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  1. You articulate a great many of my unspoken reasons for liking this theory, although you should be aware that Page has fairly thoroughly refuted it. I still think there's space for an anti-perp to exist, and have some powerful consequences, but I think that this theory is fairly unlikely at this point in time. Regardless of the root cause, I think that all of the consequences you mention sound like really fun ideas to cover, and I hope that some of them do wind up being main parts of the 'arms race'.
  2. Well, yes, but I'm thinking that it's about the strength of the bond, and saying that there's some fragment of the Spren still in the Cognitive, that causes the Spren to be pulled 'away' from the Radiant, but this is definitely a weak point in my theory.
  3. Like quite a few others on the 17S Discord Server, I had one major nagging question after the SDCC Reading. How does the fabrial we see work? While it's effects are somewhat clearly shown, the method behind it is very important to understanding the weapon, and to understand the nature of the arms-race that is apparently going to be an essential part of Rhythm of War. Although this theory definitely does have holes, I think it's a fairly elegant solution, though it's definitely not perfect. To start let me lay out the basic groundwork my theory builds on. Maybe I'm wrong about this, since I can't find the reading on Arcanum yet, but I remember Syl saying something along the lines of 'I felt faded, distant' when Kaladin asked her about the effects of the fabrial. Despite it's ability to block Radiants from surgebinding, the Fused seems to find no issue. Lift, notably, is also affected by the aura of the machine. Finally, Kaladin is still able to hold Stormlight, but not use it. My theory is essentially this: The fabrial somehow pushes the Realms apart, weakening the Physical presence of Spren, and weakening Radiants ability to access the Nahel bond. This theory seems at first a simple, clean answer, that makes at least some Realmatic sense (to my admittedly weak understanding of Realmatics). It also, to me at least, seems to line up that if a Perpendicularity can pull the Realms closer, an 'anti-Perpendicularity' can push them apart. When the Realms are pushed apart like this, a Spren has to reach 'further' to give the Radiant the benefits of their bond, thuse causing the weakening, or in the specific case we saw, elimination of the powers given by that bond. The information we have does make it somewhat difficult to come to such a simple conclusion, due especially to the apparent specialized nature of the fabrial, in blocking Radiants but not Fused. Indeed, at first, this seemed to be the end of the road for my theory when I discussed it briefly on Discord. However, there is a simple work-around that makes a decent amount of sense. You can't stretch a bond when the Spren is wholely in the Physical Realm. So, a second claim is necessary to make this theory work. Singer bonds bring the spren wholely and irreversably (unless released) into the Physical. There's no apparant reason, from what I've seen, that this would be implausible, and it would make for interesting implications for the future of the war: fabrials that can be used as weapons would be the only counter to the 'anti-Perpendicularity', and thus, we have out arms-race, since fabrials, like Singers, trap Spren in gemstones. Radiants, on the other hand, strengthen their bond with each Oath, and the Fifth Ideal, the way I see it, likely brings the Spren into the Physical Realm. To conclude, based on the information in the Sand Diego Comic Con reading, it seems logical to me to say that the fabrial we see used by the singers pushes the three Realms apart, and makes things like the Nahel bond, which operate through multiple Realms, substantially weaker. However, a Spren trapped in a gemstone, like in the case of Singer bonds, or another fabrial, is wholly in the Physical, and so cannot be pulled apart from their host the same way. Radiants who have sworn their Fifth Oath, giving their Spren total access to the Physical realm, and full Physical manifestation, would likely similarly be unaffected by a fabrial like this, or at the least affected substantially less. I'd love to hear back from some of you awesome Sharders out there with feedback, refutations, or just critiques of my theory. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of textual evidence for this, but I don't have a transcription of the reading, and I don't have time to look back into the books or rewatch the video for references at this time.
  4. you're right but I didn't really think it out before I posted that. Also, I've taken a long hiatus from using the forums for no particular reason, but thanks for all the awesome responses guys!
  5. ketek

    Christmas is coming, and with it, keteks! (I am Catholic, so there is some very strongly Catholic ethos too the first.) Born is Christ / Comfort he brings / Lord above all, savior / our savior all above, Lord / brings he comfort, Christ is born. Snow falls, cleaning land / peace bringing / white snow / white bringing peaceful land / clean falling snow.
  6. this is a parody of Two Step's From Hell's "battleborne" OhThere is ash in the air that I am breathingThere is blood where the nobles warThese are faces I will not rememberWill I fight for the lord or the slave?A treacherous partTo play with a heart of courageWhere the wind from the north bodes rebellionAnd the armies of koloss are formed we are ghosts in the shadows of war [Chorus]Mistborn(x4) [verse 2]GoneAll the noblemen flee from the cityThe black wing of death as their liegeFelt the ground, it was bare from the firesSoldiers that lie at my feetThe nation was lostburning for one man's vengeanceOn a ship heading southward awayI am standing in wake of the fallI was raised by the skaa and the nobleThis sword was battleborne[Chorus]BattleborneBattleborneBattleborneBattleborne
  7. (for some reason the image won't paste) https://imgflip.com/i/2nwsex by this, of course, I refer in jest to the "Cosmere is reckoners theory" (not to be confused with reckoners is Cosmere
  8. Twilightvomit (still a better love story)
  9. when no person is worth dating unless they've read at least one Cosmere novel.
  10. ketek

    not to follow up a fancy one or something, but Thanksgiving (Taln themed): Endless torture, Borne by Taln, Thank Taln, by bearing torture, Ended. Interpretation: he who bore endless torture deserves our thanks, so thank Taln, who by bearing torture, ended the Desolations.
  11. ketek

    1st Windrunner Oath: protecting others, death averting, duty, averted death, others protected.
  12. ketek

    Ima try my hand at this, but for the First Oath as interpreted in 3 Keteks, one for each stanza Death, final judgment, deeds done, deeds judge, final death. Hold strength, through weakness, my weakness, through strength, hold. Journeying, my pilgrimage of peace, reach destination, reach peace of pilgrimage, my journey.
  13. fair point noise, but the pull of gravity does affect how you move your weapon, and I like the idea of the Blade being half lashed before he summons it, but Blades are supposed to be hard to lash because Investiture interference
  14. Not to beat a dead horse, but it would actually be harder in my opinion to adapt to fighting with a completely weightless sword, if you lashed it. My theory is that Kal would just instinctively lash himself up that little bit more as he is summoning his shardblade so it doesn't make him descend.