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  1. Do be fair, on Scadrial there are mists everywhere at night. If the Ire could invent a device to create a temporary Connection to the shard of Preservation, then I bet one of the 5 Scholars could find a way to convert the investiture in the mists into Breath. Someone should ask Brandon on the next Q&A.
  2. So I'm currently going through my re-read of The Bands of Mourning. I was reading the clip of the New Seran broadsheet that's right before chapter 6, and I noticed this: Now all these rumors and legends in Mistborn Era 2 need to be taken with a grain of salt, but the first thing this reminded me of was the awakened army of Lifeless in Warbreaker. I can't see hemalurgy causing metal beings to come to life, but I could see awakening doing that. So here's my crazy theory: Yesteel is hiding out on Scadrial, and is still experimenting with awakening... Thoughts?
  3. I love this theory! I have been thinking along the same lines myself. I agree with most of it, but I do have one difference with your theory. The actual WOB says that Heralds are capable of procreation, but not necessarily in the traditional way. So my question is, in what way would that be? We know that Thaidakar is a Cognitive Shadow, and claims to be able to create an Avatar for himself to visit other worlds since he's bound to his system. So, my theory is that the way Heralds procreate is by making avatars of themselves. Hence, Shallan would not be a biological child of Chanarach, but in fact is Chanarach's avatar!
  4. That WoB was before the events of RoW. I believe he was talking more about the vessel Rayse specifically. I suspect many things will change.
  5. OK, theory tangent: There is a theory that Shallan is Chanarach. There is a theory that Chanarach is Shallan's mom. Brandon just said Heralds can procreate, but not in the traditional way. How, then, would a Herald procreate? Mraize said something to the gist of: Thaidakar has not visited Roshar in person, but his Avatar has. So we know Cognitive shadows can create an avatar of themselves. NEW THEORY: Shallan is Chanarach's Avatar.
  6. I definitely think it's likely that Trell and Odium are somehow related. This theory is one good possibility (Dalinar loses and has to serve Odium, still wielding Honor's power). I lean more towards the theory that Odium kills Cultivation in book 5 and takes her power and maybe takes Honor's too. We do have a WoB that Odium was afraid of Harmony. I bet he'd be less afraid with the power of 2-3 shards!
  7. I was under the impression it was Kaladin that Odium was trying to have become his champion, not Moash.
  8. Unless Formless was suppressing those memories...
  9. I like this theory.
  10. Isn't he doing a YouTube Q&A on Thursday? Also, I REALLY love the direction this theory is headed. I've been thinking of what other Truths Shallan can say to keep levelling up. "My mother was a Herald" or "I am a Herald" would be REALLY juicy. Question: Do we know if the Truth she spoke at the end of RoW counted as Oathing Up? The one she said in Restares' house?
  11. I have 2 problems with this: Everything so far has implied that the champion has to be willing. Odium's champion needs to be dangerous and capable of actually beating Dalinar
  12. Gavilar. His soul was captured by Odium before it made it to the spiritual realm and held captive on Braize. T-vessel staples his Cognitive Shadow back to a body and has him fight his brother. Dalinar is completely thrown off by the fact that Gavilar is Odium's champion and Gavilar wins. Didn't Brandon say somewhere that we would get a Gavilar POV for the night he was assassinated in the beginning of book 5? If so, this would make sense. Sorry, I'm overflowing with wild theories after finishing RoW
  13. Pretty sure the shard of Honor is what's binding Odium to the Rosharan system, not Cultivation. I don't know if she can undo that. But yeah I am definitely theorizing some and making some assumptions. We'll see how it actually turns out. Well I was specifically thinking the Shard of Odium would be killing the vessel of Cultivation.
  14. I think Cultivation either thinks she can control Odium or underestimates the threat he poses. I think she's trying to be friendly and things are going to turn south on her real fast. Nightblood is not the only way to kill a shard's we have already seen multiple times in the Cosmere
  15. I'm of the theory that, in book 5, the T-vessel (new Odium) will kill Dalinar in the contest and take up the shard of Honor and find a way to kill Cultivation and take up that shard too. So we'll have a 3-way shard, renamed Trell (root word Tre = 3). It lines up perfect because We know Wax & Wayne takes place between books 5 & 6 of Stormlight If Odium took up the shard of Honor he wouldn't be bound to Roshar anymore Brandon said there's a scene in RoW that he wrote all the way at the beginning, and we would know it when we see it. I'm of the mind that's the scene with Nightblood where T ascends to godhood. So if Brandon has been planning this from the beginning, he would have know the timeline lined up for Wax & Wayne. If Brandon is the planner that I think he is, he's going to have to keep upping the stakes in the Cosmere for that final Mistborn era to really have a payoff. Having a 3-shard villan would definitely up the stakes.