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  1. Ok were all thinking it what if sazed was morgan freeman
  2. it seems everyone wants hoid to be one of the doctors if you know what i mean
  3. Perhaps the lord ruler could be ben stiller which iwould think would be awsome cause he's my favorite actor
  4. I can tell you what NOT to read and that is brandon mull i used to read his books a ton until i realized something THEY suck. The characters are like robots. in every series it's basically the same with boy that uses a sword and a girl that has super magical powers it SUCKS.
  5. Thanks However my storming library refuses to have the books i want.
  6. I bet there is some jolly ranchers or skittles they invented.
  7. I feel like if ANY people were to invent candy on roshar, it would be the horn eaters. Especially hard candy. Any thoughts?
  8. I'm kinda depressed cause i have not read them all yet
  9. Ok... This isn't cosmere magic i'm not even if it IS magic but my favorite has to be the Epics.
  10. OR it could be a reference to the ten fools. I mean... i don't KNOW how i'm not to into that thinking thing maybe you guys could figure it out
  11. Perhaps the syrup is the well of ancension but in breakfast form.
  12. I just thought we were joking so i made up a really "loose" theory just for fun. Much like The Dingus Theory on pancakes.
  13. well in stormlight one of the swears is stormfather and there is weather in mistborn and dads exist so maybe theres a swear in the series thats rain dad so... theory?
  14. a fancy one in general to call someone else could be you uncultured swine! then you slap em with a glove and there monocle just drops and shatters