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  1. Seeing as it is mentioned that the shards created their humans using the originals as blueprints, this would make sense.
  2. If they didn't have a soul then presumably they wouldn't be able to be spiked, or do I have it wrong?
  3. It sounds almost like a royal or at least distinguished name, Octo-king seems to be the safest bet.
  4. I would think that she was another shardholder as the sixteen original shardholders must have planned for an age before finally bringing Adonalsium down, maybe her and Leras were a thing before the shattering, or maybe she holds a shard extremely similar to preservation and saw eye to eye before going to their respective shardworlds
  5. There's also a shard that only wants to hide, could it's influence be the one hiding Yolen away?
  6. That would make sense as after the splintering of Dominion and Devotion on Sel it was difficult to travel there, and that was only two shards of the whole
  7. Would Harmony have been able to see what was going on with the Southeners as they were out of his sphere of influence? Maybe Kelsier went down south to see what the Ire was like in the physical world, happened to carry on to the southlands and stayed to help, with his ego and his drive it wouldn't have taken long for someone to bestow upon him a title as melodramatic as 'The Sovereign.'
  8. theory

    It said that Mr One Spike (as he shall now be known) has scars on his arms, which means its either Kelsier or Zane. It has to be Kelsier, without a doubt.
  9. Forge yourself so that you got a haircut instead of actually getting one Tap luck when reading a choose your own RPG adventure book Flare pewter when drinking so you don't get a hangover in the morning (but unfortunately don't get drunk either, waste of alcohol really) Store identity when you see your ex in public so no awkward glances/conversation occurs
  10. Granted, but your internal thoughts are in the voice of Michael Jackson I wish that I wasn't in work right now
  11. You follow your budget obsessively and briefly notice that you did not include enough healthy food. You die three days later due to malnutrition. I wish that I could change my gender at will
  12. http://i166.photobucket.com/albums/u99/miyanamistborn/DSC_01041_zpsc0d18d68.jpg This is my Ruin tat on my right arm. I'm getting Preservation on the other arm, and the sixteen metals in their alloys/pairs on either side of my spine (excluding Lerasium, Atium and Malatium)
  13. Rereading is the best part, you get to uncover more embedded stuff as the series goes on
  14. (I see no problems with this boon) Granted. Every decision you make now depends on d20 rolls. I wish that I could have a conversation with Jasnah