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  1. ketek

    Christmas is coming, and with it, keteks! (I am Catholic, so there is some very strongly Catholic ethos too the first.) Born is Christ / Comfort he brings / Lord above all, savior / our savior all above, Lord / brings he comfort, Christ is born. Snow falls, cleaning land / peace bringing / white snow / white bringing peaceful land / clean falling snow.
  2. this is a parody of Two Step's From Hell's "battleborne" OhThere is ash in the air that I am breathingThere is blood where the nobles warThese are faces I will not rememberWill I fight for the lord or the slave?A treacherous partTo play with a heart of courageWhere the wind from the north bodes rebellionAnd the armies of koloss are formed we are ghosts in the shadows of war [Chorus]Mistborn(x4) [verse 2]GoneAll the noblemen flee from the cityThe black wing of death as their liegeFelt the ground, it was bare from the firesSoldiers that lie at my feetThe nation was lostburning for one man's vengeanceOn a ship heading southward awayI am standing in wake of the fallI was raised by the skaa and the nobleThis sword was battleborne[Chorus]BattleborneBattleborneBattleborneBattleborne
  3. (for some reason the image won't paste) https://imgflip.com/i/2nwsex by this, of course, I refer in jest to the "Cosmere is reckoners theory" (not to be confused with reckoners is Cosmere
  4. Twilightvomit (still a better love story)
  5. when no person is worth dating unless they've read at least one Cosmere novel.
  6. ketek

    not to follow up a fancy one or something, but Thanksgiving (Taln themed): Endless torture, Borne by Taln, Thank Taln, by bearing torture, Ended. Interpretation: he who bore endless torture deserves our thanks, so thank Taln, who by bearing torture, ended the Desolations.
  7. ketek

    1st Windrunner Oath: protecting others, death averting, duty, averted death, others protected.
  8. ketek

    Ima try my hand at this, but for the First Oath as interpreted in 3 Keteks, one for each stanza Death, final judgment, deeds done, deeds judge, final death. Hold strength, through weakness, my weakness, through strength, hold. Journeying, my pilgrimage of peace, reach destination, reach peace of pilgrimage, my journey.
  9. fair point noise, but the pull of gravity does affect how you move your weapon, and I like the idea of the Blade being half lashed before he summons it, but Blades are supposed to be hard to lash because Investiture interference
  10. Not to beat a dead horse, but it would actually be harder in my opinion to adapt to fighting with a completely weightless sword, if you lashed it. My theory is that Kal would just instinctively lash himself up that little bit more as he is summoning his shardblade so it doesn't make him descend.
  11. forgive my confusion, but what is this supposed to be?
  12. Rad Awakeners Fly Once
  13. Only if you call me an Italian
  14. this is beautiful... I really love the idea of shards motivations being fleshed out this way. I had assumed that