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  1. I feel that it's highly unlikely that the Nightwatcher is of Odium. #1 I don't think Cultivation and a splinter of Odium could coexist so closely. #2 The Nightwatcher is referred to as The Old Magic.
  2. Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but when I read this, I wondered if it was subtle foreshadowing: "She (Shallan) opened her eyes to find Adolin scrambling across the wall to her. He skidded a little as he fell to his knees beside her, the raised his hands..." OB pg. 1194 (hardcover) I thought if Lyft slipping around on her knees, and wondered, could Adolin be gaining Edgedancer powers as Maya slowly comes closer to sentience? It reminded me of the subtle babysteps Kaladin had in WOK as he gained powers.
  3. Just found this: "My spren claims that recording this will be good for me, so here I go. Everyone says I will swear the Fourth Ideal soon, and in so doing, earn my armor. I simply don't think I can. Am I not supposed to want to help people?" -from drawer 10-12, sapphire So swearing the 4th ideal grants armor (shardplate)? I don't see why different orders would earn plate on different ideals, so let's assume it's 4th ideal across the board. That means that Shallan has only spoken the 3rd ideal. The only confirmed 4th ideal & up Radiant would be Nin. I could also see Jasnah being 4th ideal and keeping her plate a secret. Also, I feel like the books said somewhere that the higher ideal you are, the more efficient you are with stormlight.
  4. Ok so we suspect Shallan has already sworn the 4th ideal... Do we know for sure which ideal gives Shardplate?
  5. Interesting theory, and I think you might be on to something. That makes perfect sense why Kaladin would have trouble swearing. He's too proud and tries to be superman & save/protect everyone. Sidenote: Are there any current Radiants on Roshar who have sworn the 4th ideal? I had assumed that Nin was up to the 5th ideal, but now I am re-thinking.
  6. I'm confused why Azure/Vivenna went separate ways with the others in Shadesmar. I would have thought that once she found out they knew Zahel/Vasher, she would have remained with them since they knew where he was. I would have also thought that Kaladin would have mentioned that he knew where he was to try to get her to go with them. She comes to a strange planet searching for someone, by random chance runs into some people who have a lead on where this someone is, and then leaves them without asking many questions.
  7. Howdy everyone! I have read all of Brandon Sanderson's books, and have even browsed the forums here from time to time, but was waiting till I finished Oathbringer (via audiobook) to create an account. I'm looking forward to discussing some theories, but I have some questions: Does anyone have tips on the best way to use the search function? I would love to cut straight to some good threads about certain topics I am interested in, but it seems like when I search for key words, there are a lot of non-relevant threads to wade through. Recommendations would be appreciated! Topics I am interested in checking out: Theories on Adonalsium & the Shattering Locations of the known Shards Locations of the Heralds in SA Hoid/Wit Stormfather's siblings The Unmade Zahel/Vasher