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  1. Also, if I'm not mistaken, the instrument he plays in White Sand is called a "zenthir" (at least I think that's what the narrator said.. I retain audio less well than text), which beards name very similar to the "enthir" he plays for Kaladin in the story of Fleet (Words of Radiance).. and yeah, now that you say that.. he does sound like Jaskier.
  2. In the end, threads like this are tough, as it's ALL opinion. Even with backing evidence, it's really just saying "I liked it, and here's examples why", or "I didn't like it and here's examples why"... Most of the time the "evidence" we present isn't going to change someone else's mind, they'll simply go find evidence that backs their opinion. And since it IS opinion, the very evidence one might give for liking it (specific character scenarios, scenes they liked, certain character focus, etc) might be the exact thing that someone else disliked about it. Still, some opinions were brought up that were interesting to see discussed, and for me personally, made me look at some things in a different way. However, every time I see this thread, I can't help but get the song Underwhelmed, by Sloan stuck in my head (She was underwhelmed, if that's a word. I know it's not 'cause I looked it up. It's one of the skills I learned in my schooooollll, when I was youuuunnnggg).
  3. Fair enough, in this thread, however I saw some very good arguments with great backing evidence.. much of which I didn't catch, or at least didn't take me down that path of thought. Great thread all around. Even if I did sort of zombie thread it accidentally.. I didn't check the last post date before replying. Noobie error
  4. I actually just ordered WS1 and pre-ordered WS2 last week.. I'm not disappointed, but there's obviously a lot that's missing from the original pre-adaptated story. So far, it think it's done a good job, but after reading Arcanum Unbound, which has a White Sand excerpt, I'd much rather read Brandon describe it, than see a comic book rendering. The way he writes action clicks for me and I can visualize it vividly.. comic book pannels just can't do that justice. Even so, I'm not disappointed with the purchasses.
  5. I can't lie, the flashbacks are my least favorite aspect of this series. Dalinar's were by far the most interesting to read, for me, but I'll admit, with the exception of a few, I skipped the flashback chapters my second time through. This isn't to say the flashbacks in any of the 3 books were badly written.. I just loathe flashback scenes, no matter the format, genre, or story.. I can't explain why, I just do
  6. Agreed.. I hope I didn't come across as I felt Adolin should get all the credit. Kaladin certainly grabbed his own bootstraps and gave a good yank. However I do believe Adolin doesn't get enough credit for things he's done throughout. In the end, he's one of the most stand-up characters in the books, in spite of his initial pettiness with Kaladin in WoR. This is also what I took away from that.. in the end it's the uniform, that he used to rail against, that was the best fit. However bear in mind that most Alethi still play at dress up, so earlier in the city when going incognito, being stylish would be very Alethi. Only the Kholins kept the codes, and as he was masquerading as NOT Kholin, dressing up made sense (plus for the comic relief value). As Kaladin pointed out.. the world is ending and what do the lighteyes do? Throw a party.
  7. Not to mention he probably had some good self-truths to face for his ideals which may have been appealing to the Cryptics.. they'd been looking at him for some time, by his comments about shapes in the mirror in WoR. The question about Adolin though is.. is he broken enough? A person has to be broken for the Nahel Bond to fill in the spaces (as Jasna put it).. Adolin.. hell, he's pretty storming put together.. but maybe reviving Maya will make him an exception. However, broken or not, he's a pretty stand-up human who, I feel, would have no problem living up to Knight Radiant ideals, and in that sense, is highly deserving. I can agree with the sentiment that "it's too much Kholin", but considering who the Bondsmith is, it does make sense that so many near him would be at the least proto-radiant. Edit: Also, considering Dalinar only found out about who killed Sadeus at the end of OB, I suspect we've not seen the last of the Sadeus murder arc, even if it didn't get much play in this book.
