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  1. When one of Brandon Sanderson's books is about to come out and I can't stop talking about it.
  2. I just got back from the signing in Portland (well Beaverton). There were well over 200 people there, possibly closer to 300. I got there 30 minutes before the signing and introduced myself to the bookstore staff. The seats were already filled, and they let me give an announcement up front before Brandon got there to let people know what I was doing and to track me down to contribute to the scrapbook. I found a lot of people by eye contact in the audience and passed out cards (I printed them on cardstock, which worked well) and pens as needed. I had bought a set of gel pens before, which was a nice touch for a lot of the cards. After my initial lap around the audience, I stayed by the table handing out tickets for the signing order. By the time Brandon got there and the signing began, I had gotten most of the the cards out and already gotten most back. A few found me during the signing itself, but interest in my project had wound down at that point. I printed 3 copies of the pdf, totaling over 90 cards. I ended up with 52 cards signed (53 after I do mine) and I passed out something like 75 cards, so I had just about the right amount. Here are some of the cards that stood out. http://www.17thshard.com/forum/gallery/image/365-scrapbook-cards-1/ http://www.17thshard.com/forum/gallery/image/366-scrapbook-cards-2/ http://www.17thshard.com/forum/gallery/image/367-scrapbook-cards-3/ http://www.17thshard.com/forum/gallery/image/368-scrapbook-cards-4/
  3. Scrapbook cards from the Portland WoR signing.
  4. Scrapbook cards from the Portland WoR signing.
  5. Scrapbook cards from the Portland WoR signing.
  6. Scrapbook cards from the Portland WoR signing.
  7. I will be at the Portland (beaverton actually) signing and have agreed to be the tour archivist for that signing. Karaokeang should be sending me the info shortly to print out the cards. Those that have done signings so far, about how many cards did you end up needing?
  8. I will be there . Look for glasses, a beard and a leather jacket if you are wanting to meet up.
  9. Super excited! I'm in.
  10. I just drag the video along as fast I read. Most of the stuff you might miss is just changes and corrections he makes. I'm not particularly interested in the down and dirty details of his writing, so missing a few changes here and there doesn't matter to me . Additionally, it has been stated that a speed version of the entire writing process will be posted after all the segments are up.
  11. Though I lack the extra funds for this right now, I do like the idea. A suggestion, what about putting the english translation in small subtext below the main text? It would be nice and much more accessible, especially if one forgets what that bookmark says that they've had for several months or years.
  12. Love this idea! Unfortunately my bookshelf that contains all my good books is 3 hours away at my parents house. My bookshelf out here at school only has nursing textbooks (i'm relegated to audiobooks and ebooks out here). I'll take a picture of it when I go home in a few weeks.
  13. There's also the thing of me being short on sleep and not being confident in my writing skills at the moment
  14. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, or if i should put it on the talk page or something (i'm not exactly wiki-literate). The Roshone article is wrong. Whoever wrote it had Amaram in their head when they were writing it. I would have corrected it myself, but I don't feel confident enough to format and reference correctly.
  15. I envy you Windrunner, reading through WoT for the first time I have to disagree with you there. While there is a noticeable drop off in pacing in books 7-10, it didn't seem like a drop in quality to me. The major thing is that events are moving slowly enough that we don't get real nice distinct story arcs with definitive climaxes during those books. They are definitely there, just not as defined or big in scope. If you think of 6-10 more as one long book and read it straight through, it doesn't really lack those except for those who lack patience ^.^