  13. I'm not saying he's spook, I know that's way out there, just pointing out how much that sentence reminds me of spook's slang in mistborn. That part is similar. @delightful I don't think ill step into that pool.