  8. Ah! You're right! I'd forgotten that part on the boat!
  9. Actually.. very well said and expressed! You're right, in fact, Kaladin has made significant improvement, even not letting the weeping get him down, which is usually a time when he's at his lowest. I do feel, though, that many of his improvement has been because generally things have been going his way.. parents alive, new sibling, bridge 4 radiance so they're less in danger.. but, he did also handle failing Elhokar much better than I'd have credited.. even then, though, it was Adolin who kept his eye on Kaladin and tried to keep him focussed and not dwelling on Elhokar. Maybe what we're really missing is.. Kalodin.. the bromance As for Kaladin and Shallan's masks.. I don't think he's had the exposure (nor explanation) to Veil and Radiant that Adolin has. To Kaladin that's just Shallan being odd, but he hasn't really experienced a recognizable personality flip like Adolin did. He caught glimpses of Veil before Shallan entered the palace, but at the time she was wearing Lyn's face, and it was probably taken as Shallan being "in character".. but at the end when she was flip-flopping between the 3 after Jasna brought here back behind the walls, Kaladin wasn't there to witness it, where Adolin was... on a side note, Kate Reading, who narrates the female-focussed chapters in the audiobook did a great job differentiating vocally between Shallan, Veil and Radiant, especially in that part.
  10. Gotta say, once they hit Shadesmar, I thought Syladin was exactly where he was taking that. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it if he did. I believe they will have a love-type relationship, but not like a couple, more like a deep respect or friendship.. maybe even a sibling-esque love. As for Adolin and Sadeas.. I can see your point, and hell, I certainly didn't have a problem with it.. I'm pretty sure I even gave a fist pump when he did it! Haha. And I do know Kaladin did see Sadeas as a threat, but at the same time he could potentially have fallen under the category of "protect those I hate". In the end, though, it was a fair-ish fight, not a stab in the back in the dark. As for how they handle their own mental issues, neither has an exactly healthy way of doing so, so for one to rub off on the other would not necessarily be a good thing. Neither actually deals with it, they just each use different forms of band-aid to cover over the bloody stump of a severed limb.. so to speak. Not the best practice. I think what cemented ...Shadolin.. for me was how he tended to make just the right moves at the right time.. quietly being there when that's what she needed, moving close when she needed or pulling back when it was appropriate. Plus, I mean, the hair! Who could deny the hair!
  11. In the case of the ptsd "battle fatigue" lock up with Kaladin failing Elhokar, it wasn't an unwillingness to act, but that he was literally locked.. this is an actual phenomenon with combatants.. it's neither cowardice or unwillingness, but your mind won't move. Think of a "deer in headlights" scenario.. everything is screaming at you to move, but the adrenaline, which should be prompting your Fight/flight, instead freezes you up.
  12. LOL actually yes, my grandmother drilled that into us as kids
  13. Admittedly, I actually like the idea of Dalinar remaining blade/plateless, even if he's actually capable of both. It sort of sets him apart, as well as sort-of forcing him to find ways to solve situations in a manner different from how he did in the past (aka, hit it until it submitted), and perhaps explore his abilities along a different type of path.
  14. You make a fair point concerning Kaladin taking a step back out of respect for his friendship with Adolin, and oddly Adolin later attempts the same when he sees how Shallan/Veil looks at Kaladin.. I actually would have thought he'd have taken that more as a challenge, personally, than offering to step aside. As for Kaladin needing someone strong-willed/personalitied(?), that also makes sense. Perhaps Jasna? ...god that would be awful.. forget I said that.. @Athena I must have interpreted things a little different.. I saw his sort-of "treating Veil as a drinking buddy" as a type of acceptance of that persona.. a way to at least get to know it better. And heck, the fact he accepts the whole split personalities at all is rather impressive, considering how many view things like that...
  15. I suspect plate is made from minor spren.. which may actually be what you just said now that I reread it.. it seems there's a pairing, especially evidenced with windrunners and windspren, although we also see gloryspren attracted to Dalinar (even tho SF says he won't ever have blade and plate), and creationspren certainly hang about shallan, even when she's crafting illusions.. I think you're right that these lesser spren will be what makes plate, which is why no one seems upset by plate, when they are by the dead blades