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  1. So if an atium burner (either mistborn or misting) were to fight a Jedi would they still see a cloud of atium shadows? A Jedi can sense into the future a little bit but is it exact enough to cause the kind of reaction that two atium burners have on each other?
  2. I'm wondering if Brandon has ever talked about why he decided on what metals would have what powers. Is there an interview where he talks about this?
  3. So if someone with a Shard Blade were to cut me at the shoulder so my right arm was made useless, exactly how dead would my arm be? Shard blades cut the soul right? So would my arm be dead enough to be able to make a lifeless out of it? Could I then command it to "work as I must" or some such Command? Or since I'm still alive does that stop the awakening from being possible?
  4. Well Wax mentions that he often keeps himself at 3/4 weight and it's never mentioned that that had any effect other than storing the weight.
  5. Thanks, all of Brandons other books are on my kindle so i'd like to keep them all in the same media form.
  6. Does anyone know when the ebook for Emperor's Soul will be released?